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How Augmented Reality Can Change Customer Experience?

There’s no doubt about it – having a strong connection between your customers and your brand is truly necessary. If they feel truly connected with it, only then will they buy it. To make that connection strong, you need to...

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Excelling at Customer Experience: E-Commerce Perspective

Nothing ensures the success of a business like a loyal customer base. These are the customers that love buying from you and go straight to your online store without even considering your competitors.

Ecommerce customer experience

How to Create Effective Customer Experience Journey Maps

Customer experience can have a profound impact on the success of your business. If your business excels in making customers happy, your customers will become your best marketers. They will promote your business by referring friends and family to you, which will ultimately impact your bottom line for the better.

Customer experience journey mapping

Customer Experience Analytics – How to Make the Most of Your Customer Data

Customer experience analytics is a rapidly developing branch of marketing analytics. There are more opportunities than ever to gain detailed insight on your customers and evaluate your company’s performance thanks to the rise of big data.

Customer Experience Analytics

How to Respond to Negative Feedback in 2020 [Real Examples]

A happy customer tells three friends; a disgruntled one – at least 15 people. But it’s even worse if they leave a one-star review for everyone to see. On the web, it can reach millions of people. There’s one thing you can do to ensure that public negative feedback is kept at the bare minimum. That’s why you have to learn how to respond to negative feedback in a constructive way.

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How to Improve User Retention with Surveys

Acquiring new users and customers takes a lot of our time and...

5 Crucial Customer Satisfaction Metrics To Measure in 2020

Customer satisfaction – once a buzzword, now a standard. Not to measure...

Customer Satisfaction: That’s Why Its Still Important 2020

You should never ignore the importance of customer satisfaction. There are dozens...

Everything You Need to Know About Caller Satisfaction, Revealed

Caller satisfaction doesn’t only harm the reputation of your business. It also impacts the wider team and your ability to retain staff. Here’s what a recent survey of over 1,500 UK callers revealed about customer service call satisfaction.

How to Maintain Customer Satisfaction with Surveys

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a company that wouldn’t put customer satisfaction in the spotlight. After all, satisfied customers usually come back to buy more, tell friends and relatives about their successful experiences, and – most importantly – advertise a beloved brand with great zeal.

What Makes for a Great Customer Service Experience?

Making a customer feel great about their transaction with you is the best way to get return customers. Often, if you provide great customer service you won’t get feedback from customers about it unless you ask since most people only feel the need to reach out about a negative experience.

Client Experience: Complete Guide for 2020

Creating an outstanding client experience is a matter of life and death. Why? Because we live in the age of product abundance, which makes product differentiation a massive challenge. It also allows customers to be picky, and if there is one aspect that no customer will compromise on, it’s the client experience.  Creating a unique customer experience is not an option, it’s a requirement. According to American Express, 60% of customers are keen on paying more for a better experience.

5 Mysterious Customer Success Metrics To Boost Business Growth

Customer success metrics allow tracking various aspects of customer service to evaluate its progress. No metric would provide the full information on the successful customer service; however, a number of them allow to see a bigger picture.

10 Quick Tips How to Improve Customer Satisfaction 2020

High level of customer satisfaction is a business goal for every brand and a key to success – so if you’re reading this article right now, it means, you probably agree with this statement and you are looking for proven tips on how to improve customer satisfaction, right? So let’s not waste your time anymore.

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