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Fortive's Success Story: How Customer Feedback Helped to Improve CSAT by 20%

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Complexity. That’s probably one of the first things that come to your mind when you think about corporate processes, especially your customers’ journey.

How can you keep them simple? And how do you design them in a way that drives continuous growth and improvements for customers?

This is one of the daily challenges faced by Glen Hamilton, Senior Director of Digital Growth at Fortive. 

The company aimed to create a continuous improvement feedback loop to level up the digital experience for their website users. To achieve this, they employed Survicate and FullStory. 

Read on to discover why Fortive chose Survicate and how it integrates with the company’s tool stack.

About Fortive

Fortive is a diversified industrial technology company. Its portfolio consists of 18 operating companies that create essential products in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, electronics, and energy. Fortive employs over 18,000 people worldwide and reported revenue of $6.07 billion in 2023.

While the Fortive operating companies span many industries, they are all united by the Fortive Business System (FBS) and their commitment to Kaizen, a Japanese term for continuous improvement. The Fortive Business System (FBS) includes a set of tools and playbooks that are used to drive growth and improve operating efficiencies.

The Fortive Business System Office supports all 18 portfolio companies and accelerates their performance by creating and deploying FBS tools.

To improve the digital experience, one first needs to listen to their customers. 

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In search for the perfect survey software

Fortive needed a customer satisfaction tool to understand their customers' digital experience. Finding a tool that meets all of the corporate requirements is challenging. 

It had to be flexible enough to offer different types of surveys (CSAT, NPS, etc.) and scalable cost-wise. Additionally, Fortive needed a platform that would enable individual accounts for each portfolio company but at the same time, roll up all of the accounts for a company-wide view. 

In their search for the most suitable customer satisfaction survey solution, the Fortive team considered various options before they ultimately decided on Survicate.

Simplicity was a key factor for us, as we wanted to ensure all commercial leaders and team members could gain value from the tool. Survicate makes launching surveys easy with a quick four-step process. Some other tools have amazing features, but there's a lot that we didn't need. Survicate has all of the essential features and works great for our use case.
Glen Hamilton
Senior Director of Digital Growth at Fortive
“The other thing that really appealed to us was the integration with FullStory,” 

Glen adds.

“We are a FullStory customer. We wanted to get the FullStory insights alongside our survey data. We also appreciated the ability to use Google Analytics with Survicate. The idea was to build a system that gave us an integrated view of the customer.”

He explains the company wanted to build a system to measure the digital experience. Because it’s one thing to have the data but another to leverage it to make improvements.

“We use Survicate to understand our website visitors’ digital experience, so we can then make it better,”

says Glen.

Continuous improvement with Kaizen (and Survicate)

Nowadays, Fortive uses the insights gathered with Survicate during Kaizen events. 

Let’s stop here for a moment. To fully understand why Fortive is so fixed upon continuous improvement, you must get the idea behind the Kaizen philosophy.

Kaizen is a method that focuses on continuous improvement. It’s the small, positive changes that can yield significant advancements over time. Kaizen is the central element of the Fortive Business System, and the FBS Office drives its implementation.

One of the crucial elements of FBS is a Kaizen event.

“Instead of discussing over email for an extended period of time, we'll get the key stakeholders in a room for a Kaizen event and work together to get to the root cause of any gaps and unlock the big opportunities that we're going after.”

Glenn Hamilton, Senior Director of Digital Growth at Fortive

That’s where Glen’s team leverages Survicate’s data the most. He gives an example of one of those events. 

Fortive wanted to create a best-in-class digital experience for one of its portfolio companies, but first, the team needed to understand how visitors were using the current website and where they were getting frustrated. 

To get the “real people” insights, they conducted 25 phone interviews and reviewed over 4,000 Survicate survey results. It’s a “pretty good sample size to draw conclusions from,” says Glen. It helps Fortive draw an accurate picture of the customer journey and gather feedback. This way, they can then make the right improvements.

When drawing conclusions based on Survicate data, the sample size is usually in the thousands, which gives us confidence in the positive impact these changes will have on our customers.
Glen Hamilton
Senior Director of Digital Growth at Fortive

Implementing Survicate and FullStory into the Fortive Dashboard

Fortive has been using Survicate since 2021. During this time, the company deployed it across all of its portfolio company websites, creating a stunning 35 different workspaces

As a result, Fortive operating companies made solid improvements in their customer satisfaction, but Glen didn't want to stop there. The company recently launched a new section of its digital analytics dashboard with Survicate and Fullstory insights as part of a company-wide digital experience initiative.

It was an ambitious project that aimed to connect data from the Fullstory and Survicate APIs with Google BigQuery. Altogether it was piped into a digital analytics dashboard that all operating companies use on a daily basis.

This way, all Commercial team members are able to work on their users' feedback right from their company-level dashboard. They see the Survicate data right away. Additionally, thanks to FullStory, they are able to delve into their users’ online sessions to see exactly what trouble they had.

In just three months following the launch, Fortive already increased CSAT by 20% at the portfolio level, with one OpCo increasing its CSAT by 50%.

Wrapping up

Starting with the well-thought objective: of improving the digital experience of its website visitors, Fortive teams knew they had to carefully listen to the voice of the customer. With Survicate website surveys, Fortive has found the value it sought— custom setup, cost scalability, and simplicity.

Survicate has become a key source of insights for improving Fortive’s overall digital experience. By fitting into a complex Fortive dashboard, Survicate shows just how flexible its setup can be, depending on the business needs.

Fortive’s drive toward continuous improvement aligns perfectly with Survicate’s principal value: to provide continuous customer feedback. The company strives to build a flawless digital experience for its users. Survey insights combined with FullStory sessions show a detailed picture of what to improve.

You can also start collecting customer feedback today. See how easy it is to add Survicate to your tool stack. Just sign up and get first-hand insights about your product.


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