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How ParkBee Optimizes the Urban Parking Experience with Customer Insights

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In bustling city centers, parking is often a hell of a challenge.

ParkBee faces this issue head-on. The company collaborates with private property owners and commercial car park operators to unlock parking spaces for public use. This initiative improves parking availability and reduces congestion in urban areas. It's ParkBee's mission to keep your city moving!

Parking with ParkBee is as easy as 1-2-3, but to improve further and detect any flaws, the company’s Customer Service team used Survicate to measure customer satisfaction.

Read on to discover how Survicate helps ParkBee’s Customer Service team to continuously improve its customer journey.

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How ParkBee works

ParkBee transforms the traditional parking experience by offering remote and digital access to parking spots. By doing so, it uses space that otherwise would be empty. This way, it helps municipalities “clean” city centers from the many cars parked everywhere. And all this for lower fares for the drivers.

There are three different ways of parking available. You can pre-book a space, park per minute, or buy a subscription. No matter which option you choose, you’ll get all the necessary information to guarantee the best experience.

Getting qualitative feedback with Survicate

ParkBee provides a remote service that requires flawless customer experience. Louise Alberg, Customer Service Manager at ParkBee, has to be sure the customer journey is seamless and continuously gets better. The company bases its strategy and decision-making on data and collects it with different tools. Survicate provides ParkBee with qualitative feedback.

Every time someone uses the ParkBee parking solution, they receive a Survicate CSAT survey. It aims to encompass the whole parking experience, from how easy it was to find the space to what the users think about the location.

We always ask for feedback after every parking session. As soon as a parking action has been completed, we will send out a survey to ask about the recent experience of the parker. The questions are related to the process from A to Z. Starting from the online booking process, opening barriers via our app until the on-site experience in the car park. There are thousands of responses every month.
Louise Alberg
Customer Service Manager at ParkBee

Data makes it all going

Louise underlines the importance of data collection and analysis at ParkBee.

At ParkBee, we're obsessed with logging data. It doesn't matter if it's a survey response, a WhatsApp message, or a phone call, we make sure to log all the interactions with our users and assign those to a certain product, query type, and location. With all this data, we generate automated reports that provide insights regarding deviating trends, which enable our teams to take immediate action if necessary.”

The data coming from various sources is stored in Looker, the primary BI tool that ParkBee uses. The quantitative data comes from Zendesk, Aircall, and ParkBee’s internal parking actions log. Survicate—on the other hand—provides qualitative feedback to add some color to the numerical information.

“We throw it all in Looker, give it a quick mix, and what comes out of it is a great pipeline of data that we use to drive our decision-making process and roadmap initiatives. At ParkBee, we let our data do the talking,”

Louise explains.

It’s hard to find teams that don’t use it on a daily basis. It's not only the go-to tool for the Product teams, but also our Supply, Operations, Demand, and Design teams make use of these data points.

“We use data across the company. It's the input that gets everyone going. So based on everything we gather and all the data combined, we make our decisions.”

Survicate feeds Looker with qualitative data from the end users, but Louise also uses it as an independent tool.

Survicate is very data-driven. I love the reports and how you can easily see and discover trends. The data reports are excellent—they can be very detailed. You can deep dive into a specific topic, for example, when analyzing trends. And I love how easily it connects with other tools. We can link it back to our database or with other tooling. So, I think the ease of integration that Survicate provides is hugely beneficial.
Louise Alberg
Customer Service Manager at ParkBee

Closing the feedback loop

What’s important is that ParkBee keeps the data alive. It collects it primarily to act upon it, not just categorize and analyze it. 

“We collect all the data, gather it, and then act upon it. If we see a trend at a specific location, we forward it to the asset managers, and if needed, they can make some improvements at those locations.”

Louise and her team thoroughly analyze the qualitative feedback they get from customers. The aim is to be responsive and make the user journey better. In the end, improving customer satisfaction also brings tangible results for the business.

A 20% decrease in the contact rate

One of the crucial elements of ParkBee’s user experience is findability. In other words, how easy it is to find a parking place. When Louise and her team took a closer look at the surveys, they noticed that some parking spots were hard for users to locate.

After analyzing qualitative data from Survicate, they decided to do two things to boost findability. Wherever possible, ParkBee operations managers added extra signage. They also updated the app with more pictures of the access passes and more accurate instructions on how to get there.

“We added this extra information, and we quickly saw that a specific topic had a 20% decrease in the contact rate.

Continuous improvement with Survicate

ParkBee's idea for the business was to unlock non-commercial parking spaces by partnering with private property owners. This strategic move not only eases parking woes but also reduces urban congestion.

To ensure continuous improvement and flaw detection, ParkBee's Customer Service team uses Survicate. It plays a vital role in collecting qualitative feedback and providing valuable insights into user experiences. Thanks to Survicate’s CSAT surveys, every parking activity can be used to collect feedback, from the ease of booking to user satisfaction with the chosen location.

This qualitative data, mixed with quantitative metrics, serves as the bedrock of ParkBee's data-driven decisions for various teams across the company. It facilitates a holistic organizational approach. As a result, Survicate is a cornerstone for continuously improving ParkBee's customer experience.

And how about you? Are you planning to ground your decisions on first-hand customer feedback? You’re only a click away—sign up to try Survicate

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