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Surveys designed to collect feedback on your mobile app

Effortlessly configure mobile survey SDK.
Launch mobile app surveys without disrupting the user experience.
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Make the most of your
mobile app surveys

  • Improve app usability for more satisfied customers
  • Identify bugs and performance issues faster
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  • Empower social proof by redirecting your Promoters to review sites
  • Increase retention by acting on negative feedback
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  • Prioritize the roadmap efficiently with app feedback
  • Increase engagement with new features and improvements
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Run surveys in-app only for some mobile users

  • Fire surveys on specific screens and events of the mobile app to evaluate each user journey
  • Survey the right mobile users based on traits, device and operating system
  • Show in-app surveys to chosen percentage of the audience with survey sampling
  • Automate recurring mobile surveys and save time to work on other priorities
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Create a consistent experience with custom mobile app surveys

  • Use feedback surveys that fit inside your mobile app perfectly
  • Display surveys in fullscreen or dialog box for a seamless user experience
  • Design your surveys with branded colors and company logo
  • Install SDK available for Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter and Unity apps without damaging its performance
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Speed up feedback collection in mobile apps

  • Create surveys for mobile in minutes. Manage surveys straight from the user interface
  • Increase completion rate with survey logic, navigation and a progress bar
  • Filter results by screen name, questions and attributes to find relevant insights faster
  • Track sentiment over time. Check how recent updates in your app influenced user satisfaction
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Set up your mobile app survey in 3 steps

Step 1. Install Survicate SDK and create mobile app surveys

  • Install Survicate SDK in your app’s code. Documentation available for iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter and Unity apps
  • Create a survey from scratch or get inspired by expertly-made survey templates
  • Adjust the survey with the brand logo, avatar and progress bar for the app’s native look

Step 2. Set precise triggers for contextual mobile surveys

  • Choose which screens and events are triggering the survey
  • Configure audience settings to collect feedback from specific visitor segments
  • Set recurring surveys to track changes and collect continuous feedback

Step 3. Analyze feedback and close the feedback loop

  • Ensure all data and visitors’ details are managed safely in GDPR compliant tool
  • Get an overview of your sentiment over time. Easily filter individual responses
  • Close feedback loop with native integrations and condition-based notifications
“Setup was easy and simple in React Native. Their support and responses were faster than expected! I can't recommend Survicate enough. Their mobile SDK does the job well.”
Afroze Kabeer Khan
Full Stack Developer at CrewScale
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Afroze Kabeer Khan
Full Stack Developer at CrewScale
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Use native integrations to connect
in-app survey responses to your tools

Collaborate faster on mobile app feedback

  • Add unlimited users to your Survicate account for free
  • Receive Slack or Microsoft Teams alerts to discuss feedback internally
  • Share survey results with the team on Google Sheet updated in real-time

Develop your app in the right direction

  • Send feature requests from mobile surveys to Productboard as notes
  • Analyze the feedback in Productboard and identify low-hanging fruits
  • Blend mobile survey responses with your other data sources in Productboard

Track the impact of app updates

  • Analyze survey results based on traffic and behavioral segmentation
  • Create cohorts based on survey responses and user satisfaction
  • Ask users about their satisfaction with the release

Reuse survey responses on other platforms

  • Set custom automation with Zapier integration
  • Send automatically triggered notifications whenever respondents interact with your surveys
  • Build custom integrations with your CRM, database or in-house solutions
“I love how the Survicate & Slack integration helps my team receive CSAT and NPS responses in real time and follow up immediately if needed. These responses are fed directly from the integration Survicate has with Zendesk!”
Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell
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Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell

Optimize mobile app experiences
to get more active users

Improve conversion and engagement rates by prioritizing necessary changes in your mobile app. Build a mobile app your users won’t want to close. Prioritize your roadmap with real user insights instead of guesswork.
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How can mobile app surveys contribute to improving the app store presence?
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