Drip Survey Integration

Advanced surveys integrated with Drip. Collect customers’ responses and see them in Drip as tags, events, or custom fields.

  • Survey different groups of subscribers.
  • Use responses to segment your subscribers and create personalized experiences.
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Drip survey embedded in emails

Use surveys in your automated email workflows

Add Survicate surveys to emails sent via Drip to get feedback from subscribers.

  • Research and improve your Net Promoter Score with Survicate NPS surveys for Drip.
  • Find out what your subscribers needs and characteristics to personalize email campaigns.
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Survey existing and potential customers on your website

Use targeted and unobtrusive surveys on your website to collect insights from visitors and subscribers.

  • Use advanced targeting to reach precise groups of visitors or customers and collect valuable feedback.
  • Send answers to subscribers’ profiles in Drip and trigger automated actions.
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targeted website survey integrated with Drip
lead form integrated with Drip

Generate leads with smart lead forms

Generate leads on your website with precisely targeted lead forms. Send collected leads to Drip lists of your choice.

  • Precisely target groups of customers to generate quality leads.
  • Generate more leads on your website without gated content.
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Use questionnaires to get in-depth customer feedback

The fastest way to run longer questionnaires that people will actually fill out.

  • Send a questionnaire link to your customers via email, messenger, social media or place it in your articles.
  • Research customer satisfaction or run advanced customer development surveys.
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customer feedback questionnaire
benefits of surveying users

Benefits are endless

Survicate surveys for Drip allow you to:

  • Improve performance of your email marketing campaigns with personalization.
  • Research and improve satisfaction of your customers with Net Promoter Score surveys.
  • Find out what new features or products your subscribers are expecting.
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Our Customers love us

In 2016 our Customers collected over 18 million responses. According to G2 Crowd and our Customers reviews Survicate was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, becoming one of the best insights tools available on the market.

G2 Crowd rating of 4.8 / 5. Read reviews.
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Survicate users. Meet some of them.

Why you should choose Survicate to run Drip surveys

When it comes to surveys as a part of your Drip managed marketing automation, Survicate is the solution for you!
Start collecting feedback from your Customers in an instant, it is quick and easy to add Survicate surveys to emails sent with Drip. Check Survicate’s Targeted Website Surveys to get opinions on your website from your visitors and sign them up for newsletters. Use questionnaires for more detailed information from your Customers.

Responses are sent to Drip as tags, events, or custom fields which enables you to segment your subscribers precisely and personalize your communication to them. Use Survicate Drip surveys to convert even more email contacts into Customers.

Survicate is a very powerful and easy to use tool – you will create your first survey in no more than 3 minutes. No technical skills are required to set up the Survicate Drip integration.

Start a free trial and see the power of Survicate Drip surveys for your marketing automation campaigns!