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Deliver NPS surveys through apps, websites, email and chatbots. Get actionable insights that reduce churn and drive growth.
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Create NPS surveys
in seconds
Create NPS surveys that are easy to make and take, resulting in sky-high response rates
  • Set up NPS surveys effortlessly with an intuitive survey creator – no coding
  • Add your logo, customize colors or use custom CSS to deliver on-brand NPS surveys
  • Record all survey responses even if a survey is not fully completed
  • Easily run NPS website surveys every month, quarter or year
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Reach your customers wherever they are
Measure NPS through multiple channels and reach customers where they are most engaged
  • Embed NPS surveys directly in emails - fewer clicks for users, more responses for you
  • Seamlessly trigger NPS surveys on a website or in-product to capture feedback from users
  • Measure NPS right inside an iOS or Android mobile app
  • Run NPS surveys perfectly integrated into the Intercom messenger
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Analyze NPS with built-in analytics
Monitor NPS feedback overtime with easy-to-use Survicate dashboards and reports
  • Track your NPS score on a real-time, intuitive dashboard
  • Get a clear view into NPS completion rates and response rates for each survey channel
  • Export NPS feedback to comprehensive .csv or .xls reports to further slice and dice data
  • Filter NPS responses by date, scores or apply advanced filters and custom attributes
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Turn NPS feedback into action
Pull data from the tools you love and push results where you need them most
  • Run follow-up marketing campaigns with countless native integrations like HubSpot, Intercom and more
  • Get instant email notifications or Slack alerts so your team can take action – quickly
  • Send user custom attributes from the tools you use to personalize the survey experience
  • Get positive reviews from your promoters on sites like G2 or Capterra
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“Survicate has all we need to do NPS. We can measure NPS via any channel, calculate the scores, analyze results, and automate following up with detractors, passives and promoters!”
Michał Skurowski
CEO at Livespace
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  • No time limit on the free plan
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