Small team. Big dreams. Endless possibilities.

We believe extraordinary things happen with extraordinary people

Here’s what Survicate is all about

Is our vibe your vibe?
  • Here at Survicate, the math is simple: We do well when our team's happy and motivated. We value your well-being as much as our bottom line.
  • We’re a tight-knit team of nearly 60 customer feedback geeks. We’re quick on our feet, always have each other’s backs and skip the corporate fuss. Here, your growth matters just as much as our big wins together.
  • Fancy becoming a part of our story? If you like what you hear and want to learn more, hit 'Apply'. We’re excited to meet you.

Survicate Gang Traits

What we're made of and who we’re looking for
You are curious and persistent in exploring and understanding new things, always seeking to uncover the truth at the heart of a matter.
Inner Drive
You don’t need outside motivation to improve yourself or your work. Strive to be better than yesterday, stay resilient in the face of challenges, and embrace the journey towards success.
Doable by Default
You don’t let potential obstacles blur your focus on the goal nor drain your energy - quite the opposite.
Scrappy Pathfinder
When pursuing a goal, you can find intelligent workarounds and shortcuts to reach it. You can think outside the box and connect dots from different areas to find efficient paths to deliver value.
Extreme Ownership
You feel responsible for not just those tasks which you directly control but for all those that affect whether or not your mission is successful. If something goes off the track, you start to look for reasons within yourself.
Feedback Sponge
You seek feedback early and often. You long for feedback that is straightforward and honest, not kind and flattering. And you don’t take it personally; instead, rise above and grow with it.

Why you’ll love working here

Perks of being part of the Survicate Gang
Flexible working hours
Remote work
26 days of paid annual leave
Personal assistant (AskHenry)
Mental health support platform (HearMe)
Private health care
Multisport card
Veterinary packages (PetHelp)
Benefit platform (Nais)
Personal development budget
Professional skills development budget
Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and newborns celebrations
“My journey at Survicate has been quite the adventure! I've gone from being a Social Media and Community Manager to now working in Product Marketing. It's been a wild ride filled with tons of learning and growth. Survicate provides amazing mentorship, support, and guidance, which allow our roles to naturally evolve with our skills and talents. It's a place where the opportunities to shine (or learn from failures) are endless.”
Paulina Hryniewicz,
Product Marketing Manager
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Paulina Hryniewicz
Product Marketing Manager
“What captivated me about Survicate was the galvanizing startup vibe. I’ve not only enjoyed the cutting-edge nature of our software development but also the people and the culture. Survicate has provided me with a unique blend of professional challenges and personal satisfaction, making it a place where I feel truly content and motivated. It’s more than just a job; it’s a community where growth, collaboration, and fun seamlessly coexist."
Rudi Kosiór,
Security Officer
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Rudi Kosiór
Security Officer
“At my job, I can make use of my strengths, while also having the opportunity to improve in the areas that are important to me. At Survicate, we celebrate each other's successes and help each other grow and I'm very happy to be a part of such a team.”
Agnieszka Janiec,
Customer Support Specialist
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Agnieszka Janiec
Customer Support Specialist
“Survicate is an amazing place to grow as you are surrounded by extremely professional and talented people who are open to helping you with anything. I joined the Customer Success team not having any previous experience in Saas. As a result, after just one year in my role, I was trusted to work with our VIP customers and help them utilise our product to the full extent. I really recommend Survicate as a great space to develop both personally and professionally.”
Natallia Astrouskaya,
Customer Success Manager
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Natallia Astrouskaya
Customer Success Manager
“Being part of Survicate as a Data Analyst isn't simply about a job title – it's like stumbling upon the classified formula for data analysis and engineering magic. It's where getting to shape products also becomes a launchpad for leveling up my skills as the challenges ramp up. And guess what? The flexible work vibe is like adding sprinkles on top, letting me mix my data escapades with a life beyond the realms of SQL and Python. It's a juggling act that keeps the fun alive!”
Konrad Adamski,
Data Analyst
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Konrad Adamski
Data Analyst
“Joining Survicate was really a transformative decision in my career.  I’ve had a chance to collaborate with many talented professionals on projects that challenged me and helped me grow in various ways.  It’s been truly fascinating to witness the company expand from a team of just over twenty to over sixty today, with all the successes and lessons learned along the way.”
Kasia Jordan-Kaźmierczak,
User Researcher
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Kasia Jordan-Kaźmierczak
User Researcher
“Over the last three years at Survicate, I've moved up from being a team member to owning projects and becoming an AI expert. This is a place where you can really shape your own career. My mentors saw my potential and guided me toward roles that fit my skills and interests. Here, your ideas are not just heard, they're appreciated. If you're looking to grow professionally, Survicate is the right environment.”
Jasiek Gajdowicz,
Front-end Developer
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Jasiek Gajdowicz
Front-end Developer

Open roles


From first click to first day

Our fast-track recruitment process
1. CV review
Expect to hear from us soon if your CV matches requirements specified
in the job posting.
2. Phone call
We schedule a 30 minute call where we can get to know each other. After the call, we'll get back
to you with feedback within a week.
3. Metting
Here’s where you'll first meet the leader of the team you'd become a part of. The meeting takes place in our office or via conference call if you're not based in Warsaw.
4. Assignment
Depending on the position you applied for, you might get a quick assignment that will let
us verify your skills.
5. Feedback
We make an offer to candidates who check
all boxes. Either way,
we provide all candidates with recruitment feedback.

What’s it like working with us?

Hear the real deal directly from our Team Leaders

A wild ride filled with tons of learning

  • Looking to grow both professionally and personally? We've got the right environment and the support to make that happen for you.
  • We like a flat structure and encourage independence and ownership. Got an idea? Pitch it, own it, and run with it.
  • We work in 3-week sprints. At the end, we take a moment to reflect and see where we can tweak and improve.
  • Our quarterly team retreats are a blast! It's our time to bond, brainstorm, and plan what's next.
“Our Marketing team thrives on trust, ownership, and continuous feedback. We believe you’re the expert in your field, so we’ll give you the tools, support, and space for you to shine and excel. You get to take charge of projects, collaborate with diverse teams, and master both our product and customer insights. Join us on a mission to bring effortless survey software to a broader audience, crafting unique experiences, powerful communications and value-giving content.”
Barbara Derkowska-Podhajska
Head of Marketing
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Basia Derkowska-Podhajska, Marketing Director
Basia Derkowska-Podhajska
Head of Marketing

Crafting excellence,
one feature at a time

  • Passionate about Product Development? Join us to shape a tool used by thousands every day.
  • We thrive on data and user feedback to evaluate and refine our solutions.
  • For us, every release is a chance to deliver something of world-class quality.
  • We have each other's backs, and we work with top tools like Mixpanel, Notion, Jira Next Gen, and, of course, Survicate.
“Working at Survicate Product Team is a unique opportunity. We have a small team, so you won’t be one of the dozens. You’ll be one of a few, so your impact will be felt inside and outside the company. Every week you'll be helping over 10.000 users worldwide collect and act upon feedback from their customers.”
Daniel Korczyński
Product Director
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Daniel Korczyński, Product Director
Daniel Korczyński
Product Director

Quality software, even better company

  • Want to build great software? Here, you'll work on creating a top-notch product.
  • We work in small, independent teams. Everyone has a say and a role that matters.
  • We pride ourselves on smooth processes and workflows that get the job done right.
  • It's not just about coding. We chat, share, and all geek out on tech together.
“Here, you’ll get to know our application architecture inside out and have a say in the technical decisions. Every team really helps steer where our product goes. It’s hands-on, and you’ll see the real impact of what you do.”
Jarek Brzozowski
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Jarek Brzozowski, CTO
Jarek Brzozowski

Making magic happen behind the scenes

  • We are a backstage crew - perfect blend of security, legal, finances, HR and company operations.
  • On daily basis we make sure that everyone has what they need to perform at their best!
  • We love to brainstorm together on our weekly meetings. Every idea matters!
  • Do you want to make a difference? Join our team, and help us make the office world spin smoothly.
“What sets our team apart is a great atmosphere. Whether it's optimizing processes, streamlining workflows, or finding innovative solutions to complex challenges, we tackle every task with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy work environment and equal development.”
Marcin Przybył
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Marcin Przybył, COO/CFO
Marcin Przybył

Problem solvers, feedback seekers

  • We’re all about real, heartfelt support, a fact our 96% CSAT score and glowing customer reviews confirm.
  • We’re involved in fun and diverse projects like content creation and proactive customer outreach.
  • We’re on a mission to understand our customers deeply, running surveys and gathering insights to improve our product.
  • We’re feedback seekers dedicated to constant growth and delivering top-notch experiences.
“By joining the Customer Support team, you'll have the chance to make a meaningful impact by solving day-to-day challenges, helping our valued customers, and shaping the future of our product.”
Vlada Masevich
Head of Customer Support
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Vlada Masevich, Head of Customer Support
Vlada Masevich
Head of Customer Support

We thrive on making our customers succeed

  • We’re all about happiness and success – not just for our customers, but for our team as well.
  • We embrace remote work but love coming together to collaborate. Our rituals keep us connected.
  • Your growth matters to us. We provide opportunities to help you excel in your career, sponsoring prestigious certificates included!
  • Have a say in our future! Share valuable customer feedback, work with other teams, and help shape our product.
“At Survicate, we're not just a software company; we're on a mission to ensure every customer touchpoint is filled with happiness. As a Customer Success Manager, there's no better place to be than right here. Along the way, you'll enjoy personalized growth opportunities and collaborative teamwork to level up your career. Join our crew, and be at the forefront of transforming ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Because here, we empower our customers' success that fuels our company's success.”
Eylül Nowakowska Beyazıt
Head of Customer Success
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Eylül Nowakowska Beyazıt, Head of Customer Success
Eylül Nowakowska Beyazıt
Head of Customer Success

All things data, and much more

  • We support all teams by moving, transforming, and modeling data to help everyone work efficiently every day.
  • We use modern cloud tech and don’t shy away from building custom, tailored solutions for our needs.
  • Being a part of our team is an opportunity to shape our product and level up your skills.
  • Our flexible work environment makes it easy to enjoy life beyond SQL and Python.
“Our work influences the direction of the company by providing knowledge for data-driven decisions. By joining our data team, you will have a chance to build solutions for the whole data stack from ingestion to operational analytics and directly work with people using them everyday.”
Patryk Kalinowski
Head of Data
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Patryk Kalinowski, Head of Data
Patryk Kalinowski
Head of Data

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