Why Survicate?

We believe that extraordinary things happen with extraordinary people.
Check out our openings and join the Survicates!

Flexible working hours

Whether you are an owl or a lark you set your working hours by yourself. You will never be late for work!

Attractive salary

We will make sure that your pay will be tailored to your skillset and experience.

Brand new office

Our newly equipped office is conveniently located next to the Warsaw Old Town and 10 min on foot from Dworzec Gdański subway station.

26 days of vacation leave

Extended time to rest and relax away from work.

Company events

Company retreats and events allow the Survicates to meet and integrate outside the office.

Health insurance

We care about your well-being, that’s why all Survicates are provided with extended private health insurance.

Customer success

In Customer Success, we’re the heroes who make sure that our Customers are superheroes at their jobs. We’re tireless problem-solvers, close advisors, and smile-makers with probably the most versatile skill set within the company. In this team, you’ll constantly learn and polish your skills in such areas as negotiations, problem-solving, sales, analytics, writing, explaining how things work, translating complicated into clear, and most of all, in building real relations. You’ll work hand in hand with other teams to ensure that our clients reach their goals. And that they’ll fall in love with Survicate along the way.

Product development

We’re a team of ambitious people building an application that’s being used by thousands of users all around the world. It’s always exciting for us to develop new features using latest technologies and tools, making it possible for millions to share their feedback with our Customers.


We're responsible for bringing people to our website and converting them into leads. This requires both creativity and analytical thinking. That's exactly what we're looking for in candidates. In this team, you'll be able (or even expected) to execute your ideas and measure their effects, either on your own or with other team-members. We're growing 300% a year so fasten your seat belts!


Challenging sales targets is what we live and breath. We hustle. We overachieve. Our veins are full of caffeine as coffee is for closers only.

Sales team’s goal is to keep the pipeline busy - always looking for new business opportunities, contacting potential Customers, listening, listening, listening! and helping them get their jobs done.

Current openings


We collaborate with the rest of our Gang to improve company processes, analysis, and culture. We are consistently ensuring that every administrative aspect of this company works like a Swiss clock. Prepare your creativity and observing skills to be challenged. Be prepared to think outside the box, manage your own projects and have a lot of fun!

Can’t find the right job for you?

We believe that being proactive means more than being experienced – if you feel like Survicate is the place for you drop us your resume and create your own job!

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