"I'd like to take a long survey." Said no-one ever.

Feedback Button is the fastest way to collect feedback from online visitors and build better products. Get actionable user feedback without boring your users to tears with long surveys!

100 free survey responses included every month!

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Get user feedback at the speed of light

Capture more user feedback - fast - with an engaging, multilanguage Feedback Button.

  • Quick and easy installation - set up once, collect insights forever
  • Let your users express how they feel in the language they speak
  • Ask users for email addresses so you can follow up. Forward feedback to a Slack channel or a mailbox
  • Add your logo and customize colors so that Feedback Button feels like part of your website
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feedback button & widget

Engage better, act quicker

People love sharing feedback but hate wasting their time. Feedback Button makes giving feedback fast and fun.

  • Put Feedback Button on any page you like to show your company welcomes feedback
  • Ensure your visitors don’t have to search to provide feedback - it’s always visible
  • Make giving feedback part of web experience and keep customers on a digital path
  • Keep negative feedback off social media
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Improve the customer experience over time

Understand customer preferences and pain points to make better product & marketing decisions with Feedback Button.

  • Empower your users to share their ideas, bugs, concerns and delight
  • Identify usability issues and send user feedback to the right people in your company
  • Analyze customer sentiments over time and spot trends
  • Follow up with customers so they feel their feedback is valued and heard
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It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

- Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Michael Irvine Looka

A free plan that feels like a paid plan.

Start for free and upgrade as you grow. No credit card required and no need to talk to sales.

100 free survey responses included every month!