Rebranding Announcement: Survicate

Today we are introducing a new brand identity for Survicate to better communicate what the product does. For most people, the old Survicate logo looked like ‘someone wearing a headset.’ And let’s be honest, a ‘headset’ has little to do with a customer experience platform.

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Customer satisfaction

NPS Calculation: How to Calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

CSAT formula

What is CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)& How to Measure It?

How to Act on Customer Feedback After You Get It

15 Steps to Act on Customer Feedback After You Get It

User feedback

Mobile App Survey: Complete Guide with Question Examples

With the possibility of running a mobile survey within your app, you can take your product or its development process to a new level, building on a stable foundation of user insights. As a smart product manager or developer, you should cherish a chance to delve deep into customer feedback.

Product updates

Just released: The new Mobile App Survey Builder!

You can now create mobile app surveys easier and customize the color of all survey elements. Run engaging…

new intercom messenger survey builder

Introducing the New Intercom Messenger Survey Builder!

You can now create Intercom Messenger surveys easier, faster and in a more streamlined way. Run engaging surveys…

Starting today you can organize surveys into folders in Survicate!

You can now add surveys to folders and use the improved Survicate dashboard with its 7 added quick…

Best practices

Discovering customers

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