Enterprise survey software

Scale customer feedback with enterprise survey software

Collect feedback at scale, effortlessly. Uncover even more relevant insights.
  • Custom trial experience
  • Set up in minutes
  • Unlimited team seats
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Protect customer data with enterprise-grade security

  • Store all data in a GDPR-compliant enterprise survey software
  • Manage user permissions on separate workspaces
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access by enabling SAML SSO
  • Send data to other tools with a stable and safe connection

A single tool for all your feedback needs

  • Collect customer feedback across channels
  • Use automatic translations to get insights from a global audience
  • Leverage one survey tool across Product, Marketing and CX teams
  • Receive a custom pool of responses and unlimited active surveys

Unlock customer feedback at scale

  • Rely on 99.5% uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Cross-collaborate easier with unlimited seats for all stakeholders
  • Create a seamless brand experience with custom domain and design
  • Close feedback loop faster with custom workflows and reliable integrations

Getting started with Survicate

A transparent sales process, CSM assistance, and priority support
Dan Benavi
Head of Customer Success at WeSki
“Survicate is our most reliable source of direct customer feedback for the good and the bad. It's the space that allows our customers to express their needs, challenges, and accomplishments with WeSki. It’s one of our most powerful tools that allows WeSki to improve yearly.”
Bruna Maia
Lead of Global UX Research at Gympass
“Our success case wouldn't be possible without a Customer Success specialist. Having this connection made me think twice about looking for another survey tool. I really feel that having a dedicated CS makes a lot of difference. They're truly committed to my business demands and open to working close to me towards a common goal.”
Noah Berg
Marketing Director at Brainly
“The Survicate workflow is great for a multi-user system. Plus, having dedicated workspaces allows us to run multiple surveys in parallel in different markets. It makes the coordination of the surveys easier, so we get our insights quicker.”