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50 responses per month

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  • Web & email surveys with skip logic
  • Clear and lucid reports
  • Essential survey customization
  • Single workspace for a team or project
  • Analytics, support or marketing integration

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2,500 responses per month

Add 500 extra for $10/mo$8/mo

  • Advanced survey targeting
  • Email reports & notifications
  • Full survey customization & branding
  • Workspaces for multiple teams
  • Multiple integrations
  • Autoreplay for integrations
  • Data export

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20,000 responses per month

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  • Reporting API
  • Dynamic survey personalization
  • Workspaces package
  • Premium integrations
  • Access rights management

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  • Knowledge base
  • Chat support (24h reaction)

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  • Priority chat & e-mail support
  • PO & Invoicing
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  • Proof of concept
  • Unlimited responses
  • Custom features & SLA
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  • Success manager

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How does the free plan work?

The free account allows you to collect up to 50 survey responses a month and gives access to all basic functions, including 1 integration. If you need more responses, you can purchase an add-on for $49/month to collect additional 500 responses.
If you need access to features not offered in the Free plan, you will need to connect your credit card and upgrade your subscription to Professional or Ultimate plan. You can go back to the Free account anytime.

What is a response?

Whenever someone starts filling out your survey, despite the number of questions in it, we count it as one survey response. Important fact - we record answers to every single question in a survey, even if the survey hasn’t been completed.

How many responses do I need?

You should consider depends on many factors - the number of surveys you plan to launch, website traffic or customer base as well as targeting options you choose. Our Customers see response rates ranging from 0.5% to even over 60%.
The best way to find out is to create a free account, which gives you an opportunity to collect and analyze up to 50 responses a month.

What will happen if I go over my response limit?

Your surveys will stop working when you reach response limit. The system will alert you if you are close to reaching your limit throughout your subscription period.
The surveys will restart immediately after you choose a higher subscription plan or purchase an add-on with additional responses.

What is the minimum commitment? Can I pay monthly?

Yes, when you choose a Professional or Ultimate plan you can pay monthly. However, with yearly plans, you get a discount which gives you 2 months for free.
Also, for Professional and Ultimate yearly plan users, we offer a priority support plan with dedicated onboarding, option for an invoice billing and limited edition Survicate t-shirt.

Is there a custom plan?

We offer custom plans for businesses with high responses needs, non-standard support requirements (SLA, custom agreement, success manager) or need custom implementation. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss details of such cooperation.

Do you offer plans for Education and Non-profits?

Educational institutions and Non-profits can get 50% lifetime discount for Professional or Ultimate subscriptions - please drop us an email at [email protected] to find out more.

Can I get a demo before signing up?

That is possible - please drop us an email at [email protected] and describe your needs and goals, and we’ll get back to you.

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Survicate is easy to use and response rates are higher than I expected. With Survicate, I can quickly collect feedback from customers and turn data into priceless knowledge for the company.

Alex / Marketing Manager at Uber

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Billed monthly. Price per month.
Billed annually. Price per month. Free $169 $449


Workspaces? 1 3 5
Active surveys? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users? 5 10 15
Monthly responses? 50 2,500 20,000
Additional responses? $49/mo per 500 extra $10/mo per 500 extra $10/mo per 2000 extra
Additional responses - Yearly? $39/mo per 500 extra $8/mo per 500 extra $8/mo per 2000 extra
Targeted Website Surveys?
In-message Surveys?
Net Promoter Score®?
Feedback Widget?
Full-Page Questionnaires?

Questions & calls to actions

Surveys library?
Questions library?
Single answer question?
Multiple answer question?
Text answer question?
NPS questions?
Skip logic. Conditional branching.?
Exit surveys?
Survey introduction?
Call to action?
Redirect to URL?
Contact form?
Custom JavaScript action?
Start a chat?
Social media widget?
Smiley face question?

Reports & analytics

Analysis time limit? 3 months back 12 months back Unlimited
Reporting module?
CSV & XLS export?
Lead Alerts?
Data export API?


Custom color templates
Responsive design?
Website survey position?
Add your own graphics?
Attention grabbing overlay?
Remove 'Powered by' footer?
Custom CSS?

Audience targeting

New / returning / frequent?
Visit source?
Behaviour & interaction?
Regular expressions?
Past answers?
Target signed in users?
Single page application support?
Campaign UTM parameters?
Cookie values?
Visitors sampling?

Survey triggers

Page scroll?
Time on page?
Exit intent?


Integrations available 1 3 Unlimited
Active Campaign
Google Analytics

Premium integrations

Salesforce Pardot Talk to sales
Marketo Talk to sales

Account settings

Daily backups?
SSL Support?
User roles management?
Purchase order & invoicing? Yearly Yearly