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Remove friction across the user journey with CES survey software

Create an easy-to-use product with continuous CES insights. Evaluate different stages in the user journey. Improve user experience, decrease churn and get more loyal customers.
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Measure CES across user journey

  • 10-day free trial of paid features
  • Set up in minutes
  • No credit card required

Boost customer service effectiveness with CES survey software

  • Ask for ratings after each Support ticket to track your team's effectiveness
  • Set condition-based notifications and act on negative feedback immediately
  • Analyze full and partial responses in real-time with advanced filters, individual insights and word cloud
  • Use ready-to-download PDF/PNG score charts to coach your team and boost its performance
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Create a frictionless experience with CES surveys

  • Launch event-triggered CES survey to improve new features and purchase experience
  • Add CES question to your email so customers can rate you with a single click
  • Discover reasons behind CES ratings with follow-up questions and Fullstory or Smartlook recordings
  • Run recurring CES surveys to track the progress of implemented changes
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Engage more users to answer CES surveys

  • Collect more insights than ever before: run email, website, in-product and mobile surveys with one tool
  • Enable multilingual surveys and collect insights from all customers
  • Set logic settings to ask spot-on questions instead of getting vague feedback
  • Target surveys with user characteristics
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Get Customer Effort Score insights in 3 steps

Step 1: Quickly create CES surveys

  • Start from a CES survey template. Or build your CES survey from scratch
  • Apply branded colors, logo and custom CSS to your CES survey
  • Target your CES survey on user attributes and triggered actions

Step 2: Analyze your CES to find insights

  • Get an overview of your Customer Effort Score over time. Download PDF and PNG graphs for all CES results
  • See the most common topics mentioned in the CES survey on the automatically generated word cloud
  • Filter your CES survey data based on questions, date, custom properties and more

Step 3: Act to improve your CES rating

  • Send CES scores and comments to customer profiles. Use segmentation win back unhappy customers
  • Increase your ratings on G2, Capterra, AppStore and others by asking satisfied users for a review
  • Send feature requests to Productboard, Mixpanel and Amplitude. Improve your CES metric by releasing relevant new features
“We started running surveys with Survicate within minutes and within budget, what a great value for money! In the past we needed multiple apps to get customer feedback. Now we have all we need with a single subscription.”
Luke Deka
CEO and Founder at Growbots
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Luke Deka
CEO and Founder at Growbots

Connect Customer Satisfaction
feedback with your toolstack

Automate email surveys and follow-up actions

  • Automate CES surveys after the Support ticket is closed
  • Trigger follow-up email to the respondent once the answer is submitted
  • Filter survey responses by data from your CRM

Optimize user journey

  • Combine feedback with product session recordings
  • Filter sessions by survey responses to understand user journey insights
  • Determine where and why users encounter friction by combining feedback with user sessions

Collaborate on new insights faster

  • Receive Slack or MsTeams alerts and react immediately
  • Discuss new ideas based on user feedback from web user experience form
  • Share survey results with the team on Google Sheets updated in real-time

Send survey responses to any tools you use

  • Set custom automation with Zapier integration
  • Send automatically triggered notifications whenever respondents interact with your surveys
  • Build custom integrations with your CRM, database or in-house solutions

Analyze product feedback faster

  • Send feature requests from CES surveys to Productboard as notes
  • Analyze the feedback in Productboard and identify low-hanging fruits
  • Blend CES survey responses with your other data sources in Productboard, Amplitude or Mixpanel
“I love how the Survicate & Slack integration helps my team receive CSAT and NPS responses in real time and follow up immediately if needed. These responses are fed directly from the integration Survicate has with Zendesk!”
Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell
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Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell

Optimize user journey with CES surveys

Gain invaluable insights into customer effort and enhance your business performance. By deploying CES surveys, you can collect feedback directly from users by asking one simple question: ‘How easy to use is our product?’. Target surveys across the user journey to optimize the whole experience.
Website optimization
Utilize CES survey software to conduct customer effort surveys and gather valuable insights. Inquire about the ease of finding relevant information from the website or blog visitors. Enhance your messaging, navigation, and website experience by leveraging detailed feedback from follow-up questions. Target website surveys to elicit fresh ideas about blog posts, landing pages, and marketing resources.
Churn reason identification
Configure follow-up questions to identify the most common reasons your customers are frustrated with your company. Use CES insights to introduce changes in product, customer service and internal processes to stop users from churning.
Customer service assessment
Improve your support team's performance with the help of CES survey software. Gain valuable insights from CES surveys to enhance processes and boost team motivation. Evaluate customer experience by asking, ‘How easy was it for you to resolve the issue?’. Get feedback through the website, email, or in-product using a single CES tool.
Onboarding assessment
Use one CES survey software to conduct get customer effort insights across the user journey. Use CES surveys to understand the experience of new customers, identifying potential friction points during the early onboarding stages. By addressing these friction points, reduce customer frustration and decrease churn Increase user engagement, activation, and retention rates by measuring customer effort.
User experience feedback
Leverage the power of CES survey software to assess various aspects of your product. Pinpoint the sources of customer frustration and identify the elements that your customers appreciate using customer effort surveys. Enhance the customer experience by implementing ongoing customer effort surveys. Use events and attributes to target the appropriate audience and prompt them to rate your features, trial period, or subscription at the most opportune moments.

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