The fastest way to collect feedback from mobile app users

Survey specific groups of your mobile app users to understand their needs, expectations, and objections. World’s first targeted surveys mobile SDK.

Remove the guesswork

Actively gather feedback from your app users while they are using it.

  • Get a picture of who they are, what they need and what stops them from achieving their goals.
  • Find pitfalls in your conversion and ideas for improvements.

Gently ask
in the context

Uncover in-the-moment insights with quick, unobtrusive surveys embedded in mobile applications.

  • Use single & multiple choice, text answers, smiley scales or NPS questions.
  • Arrange them with skip logic for follow-ups and engage with calls to action.
simple mobile survey
analyzing results

Get your
results instantly

Analyze answers with an easy to use yet powerful reporting module.

  • Generate detailed reports or export data to a file or 3rd party systems.
  • Get regular updates to your inbox or instant notifications to your mobile device.

Choose who and when will see your survey

Survey in context with versatile targeting.

  • Create different user segments based on custom attributes and previous answers.
  • Decide on which screen and when to show your surveys.
targeting surveys to specific groups of users
surveys across all platforms

Shared user id
across all touchpoints

Tie up responses from in-app, website and email surveys to shared user ids.

  • Compare the same users responses from different channels. Integrate them into your marketing software.
  • Use responses from emails to target users in-app – for example survey users with high NPS scores.

Set up once
get thousands of
answers every day.

You will be up and running in a matter of seconds. You can launch an unlimited number of surveys on multiple domains or mobile apps, from a single account.


Available for iOS and Android applications

Collect feedback on different platforms with dedicated SDKs

mobile app surveys for ios and android