Boost your Android or iOS mobile app to five stars with surveys

Collect user feedback directly inside your Android or iOS mobile app and get more 5-star reviews.

100 free survey responses included every month!

survicate mobile app surveys
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mobile app survey creation

Targeted mobile app surveys - fast & easy

Start getting feedback from your Android or iOS mobile app users in minutes with an easy to install Survicate mobile SDK.

  • One-time installation, minimal dev time required. Rich documentation available
  • Create and edit surveys from the Survicate panel without an app update, no coding required
  • Reach users at the right moments and trigger surveys on events or user actions
  • Choose from a wealth of question types including NPS, CSAT and CES
nps mobile app survey

Boost your app to 5 stars with user feedback

Get more of those 5-star reviews with invaluable user feedback.

  • Find out how users rate your app and use their feedback to improve it
  • Don’t guess… prioritize product roadmap based on users’ needs and avoid costly mistakes
  • Identify promoters and direct them to the app store so they can leave positive reviews
  • Capture negative reviews before they appear in app stores
mobile app survey design

Mobile app surveys that match the look and feel of your app

Whether you use iOS or Android, Survicate in-app surveys will fit inside your app as if they’re part of it.

  • Customize colors to deliver on-brand mobile app surveys
  • Display surveys in fullscreen or dialog box for seamless user experience
  • Survey app users with surveys that don’t require leaving, relaunching or updating the app
  • Apply conditional logic to ensure you get the most crucial answers
mobile app survey targeting

Reach exactly the right users

Get the insights you need to improve by reaching the right users at the right moments.

  • Fire surveys on specific screens, events, users’ custom attributes or actions
  • Show surveys only to a percentage of users meeting targeting rules (sampling)
  • Create custom integrations with app analytics platforms like Amplitude or Firebase
  • Engage specific users with targeted, unobtrusive, conditional surveys right inside your app

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

- Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Michael Irvine Looka

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