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Use website feedback software to confirm you’re doing the right job. Run website feedback surveys at the right place and time. Open your eyes to what users really need
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Collect quality website feedback easily
Run flexible website feedback surveys in minutes. Let survey insights guide your website development
  • Install once, survey people forever. No coding required. We will never slow your website speed
  • Engage the right people at the right time with advanced targeting
    Run one survey for all languages
  • Use 125+ survey templates such as NPS, CSAT, CES. Choose from 15+ survey question types
  • Apply modern survey themes with customizable colors, CSS and add your logo
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Get quality website feedback effortlessly with Survicate
att-next-arrowEngage the right users at the right time with web survey targeting
Survey the right users at the right time
Capture website feedback when the context is right. Target website surveys to address customer journey
  • Website Location. Run surveys across a whole website or specific product pages with URL and RegEx conditions
  • User behavior. Purchase experience, exit intent, visit duration, scroll progress, event-triggered, and more
  • User segmentation. Sampling, language, traffic source, location, logged in status, device,cookies, and more
  • Surveying Frequency. Schedule automated recurring website surveys, survey once per visit and/or once per visitor
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How can I benefit from website feedback?
Survey website visitors and get feedback so that you know exactly how to improve your web pages
  • Discover why prospective buyers are not converting with exit intent surveys
  • Gather new content ideas and get people to rate your content with blog surveys
  • Have people rate your website’s usability and performance
  • Ask for pricing feedback when someone is viewing your pricing page
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att-next-arrowBenefit from website feedback
att-next-arrowMake website surveys in minutes with an easy drag & drop survey builder
Make website surveys in minutes
Ask questions with unobtrusive website surveys that look good on all devices — web, mobile, tablet
  • Set up website surveys effortlessly with an intuitive survey creator – no coding
  • Create brand-friendly surveys that feel like part of your website
  • Apply survey logic to always ask spot-on questions and respect visitors’ time
  • Record all survey responses even if a survey is not fully completed
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Analyze surveys with built-in analytics
Monitor visitor feedback with easy-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Receive instant email notifications or Slack alerts so your team can take action – quickly
  • Get a clear view into survey completion rates, response rates and views
  • Export survey results to Google Sheets, CSV/XLS reports and download PNG/PDF charts to further slice and dice data
  • Filter survey responses by date, identity, questions and answers or apply advanced filters
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Analyze surveys with built-in analytics
Turn customer feedback into action with 19 native integrations
Turn customer feedback into action
Send survey responses to your other tools. Act on insights with personalized actions
  • Identify who gave you each answer and follow up with customers individually
  • Integrate with website optimization tools like Google Analytics, Smartlook, FullStory, Segment and more
  • Leverage previous answers and respondent traits to personalize survey experience
  • Send website survey responses to Intercom, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce and more
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“Survicate's web survey targeting is limitless. We pull custom attributes from our digital product to ask the right questions to the right people at the right time. That's why our results are never skewed!”
Adam Coombs
Senior Manager of Digital Sales at Adidas

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