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Run surveys and get insights to improve the customer experience

Survey customers about the experience they had with your company. Analyze user insights to improve your product, website, or customer service
  • Free plan with unlimited survey responses
  • All survey features enabled on the free plan
  • No credit card required
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Ask the right users at the right time
Choose when surveys should reach your users to dive into each part of the funnel
  • Automate feedback collection via email, page or app widget and Intercom messenger
  • Use recurring surveys to collect continuous feedback from your customers
  • Set up advanced website and product targeting to reach selected customer segments
  • Run A/B tests and feed your customer experience strategy with relevant data
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Personalize surveys to improve user engagement
Make surveys tailored to every customer to increase the response rates
  • Ask only relevant questions with survey logic
  • Automatically translate NPS, CSAT or CES surveys in a few clicks
  • Get more positive reviews by redirecting promoters to G2, Capterra or Google Reviews
  • Make conversational surveys by using previously collected data
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React faster to customer feedback
Fix issues quickly to have more satisfied customers
  • Smoothly capture respondents' contact details and update their profiles in your CRM
  • Get feedback right after the Intercom chat is closed and follow up on reviews
  • Act on feedback in real-time with custom Slack and email notifications
  • Connect Survicate with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk and your other favorite tools
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Collaborate on customer insights with your team
Build a customer-centric business that succeeds
  • Add unlimited users to drive customer feedback culture in your organization
  • Protect respondents’ data by managing user permissions on each workspace
  • Impress your boss by sharing visually appealing PDF and PNG charts
  • Improve information flow with daily, weekly or monthly email reports
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“The targeting aspect of product surveys, the number of question types to choose and customizable attributes make Survicate the best survey tool I've ever used.”
Adam Coombs
Senior Manager of Digital Sales at Adidas

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