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What is Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a reflection of your ideal customer, you can use it to create a profile of your buyer like it was a real person, so you can better tailor your marketing, and make it more personal.

Why You Need Buyer Persona Survey?

Every seasoned marketer knows that in order to market effectively you have to start with buyer persona research. While you can collect certain information without directly interacting with your customers, for example by using Google Analytics or Mixpanel, to gain detailed insights you’ll have to talk to your customers.

The Benefits of Buyer Persona Research

A well-designed buyer persona will help you create more personalized experiences. Starting from marketing messaging, ads, all the way through your product design and customer support.

What’s more, buyer persona research is absolutely indispensable to creating a customer segmentation. By having very basic info about your customers and prospects, you won’t be able to create segments detailed enough to be effective i.e. personalized.

In the world of product abundance, where product switching is too common, personalization is what every customer expects from brands. What’s more, customers admit that they’re willing to share their data in exchange for personalized offers and special deals.

This gives you a great opportunity to gather insights about your customers – and I mean information, which is not widely or publicly available. How can you do this? You can collect data by surveying your customers.

How to Do Buyer Persona Research

Quite frankly the sky is the limit – the questions you ask will depend on the type of product or service you offer.

You can ask about their job title – the answer will help you identify what their pain points are, so you can tailor your messaging and product offer to better meet their needs and to attract more prospects.

What they want to achieve by using your product – your Customer Success Team will have a better idea of how to help them meet their objectives. If customers realize their goals, then their level of satisfaction should go up. And satisfied customers are less likely to churn.

What their preferred way of communication is – so you’ll know which channel to use i.e. Intercom, email, etc. to get your message across.

Continuously learn about your customers and prospects

Your buyer persona research never ends. This is why it’s worth asking followup questions, to keep discovering new insights about your customers and prospects.

Also, it’s not a good idea to flood your customers with dozens of questions at once as it will overwhelm them. It’s best to ask a few questions on one occasion and wait for another opportunity to come up to ask followups.

Buyer Persona Survey Analysis

Collecting data is just the beginning, you’ll also have to analyze your findings so you can put data into action. Survicate’s analysis dashboard lets you generate a visual report of your buyer persona survey questions in seconds. You can also quickly and easily share the results with your team.

Use this buyer persona research template to continuously collect more insights about your customers and prospects. This will not only help you better tailor your marketing efforts but also create a customer experience that your users will appreciate.

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