Surveys integrated with Segment

Combine qualitative & quantitative feedback in Survicate with user data from your other favourite tools using Segment.

  • Use Segment-based data to target and analyze surveys more precisely.
  • Send survey responses to other Segment destinations such as marketing automation and analytics tools.
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Gain extra insight into your respondents’ profiles

With Survicate – Segment integration you can send data from your Website or Apps and use it as custom attributes in Survicate.

  • Define your survey audience more precisely – based on information collected from Segment sources.
  • Filter your survey results and segment your answers using Segment-based data.
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Simplify the data collection process

Collect data only once and push it to various tools – with the flick of a switch.

  • Turn Survicate – Segment integration with a single click – tracking code will be automatically installed on your website.
  • Sync customer data from across 200+ business tools.
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Survicate targeted website survey
analysis of survey results

Manage & leverage user data across your business

Save survey responses as Segment events and make the most out of your customer data.

  • Send answers collected with Survicate to various Segment destinations & warehouses.
  • Use insights from your surveys to trigger actions in other software services and to perform advanced data analysis.
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