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Kard’s Story on Building Consumer Trust With 5-Star Reviews Driven by Survicate

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Asking the right questions and collecting continuous customer feedback helps develop the product in a trajectory aligned with the user's needs. It tames the creators’ guesswork and assumptions, assisting startups in growing sustainably. 

Robin Tussiot, Kard’s CRM Manager, was well aware of this and wanted to make the most informed decisions as quickly as possible. Having worked with Survicate before, he knew it was an online survey tool apt to meet Kard’s primary need—gathering customer insights from the NPS surveys.

Kard is a fintech startup from France that created a pocket money app for teens and their parents. The company provides card and account solutions for teenagers over ten years old, fully supervised by their parents or legal guardians. It teaches them how to handle their budget, spend, and save money. 

Having raised over €10 million with investment funds so far, Kard now has more than 200,000 users.

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Kard used Survicate to:

  • Improve its credibility and consumer trust by boosting its 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, and other platforms
  • Collect continuous customer insights 
  • Learn the needs of their customers, and steer product development in the right direction.

Let’s dig in!

Raising the rating on a reviewing platform with an NPS survey

When Robin joined Kard, he wanted to address the existing pain points quickly. Apart from the obvious tasks, such as creating the CRM strategy and workflows to interact with the users based on push notifications, email, and SMS communication, he first wanted to attract more leads to the product, convert them into customers, and finally retain them for as long as possible. 

As Robin used Survicate before, he knew it could help with the most urgent task—Kard wanted to improve its rating on Trustpilot but also on other platforms such as for example Google. They knew it took a lot of work to effectively encourage your users to spare a minute and share their experience on a review website. 

At the same time, Kard was planning to perform a global NPS measurement with Survicate. Robin decided to join these initiatives and fuel their Trustpilot profile with satisfied customers promoting the product. 

The number of responses he received was astonishing.

“We had more than 1000 answers in one day using Survicate's NPS surveys. We redirected those who gave us 9 or 10 to leave a rating online. We went from 4.2 to 4.8 on Trustpilot.”
Robin Tussiot
CRM Manager at Kard

The whole process was really handy. Why? Well, Survicate has native integration with Intercom Messenger, Kard’s main in-app communication channel with their customers. The integration allowed for having the entire survey right inside the in-app chat, making it easily accessible for the users and organically boosting the response rate

The NPS survey Robin ran was condition-based, so depending on the score provided by the user, it invited them to perform different actions at the end. 

The promoters, i.e., the customers who evaluated Kard with a 9 or 10, were encouraged to leave a rating at Trustpilot. The passives (score 7 or 8) and detractors (score 0 to 6) were asked for additional feedback to understand their evaluation better and eventually—make the product better.

This data could help to improve the Product Team’s job, creating a base for a customer feedback loop. Robin admits it was a true “gold mine.” They were able to discover a lot of bugs and issues in the app they wouldn’t have been able to detect themselves. Kard’s Product Team thoroughly analyzed the insights, reading each of the hundreds of submitted comments.

Most importantly, it hit the Jackpot—Kard managed to jump from 4.2 to 4.8 on the Trustpilot. 

Continuous customer feedback inflow

Survicate arrived at Kard with Robin. He used it in his former company and was satisfied with both the day-to-day work with it as well as the results it brought to the company. The general ease of use, including the easy logic building, customization, personalization, and integrations, made Robin a dedicated user of Survicate survey software.  

For a dynamic app with multiple entry points such as Kard, there must be some constants - one of them is obtaining continuous customer feedback, so nothing, not even a twitch in rating, goes unnoticed. 

Robin set up three measuring points, each at a different point of the customer journey. 

The first and the second are transactional NPS surveys, which means they measure customer satisfaction after a specific interaction with the application. In this case:

  • After the first top-up
  • After the account is fully validated (usually takes two weeks from the initial sign-up).

Both touchpoints represent critical events from the user’s perspective. In the first case, the customer has just entrusted their money to Kard, whereas in the second—they become full-fledged members. 

Conversely, a relational NPS survey is the last automation along the customer journey. This NPS survey helps measure the general satisfaction level with the brand and product. Kard shares it with all customers that remain active after three months of use.

You can always learn from your customers’ insights

Along the way, Robin wanted to get to know his audience better, both kids and parents.

“We wanted to understand which parts of our product they like, didn't like, what they want to see coming new,” he explains.

That’s why they decided to send out a high-volume survey to the entire database. After gathering a colossal amount of feedback from this thorough, fifteen-question-long inquiry, they sat down to analyze the outcome. 

They learned quite a bit about their customers.

So, first of all, it turned out that over 70% of their new customers tried Kard after it was pitched to them by friends at school. All the other means, including fancy ads campaigns, brought just under a third of new users. The results were so convincing Robin thought about reevaluating the ads campaigns. Why spend piles of money if the good ol’ word of mouth works perfectly well?

Not only did the way people become Kard users but also HOW they wanted to use it turn out to be surprising, like a box of chocolates. 

One of the most memorable feature requests was to charge customers’ bank accounts with their physical pocket money. Kard only offers cashless methods for both parents and kids. As a parent, you can connect your bank account to send money to your teen’s account. The teen can use both a physical and a virtual card (fully controlled by the parents). Within their offer, teens can use contactless payments of up to €50, cashback, and more—none of the options, however, refer to physical money. 

Robin admits, “we could not even imagine that people wanted to do this. So it was super useful because, without a survey, we couldn't even imagine this very important point.”

Using Survicate precisely the way you need it

Before Robin joined the company, Kard used Typeform for customer surveys. He couldn’t, however, execute his plan to use it within Intercom Messanger. Also, making it on-brand was consuming too much of his time. 

Kard, as a fast-paced startup, needed a survey software solution that provided continuous customer feedback. It had to be easy to customize and brand the looks with personalized themes. They also needed it to quickly set up the NPS surveys with a straightforward logic building. Survicate ticked all the boxes.

Continuous NPS score collection with an automated NPS survey

What Robin was interested in the most was the NPS score. He wanted constant data flow to monitor any potential friction around the product. With Survicate, he set up the first survey in minutes, including making it on-brand. 

NPS survey is one of Survicate’s flagship features that offers quite a lot in the package. Apart from the obvious - measuring the NPS score, it also collects partial data, so if somebody finishes the survey without answering all the questions, you still get the results. 

After applying simple condition-based logic, you can turn NPS feedback into action. Gently push your promoters to leave a comment on the reviewing platforms. Collect every bit of feedback from the rest of your audience and nurture the feedback loop with it. 

This strategy worked like a charm for Kard—they went from a 4.2 to a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.

Sharing surveys via proper distribution channels

Survicate allows you to distribute surveys in several ways. For Kard, the go-to distribution channel is Intercom because they use it as a customer data platform.

Also, Survicate provides a native integration for Intercom to make everything easier to handle. Sending in-app messages helps in boosting the response rate, while the possibility to automate them ensures we’re asking the customers for feedback at specific touchpoints. Moreover, the results (including partial ones) automatically recognize the Intercom contacts.

[..] From what I saw, Survicate is the easiest survey tool to use. I didn't find any obstacles. The whole thing is excellent. There are no bugs. Everything's fast; you can play with the survey’s logic, create surveys fast, and easily customize them.
Robin Tussiot
CRM Manager at Kard


In a start-up company of up to 200 workers, the needs come fast, even spontaneously, and people want quick, insightful gains with minimum effort. Robin needed an easily customized and automated survey software to answer his business questions and assist him in his day-to-day work. 

He started by solving Kard’s review crunch using a transactional NPS survey integrated into Intercom Messanger—the primary means of communication with Kard’s customers. It led to a massive success, with over 1,000 surveys received in a single day, to raising Kard’s rating on Trustpilot from 4.2 to 4.8. 

Robin also implemented Survicate in his regular workflows, adding transactional and relational NPS surveys at different touch points along Kard’s customer journey. 

Finally, he was able to perform a global high-volume survey to get to know Kard’s users and their needs to steer the product roadmap in the desired direction. 

Survicate served as a perfect partner in crime: 

  • Robin easily customized the surveys’ layout to match the brand's look. 
  • He distributed surveys most efficiently—via native integration with Intercom, directly in the chat with customers.
  • Condition-based surveys encouraged users to take action depending on their answers which boosted the response rate and helped raise Kard’s rating on Trustpilot.
  • Survicate provided continuous customer feedback with automated NPS surveys set up along different customer journey points and long qualitative surveys when needed.

It's all up to you now—get ready to unlock deeper insights. Try Survicate today!


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