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How Intergiro Fast-Tracked Its Feature Validation Process by 50% With Customer Feedback

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Fintech is on the rise, and one of the companies that are riding the waves is Intergiro.

Discovering new banking methods is an exciting journey per se. Still, if we’re talking business—you need to make informed decisions to get to the next level. 

Intergiro’s well aware of it and has been using its internal analytical tool to gather quantitative data. At some point, though, it was not enough. They needed the “real people’s” insights to understand what was happening beyond the numbers. 

That’s how its road crossed with Survicate. 

Learn how we helped Celina Cabral, Product Lead at Intergiro, and her entire team, successfully surf the crest of customer feedback.

Engagement rate
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What is Intergiro?

Intergiro is a Swedish fintech company with an EMI license, allowing it to provide business banking products across Europe. The company offers a business account platform that enables companies within the European Economic Area to hold accounts, issue cards, and make payments in multiple currencies. It also offers a "Banking as a Service" product that lets companies embed financial functionalities into their solutions. 

Quantitative data is not enough for a client-driven product

Even though Intergiro’s Product team has a dependable tool for gathering quantitative data, they needed more information. Prioritizing customer centricity requires the customer's perspective in all product decision-making processes. The Product team wanted to know the “why” that stood behind the numbers. They needed to look beyond them and take qualitative data—customer feedback, into account. 

They had to reach out to their customers. And they wanted to do it in a friendly way.

While evaluating tools available in the market, they also looked for flawless integrations with their day-to-day tools, such as Intercom, HubSpot, Productboard, and Slack. The crucial, however, was complying with the European GDPR.

Survicate ticked all the boxes ✅. 

Measuring NPS effectively

Celina appreciates the variety of distribution channels Suricate offers.

“Before we were using Typeform, which was quite limited, because we could share only the survey as an external link, and then people didn't complete it. It wasn't so effective.” 

With Survicate, Intergiro is now able to: 

  • embed the first question of the survey into emails, 
  • use Intercom chat for survey distribution,
  • embed surveys directly into the product.

Nowadays, Intergiro sends out NPS surveys twice a year. In the beginning, they were doing it via email, with the first question embedded. It helps in score acquisition because Survicate collects even partial results. So, even if the respondent doesn’t continue the survey, the first answer is there, noted. 

The initial engagement rate spiked to 70%. However, Celina’s team noticed the way they distributed surveys mattered. They tested email and Intercom chat for a while, but eventually, their users disengaged. 

They hit the jackpot when they embedded the survey directly into the web application. 

“We increased the engagement by 54%. And this was mainly because we started running the NPS inside the product. Before, we sent it out as an email and Intercom chat. We now switched to this embedded solution and noticed this increase in engagement. We received much more feedback than before. The completion rate increased as well.”
Celina Cabral
Product Lead at Intergiro

Using qualitative feedback for feature validation

Intergiro’s Product team uses in-app surveys also—or maybe primarily—for the product validation process. They periodically set up surveys in different product parts to get pinpoint feedback on specific elements. 

They use it to

  • validate new features
  • collect user insights
Our feature validation became two times faster because now we can reach out to customers even in one week and get feedback. Before, we had to wait for weeks until we got access to the data or schedule interviews.
Celina Cabral
Product Lead at Intergiro

With the whole story on the table, the Product team can quickly move forward down the product roadmap. And in case new questions arise—in-product surveys create a consulting platform with their users. 

How to develop new product features with your client in mind

Find the gap

While analyzing the data, Intergiro Product team noticed a pattern in their clients' behavior. Some companies did hundreds of daily and weekly operations, processing each manually. 

New feature alert!

Celina’s team decided to develop a feature that could improve payment flow for their users. With that bulk payment, those businesses could send up to 300 operations at once with a single click. 

Check if it works

“We processed everything, and the acceptance was good. We saw people using it, but we didn't see them using it as much as we thought. They were making three to a maximum of thirty payments. And we wanted to understand more about why these companies had so many daily operations. Still, our tools were missing something,” Celina recalls.

Something was missing, and the quantitative information wasn’t enough. The Product team needed more insights.

Ask for customer feedback

Intergiro conducted qualitative research on that customer group to know their needs. After gathering insights, it turned out that the companies were looking for a way to automate the payment flow. They didn’t want to log on to the system manually each time to process payments (even 300 at a time). 

Act upon it

After listening to and carefully analyzing the suggestions, Intergiro’s Product team built an API connection that automated their customers’ processes. 

“They can use code to run their finances,” 

as Celina puts it. 

“They can access their account via API and build an application that can run some automations. So let's say - customers can get live information when they get paid directly to their internal systems. Or they can build automated payment flows, for an every-month payment, for example, saving hours of manual work.”

Close the feedback loop 

When Intergiro released this feature as a beta version, they first included the companies that took part in the initial feedback session. The beta launch helped collect valuable insights fast. It allowed the development team to make quick fixes and adjustments before the public launch. But it also reassured the team they provided clients with a valuable addon that would facilitate their operations. 

Currently, they are collecting feedback from a broader group of users and even more use cases. 


Developing a customer-centric product is only possible with a handful of continuous customer feedback. Without it, you’ll never know if you can navigate the roadmap into the open waters. 

Celina and her team decided to sail along with their customer needs. First, they tested the best distribution channels for their audience. And when the engagement reached solid numbers, they started acting upon the insights shared by their users. 

With Survicate’s help, they deliver new features faster—50% faster, to be precise. Using quantitative and qualitative feedback gives the Product team a good overview of managing long- and short-term development without uncharted territories on the map. 

It's your turn now—enhance features with user feedback. Dive into Survicate and start your first survey today!


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