10 Quick Tips How to Improve Customer Satisfaction 2020

High level of customer satisfaction is a business goal for every brand and a key to success – so if you’re reading this article right now, it means, you probably agree with this statement and you are looking for proven tips on how to improve customer satisfaction, right? So let’s not waste your time anymore.

10 Quick Tips How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

How to improve customer satisfaction

1. Hearing is not enough. You need to listen

Listening to your customers and meeting their needs is essential for customer satisfaction and can be really beneficial for your brand. How else can you know what they want if you don’t listen to their feedback?

“It’s one of the most common scenarios of our customers. We’re trying to show our customers that we’re listening and when the right time comes, actually help them out to get the amazing logo that they always wanted.”

– Looka was able to drive growth using feedback from just one Survicate survey. Read full Looka case study

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But listening is not enough if you don’t respond to your clients. It is crucial to gather and process customer feedback to implement the requested changes and develop your company. Learn more about why customer feedback is important and helps you not only get to know your customers better but also increase their engagement and loyalty.

2. Be responsive

According to new studies from SuperOffice, response time is crucial in many industries. Don’t even try to disagree – no one wants and likes waiting for an answer. Put some focus on how prompt the answers are, not only on their quality. If they are not quick enough, work on it or even consider hiring another person to help you to keep customers happy.

The faster you reply the better job you do for your brand. Time matters pretty much everywhere but in this particular case – even more.

3. Be a human, not a machine

In an era of marketing automation, any kind of personalization is warmly welcomed. While answering your customers’ questions or solving their complaints, try to show some human face instead of using boring templates.

Speak their language and try not to refer to the company’s FAQ or, what’s worse, to company policy which is very often not the easiest one to understand.

4. Get to know your customers

It’s worth knowing a bit more about your customers – not only in terms of CRM and tracking their activities but also about their personal side. You can surprise them with a customized note or product for some special occasions.

This way you will not only affect their customer experience and loyalty in a positive way (so much that they can become natural brand ambassadors), but also an overall review of your brand.

5. A happy employee is a happy customer

In all this rush for happy customers don’t forget about your employees who provide (an excellent, we hope) customer service. If they are satisfied with what they do, they show some love and make people love your brand too.

So, while you’re keeping an eye on providing the best quality of services to your customers, take care of people who provide it as well.

6. An issue is important, but a customer is more important

Never let an issue or problem overtake your customer and its needs as for its importance. If something got broken, don’t blame your customer or don’t imply that they use your products in the wrong way.

Try to make their needs and remember that in business it’s a customer who is the most important (and always right, too). It is always worth going an extra mile for customers and leave them not only satisfied with a solution but delighted by customer service they experienced.

7. Build your brand awareness

Great customer service should go in pair with great, high-quality communication that puts you in the position of an expert in the industry.

Added value in the content you share, in a form of e.g. knowledgebase articles, tips, tricks, services updates, and special offers can keep your customers satisfied, happy, and most of all loyal.

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8. Keep organized

To make your customers fully satisfied, each and every part of your company should collaborate with one another. Keeping your customers happy depends not only on the quality of your customer service crew but also other departments such as those responsible for production.

You need to ask yourself, “would they handle a particular number of orders?” or “are they really delivering the best quality?”. Only when all the gears in your company are well oiled and tightly connected you can expect the best results.

9. Measure and improve

There’s not a single thing in the world that couldn’t have been done better. The same rule applies to customer service. Setting up business goals, linked with customer service, as well as KPIs, would help you keep on track all efforts for making customer satisfaction grow over time.

Turn tips into action with surveys

There is no place for sentiment here – as long as it is not an overall customer sentiment that could be measured using surveys. One of the most effective methods of collecting customer feedback that helps thousands of companies improve the satisfaction of their customers’ experience and boost business.

“With surveys, Agendor not only tracks ever-changing user needs but also uncovers the direction the product needs to evolve in to fulfill customer expectations. Using Survicate website surveys allowed Agendor to provide an easy-to-use, coherent way for users to give feedback. This, in turn, comes at great benefit to the entire company.”

– Read full Agendor case study or go deeply into Survicate customer stories.

Survicate is one of the most versatile solutions on the market with over 50+ ready-to-use FREE-to-use survey templates that help got you covered in dozens of other use-cases:

NPS (Net Promoter Score) – Ask how likely customers are to recommend you. Predict repurchases and referrals.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) – Establish if customers are happy with your product or service.

CES (Customer Effort Score) – Measure if doing business with your company is as easy as pie.

Website Experience – Get people to rate your website’s usability, then make the right improvements!

User Experience – Ensure your users are happy with the experience they get.

Churn Reason – Reduce churn by collecting insight on why your customers cancel their accounts.

Product-Market Fit – Discover what’s the key benefits people get from your product. Build products people love.

Exit Intent – Uncover why visitors leave your website or product. Remove the obstacles to reduce lost leads.

Reader Interest – Get new content ideas. Find out what your audience would like to read about next.

Buyer Personas Research – Learn more about your leads and customers so you can sell to them more effectively.

Content Rating – Establish if your audience enjoys your content, and what you can do to make it better.

How Did You Hear About Us – Find out where your clients first came from and which channels are worth investing resources in.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

– Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

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10. Make this journey comfortable for both

If your customer comes with an issue on Facebook, try not to direct them and force to make a phone call or write an e-mail. They reached you on social media because it is the most comfortable way for them to communicate.

Offer them some choices instead of one solution. Give them some information when the problem could be solved instead of keeping them in suspense. Offer them services that you would demand from others.


There are many more factors you can take into consideration while thinking about your customer service and increasing customer satisfaction in your brand. We recommend following our hints to make things easier, but don’t limit yourself.

You can master your brand’s customer service – and you should never stop if you want to achieve real success, and be the exemplary love brand.

Lucjan Kierczak

Head of Marketing at Survicate.

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