With the possibility of running surveys within your mobile application, you can take your product or its development process to a new level, building on a stable foundation of user insights. As a smart product manager or developer, you should cherish a chance to delve deep into the user feedback. But what should you ask for? Here are some of the questions you can use, as well as benefits you can gain from running mobile app surveys.


Let users participate in your app’s growth

In the early days of your app’s life, a series of well-targeted mobile surveys asking users questions can be extremely beneficial to your time and resources put into your app development. Knowing what features and elements need improvement or do not work correctly, or understanding if a feature is obsolete to your users is an obvious benefit. We can divide these questions into three groups. Let’s tackle the first one:


Early development technical questions:


How does the app run after the update?

You may have tested extensively before rolling a new update, but the user might just have a unique issue you were not able to test for. Or they run a system you didn’t have time to test. Use additional tools to filter responses based on the device used to locate why the update might not work as expected.

How do you like the app design?

Your users’ esthetic preferences might be a subjective matter… Unless they form the majority. Your company’s style and design might not exactly fit your user base. If you have doubts about the design then you should better find out early and avoid chasing those esthetic-savvy users away.


Early development feature scouting:

Adapt and be creative

As a product manager, or working closely with your product team, establish exactly what role your app has and what goals it aims to achieve. Then compare how it is used currently and how well it reaches those goals. Surveys should be used to bridge the gap between one and the other.

Wherever your analytical and benchmarking tools cannot provide, surveys can – both qualitatively and quantitatively. So don’t stop at using ready-made mobile app survey questions, like the ones provided by our template library. Use your surveys targeting tools to the limit and creatively adapt your questions to your app. If you are still hungry for knowledge, have a look at our Guide to Mobile App Surveys.