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May 2018


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We spoke with Katja Lindqvist, the Marketing Manager at Via Esca Oy. It’s a Finland-based company. It aims to increase the well-being of its customers by helping them improve their eating habits.

What challenges led you to look for a survey platform?

Katja Lindqvist: We started using Survicate because it integrated with Intercom seamlessly. We wanted to use just one tool for all our surveys.

How are you using Survicate?

K.L. We’ve been running an NPS survey for a long time. We send it out after a 3-week training session. Also, if someone cancels, we ask them why they stopped using our service. The third survey is sent out three months after the training. It aims to find out if our trainees are still following the healthy eating habits they’ve learned about throughout the course. Those are the three surveys that we have right now.

Any insights you discovered through surveys that were particularly surprising?

K.L. The surveys have given us a pretty good idea about why people decide to use our service, and why they stop using it. We are able to validate our ideas and theories against the actual reasons that people tell us about.

Did being able to measure NPS over time help you gauge customer satisfaction effectively?

K.L. Yes, the trend we’ve spotted is that when we began, our NPS was pretty high. Maybe that’s because we didn’t have too many respondents at the time, then it steadily went down. It’s gone back up this summer as we launched a new version of the application. That’s why our NPS score has increased.

What do you like the most about Survicate?

K.L. I do monthly responses, so the over-time analysis that you provide helps things much. We also use open-ended questions a lot. By doing so, we find what are the main drivers for the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of our customers.

You’ve been with us for over a year now. What has your overall experience been like?

K.L. You provide a wealth of useful survey templates, so we don’t have to start from scratch every time. And of course, Survicate fits perfectly into our current tech stack and tools, so it’s easier to send surveys. Survicate’s been great so far.

As for what you can improve, there’s nothing, in particular, I’d like to request.

Clearly, Survicate does the job well if you want to measure NPS over time and ask the more refined questions of your customers!