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How Looka Forges Continuous Customer Feedback Into 2400% ROI Increase

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We cannot stress the importance of continuous customer feedback enough. Collecting it can take you the extra mile toward the company’s growth. 

Take Looka. The company implemented Survicate in 2017 and has been using it ever since.

Along the way, Looka has used Survicate to:

  • increase its purchase conversion rate, 
  • get a continuous inflow of customer success stories,
  • drive its successful partner program with customer feedback. 
+11 Million
ROI using Survicate

Let’s jump into the story to learn more, but first:

What is Looka?

Looka is a SaaS AI-powered logo maker that helps businesses build their brand identity in an automated way. Dawson Whitfield, the founder of the company and a designer, noticed a flaw in his design practice and turned it into an opportunity:

 “I felt like a glorified font picker, charging one client $4000 for a logo that took three weeks to do., and I got thinking that there had to be a less expensive way for companies to design their logos. And so the company was born.”

[via StartUp HERE Toronto]

How does Looka work?

Logo creation in Looka is as easy as 123 and takes just a few minutes. 

1—You enter your company's name. 

2—You choose the logos you like from a long list of already generated examples. 

3—You finish up with a selection of your favorite colors, et voila! 

After that, the app generates a selection of logos. You simply choose the one you like the most. You can customize it by changing the font, symbol, colors, size, and more. 

Looka also visualizes other branded assets such as business cards, newsletters, or blog templates. Depending on your subscription type, you can choose different purchasing options—from a single logo design to a fully equipped Brand Kit package. 

Increasing the purchase conversion rate

Looka has been using Survicate for over five years now. They first gave the tool a try in 2017. And they consider it the most efficient way of collecting continuous customer feedback to this day. 

Getting customer feedback with Intercom integration

The native integration with Intercom was one of the main reasons Looka chose Survicate. Intercom was their customers' communication platform from the beginning, so they needed to have the survey tool working flawlessly with it. 

They primarily use the link surveys sent via Intercom Email. 

Creating a customer feedback loop 

Way back in 2017, Looka’s team noticed that many app users weren’t converting into paying clients. And they wanted to know why. Something was holding them back. Looka already used Intercom for live chat customer service, but they could only get feedback from the users who returned to the app.

But what about those customers who never returned? Their feedback would be the most valuable.

Intercom email

To collect feedback from customers who didn’t return to the app, Looka reached out for Survicate’s integration with Intercom. Michael, the former Head of Marketing, created an automated email with a quick survey.

The survey asked customers about their reasons for not completing purchases. Customers could choose from one of the following answers: 

  • Not ready to start my business; 
  • The logos are too expensive; 
  • I can’t perfect my logo design; 
  • Too busy to finalize my logo; 
  • I used one of your competitors.  

Gathering quantitative and qualitative data

There was also an open-ended question as a follow-up asking for more details. This survey alone provided Looka with valuable information used to improve the customer experience. 

They analyzed the survey both qualitatively and quantitatively, week by week. The quantitative data showed changes in customer satisfaction, primarily upon changes in pricing or the app. In contrast, the qualitative feedback helped to find golden nuggets of insight. 

At that point, analyzing almost a thousand responses every week was possible thanks to the Survicate email report that Looka’s Marketing Manager set up to arrive every week.

Okay, but what was the feedback they found? 

One of the biggest reasons their users weren’t purchasing logos was that they weren’t ready to start a business

And although creating a logo is one of the last steps to take when building a brand, their customers—often side-hustle entrepreneurs, used Looka as an inspiration to visualize how their potential business avatar would look. 

Following up on the customer feedback

As Looka’s users were answering, each answer triggered a dedicated email campaign. The Intercom integration with Survicate came in handy because it lets categorize the customers within different segments by tagging them. 

The users received automated emails based on their initial responses. It sped up replying to clients and addressing their particular needs. 

For example, the “Can’t perfect my logo” answer triggered an email after 24 hours. It offered the customer the ability to get a one-on-one consultation with a customer success representative from Looka to refine their design.

Survicate helped us identify why customers don’t buy. This lets us address their individual needs and increase our purchase conversion rate. Overall, for every dollar spent on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue from our customers.
Michael Irvine
Former Head of Marketing at Looka

Closing the feedback loop 

A good feedback loop goes beyond just acknowledging the insights. It turns them into tangible business growth. It’s exactly what Looka did. 

With all information on the plate, Looka’s marketing team decided to launch an educational campaign. It included case studies and articles about launching a new business, reviewing types of logos, and choosing a great name for the company. For example, those who only ideated their firm could learn helpful tips and get inspired by articles, such as How to Succeed at a Side Hustle When You’re Working Full-Time

Looka wanted to show the customers they were there for them. To let them a helping hand in building a business. And, when the time came—Looka could be the actual answer for their branding efforts.

Keeping up with the continuous customer feedback 

A lot changed at Looka over the past five years, but the way they receive continuous customer feedback has remained the same. 

As Matthew Sison, Growth Manager at Looka confirms, “the first survey that we send is when companies use our products and sign up with an email, but they don't purchase.” This way, he knows what bothers the audience and can collect some ideas on how to improve the product. 

Matthew uses Survicate as an ongoing survey tool. He checks on it every week when he receives an email report where he can see how the customers respond. This way, he continuously monitors how Looka can improve the product.

Apart from the automatically-generated email report from Survicate, Matthew is also fond of the word cloud—a handy way of analyzing survey data. It works extremely well when you’re collecting qualitative feedback with many responses. 

I like the word cloud. It helps me analyze the results, especially when we have open-ended responses. Obviously, it's impossible to go through all individual responses when you have like 7000 of them. So word cloud really helps me quickly understand where to focus my efforts.
Matthew Sison
Growth Manager at Looka

Both email reports and word cloud make Matthew’s analytic work more manageable. Survicate organizes and gives an initial analysis of the data he receives on an ongoing basis. Hence, he receives it in a structured way.

Survicate's word cloud with excluded words
“With Survicate, we got a direct line right into our customers in terms of what they're thinking and what their thoughts are or what their opinions are.”

How Looka drives customer stories with Survicate

After the platform user purchases a logo or brand kit subscription, they receive a product feedback survey to fill in. Apart from the standard questions measuring customer satisfaction, Matthew added one more that offers them co-creating a case study based on their experience with Looka.

With customers, after they purchase, we ask them again if they're interested in being a part of a case study with us,” Matthew explains. 

It guarantees a steady flow of potential success stories crucial to building credibility among businesses still looking for a logo design solution. 

How Looka drives successful partnerships with partner feedback

At some point in 2019, Looka’s organic growth stagnated, and they needed to unlock new revenue streams into the company. Matthew took on that challenge and sought opportunities. 

The startup already had an affiliate program with over 5,000 partners. However, it didn’t perform well. It was hard to communicate effectively with such a vast number of businesses, and in the end, they stopped contributing to the partner program. Matthew rebuilt and automated the processes with the help of PartnerStack.

Now, Looka’s affiliate program brings 33% of the company’s gross profit. 

The partner program is also closely monitored. “We have surveys that we are always monitoring, and I think that’s something not enough companies keep an eye on,” stresses Matthew, and he confirms reaching out for feedback to customers and partners. 

Not only feedback, though. 

When partners become inactive, we send them an email asking if there's anything that they need from us. Do they need more content, more guidance, resources?”

Survicate survey serves mainly as an activator for dormant affiliates, but the results also show any micro-crack in the program—something Matthew can easily work on. 

Wrap up

Looka has been an active Survicate user for over five years, making the most of it ever since. Using it along with Intercom gave them an incredible amount of customer feedback that helped to make critical shifts to the sales strategy and the product itself. 

The feedback gathered thanks to Survicate helps Looka to touch base with different stakeholders: prospects, customers, and partners. With a well-designed customer journey, it asks them the right questions at the right time, getting continuous customer feedback checked weekly. 

And above all, keeping the ear close to the customers helped multiply Looka’s ROI by 2400%. Collecting continuous customer feedback also nurtured the partner program that now rounds to a third of the company’s total gross profit.

Try Survicate yourself! Boost your ROI with data-backed optimization, effortlessly.


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