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How WeSki Powers a First-Class Travel Experience With Continuous Customer Feedback

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The travel industry is all about bringing dreams to life. For each and every one of us, vacation is this special time, and after flipping through dozens of travel brochures, there is a clear picture-perfect oasis in our heads. In this business, you must live up to those expectations when the reality hits hard

Have you ever packed for a family holiday? If you have, you know what a challenge it may be; if you haven’t—I’m sure you can imagine it. Let’s upgrade the task and make it a ski holiday. Packing alone can become a nightmare, and we haven’t even started thinking about the resort, transfers, ski passes, flights, and coordinating it all - with the whole family onboard. 

Alright, I guess the momentum’s built. 

Enter WeSki, presenting itself as a “skyscanner/airbnb/ of the ski world.” 

Now that’s a bold statement, but with a Net Promoter Score kept at a steady level of 55 (!!!), WeSki pretty much cuts the mustard. 

Read how WeSki uses continuous customer feedback collected with Survicate to slide through the peaks of the travel industry.

What is WeSki

WeSki is a travel tech company providing an online self-service platform for finding and booking the best ski trips. It offers everything a ski trip logistics may require—flights, transfers, accommodation, ski passes, equipment, and much more you need for a perfect ski trip.

2022/23 NPS
Growth since 2020

The company started in 2016 in Israel, notably accelerating its growth in 2019. And then the COVID struck. Dan Benavi, Head of Customer Success at WeSki, remembers it like yesterday.

“It was an incredibly tough time for us. The travel industry was in a mess, and we had to make some really hard choices. We had to let go of our own people, which was heartbreaking, and sadly, we lost a big chunk of our customers too. We had spent years building a strong community, and in just one day, everything came crashing down. But we never lost our belief that we would bounce back. We believe strongly in our product and its amazing potential for growth. Without that belief and our never-give-up attitude, we wouldn't be where we are today.”

Luckily, WeSki has already flipped the page, closing the 2022/23 season with 10x growth compared to the pre-Covid times. Almost four times more than in the previous one!

Okay, so how does Survicate help in business?

Survicate is our most reliable source of direct customer feedback for the good and the bad. It's the space that allows our customers to express their needs, challenges, and accomplishments with WeSki. It’s one of our most powerful tools that allows WeSki to improve yearly.
Dan Benavi
Head of Customer Success at WeSki

Post-purchase and post-trip surveys

WeSki utilizes Survicate to measure customer satisfaction at the main touchpoints

  • after the purchase, 
  • and after the ski trip takes place. 

The reason for distinguishing these two is that the customers usually book their vacation in advance. “They’re booking it right now in June while the actual trip is in January,” Dan explains. 

Post-purchase survey

After the customers pay for the trip, they receive a survey that aims to discover their motives. It also helps to gather continuous feedback on how WeSki can improve its product. 

Post-trip survey

The post-trip survey goes much further. Dan and his team send it after their customers come back from vacation. First of all, it’s linked to HubSpot, thanks to Survicate’s native integration, so no precious piece of information gets lost. 

I'd say it's the most useful survey we use because it gives us a complete and clear understanding of our customers' experiences during their trip. This valuable information allows us to identify areas for improvement and ensure we continue to provide an exceptional customer experience. It's also a source of pride for us, showcasing the unique and high-level service we offer to our customers.
Dan Benavi
Head of Customer Success at WeSki

Measuring satisfaction

The survey aims to check on all of the elements WeSki takes care of. So, starting from the top—the overall satisfaction with the trip, flights, transfers, and accommodation experience.

Thanks to the HubSpot integration, Dan’s team can quickly identify low scores in any of the categories.  

This information leads directly to particular services that come as a part of the ski holiday deal. 

WeSki works with various travel supliers, but still stays on top of the service's quality. With the continuous customer feedback from Survicate surveys, they ensure they all are five-star.

Measuring NPS

The final step in the survey is the transactional NPS question—” how likely are you to recommend WeSki to a friend or colleague?”

And as WeSki is in the delicate business of bringing holiday dreams to life (as ski vacation packages), people are eager to share their opinions. For the  2022/23 season, they gathered over 2600 answers.

An important context for what comes next is that people like to share their bad customer experience much more than the excelent one. “An interesting statistic that illustrates this is that Americans tend to mention a good brand experience to an average of nine people but will talk about a bad one to 16 people.” [source: Forbes]

Now, imagine the quality of the service WeSki provides; if considering all of the above, they rounded their Net Promoter Score at a dazzling 55. A straightforward way to the A-league of the travel industry. 

Improving the product with customer insights

Along with the transactional (post-booking, post-trip) customer feedback, WeSki also uses Survicate surveys to gather product insights

As Dan tells us, customers suggested one of the crucial WeSki features. To better understand its importance, let’s return to the vision of a family ski vacation for a moment. But not the relaxing part; let’s meet them the day before departure. Bring out your imagination. Go all-in. Yes, it can be hell in many ways, and people need a sense that it’s all taken care of for them. 

And it is exactly what WeSki gave their customers:

“We understood that our customers needed very detailed and specific information right before the trip. And they wanted it to be summarized into easily-digestible details. And from that feedback, we created the “WeSki Bookings page,” which combines all the essential information into a timeline. That's one of the biggest features that WeSki has launched in the past year.”

WeSki Bookings page

WeSki customers can virtually follow their whole trip having all the necessary travel and booking information in one place (working offline as well!). No more hassle with questions like “Which terminal are we flying from,” “Who’s doing the transfer?”, “What’s the street the hotel’s at?” 

Wrapping up

Having an established hotline with your customers takes you a long way. Gathering continuous customer feedback unmasks any flaws in your product, process, or strategy. But it also gives you a positive kick when you see you’re doing the right thing.

Quoting Dan, it’s “for the good and the bad.” 

WeSki takes the best of this continuous feedback exercise by:

  • Setting up two continuous transactional surveys that gather different kinds of insights
  • Using HubSpot Integration to have a 360 view of their customers
  • Acting upon customer feedback to make their offer top-drawer
  • Getting ideas for features truly desired by their customers (and bringing them to life)

With such an honest customer-centric approach, the 55 NPS score is no longer surprising. It does give a perspective on the amount of good work already done to win the market.

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