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  • Speed through survey analysis -
    AI automatically groups and summarizes responses for you
  • Quickly identify feedback topics without sifting through every single response
  • Access rich insights from open-ended questions that would take hours to analyze manually
  • Use organized feedback to make informed decisions faster and with confidence
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“I really like the AI text response analysis feature. The way it creates topics and lets you click to see all responses under each category makes it easier to get a general consensus. For most of our surveys, where we’re looking for the general idea rather than exact numbers, it’s perfect.”
Chris Hawks
Survey and Market Research Specialist at Balance of Nature
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Chris Hawks
Survey and Market Research Specialist at Balance of Nature

Turn ideas into surveys in 25 seconds with AI

  • Generate ready-to-launch surveys by briefly describing your goal
  • Don't worry about choosing the right question type, AI will do it for you
  • Improve the quality of feedback you receive by launching spot-on surveys
  • Let AI generate custom surveys from any idea you have
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“I love the AI text response analysis feature! I found it easy to use and pretty intuitive. After comparing it with our manually analyzed NPS survey responses, I’m thrilled to see the AI themes match our findings, so the feature will definitely save a lot of time. I was also delighted that it worked well across both English & German!”
Ana Popa
Lead Market Researcher at Taxfix
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Ana Popa
Lead Market Researcher at Taxfix

Find your perfect survey template instantly

  • Let AI find the best template for your use case
  • Get survey template suggestions tailored to your role and objectives
  • Speed up feedback collection by using expert-made customizable templates
  • Ask spot-on questions even if you’re new to surveying
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