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Key Takeaways:

  • Essential for Understanding Customer Journeys: Customer experience management software is crucial for businesses looking to understand their customer experiences across all touchpoints comprehensively. It helps in mapping out the digital journey.
  • Data-Driven Customer Insights: By collecting and analyzing customer feedback and behavior, customer experience management software provides actionable insights that can drive strategic improvements in product development, marketing, and customer service.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Customer experience software enables businesses to personalize interactions with consumers, ensuring that communications and offerings are tailored to individual customer preferences, which can significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The best customer experience management software: Survicate, stands out as a powerful yet effortless tool for collecting and managing customer feedback from various touchpoints. Its user-friendly interface and powerful AI features make Survicate an excellent choice for customer-centric businesses.
  • Strategic Business Growth: Implementing online customer experience software can lead to improved customer retention rates, reduced churn, and better customer lifetime value, all of which are key metrics for sustainable business growth.
Table of contents
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Looking to charm your customers and keep them coming back for more? You're in the right place. Customer experience management software is your secret ingredient for cooking up a delightful customer journey. It's a game-changer for businesses keen on making every customer feel like a VIP.

By reading this article, you'll uncover top tools that can transform feedback into five-star customer experiences. Whether you're a small business owner or an enterprise, these insights will help you pick the perfect experience management software to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ready to roll out the red carpet for your clients? Let's dive in!

What is customer experience management software?

Customer Experience Management software is a technology designed to help businesses manage and improve the interactions they have with their customers. At its core, CXM software captures and analyzes customer data across various touchpoints within a company, providing clear insights into customer behavior and satisfaction.

Customer experience tools streamline your understanding of the customer journey from start to finish, ensuring that customer needs and expectations are not just met but exceeded. By aggregating customer data from multiple sources, such as sales, customer service, and marketing channels, a customer experience platform can help you gain a comprehensive view of the digital experience you provide and identify areas for improvement.

In implementing CXM software, you equip your business with valuable tools to track, analyze, and enhance every customer interaction, resulting in an optimized customer experience that reflects your brand's commitment to its customers and drives growth and profitability.

Customer experience software: essential features

Selecting the ideal customer experience management software is crucial to understanding and enhancing how your customers interact with your brand. The right features enable you to collect feedback, integrate data seamlessly, and personalize customer experience based on actionable insights.

Customer feedback

At the heart of any CXM software, collecting customer feedback allows you to listen to your customer's voices through surveys, reviews, and social media interaction.

  • Features to look for: Real-time feedback collection, multi-channel support, and advanced survey targeting.

Customer data collection and integration

Data collection forms the backbone of understanding customer behavior. Your CXM software should integrate with various data sources such as CRM systems, websites, and transaction systems to create a unified view of the customer.

  • Features: Easy integration with existing systems, unified data repository, and diverse customer data source compatibility.

Analytics and reporting

The analytics component sifts through the gathered data to provide insights on customer satisfaction and areas of improvement. Look for software that can break down complex customer data into readable reports.

Personalization and customer engagement

Ultimately, customer experience management software should empower you to create personalized experiences. By harnessing data and insights, you can tailor interactions to better meet individual customer needs and preferences.

  • Features: Customer targeting, targeted campaigns, and personalized communication triggers.

Why you need customer experience management software

Incorporating customer experience management software into your business can improve how customers perceive and interact with your brand. These tools are essential to increase customer retention and loyalty, which will ultimately drive growth.

Increased customer satisfaction

Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is a key goal for any business, and CXM software plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. It enables your company to address customer needs and resolve issues promptly and proactively. This results in a more positive experience, encouraging repeat interactions and fostering a strong customer base.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Understanding your customers is critical for making informed business decisions. CXM software equips you with powerful analytics tools, allowing you to uncover in-depth customer insights. You're able to gather and analyze customer data, draw actionable conclusions, and tailor your offerings to better meet customer expectations.


  • Advanced data analytics dashboards
  • Identification of customer trends and patterns
  • Reporting capabilities for stakeholder presentation

Choosing the right customer experience software

Selecting the most suitable customer experience management software is crucial for optimizing your interactions with customers. It’s important to focus on key criteria that align with your business objectives when evaluating vendors and consider scalability and flexibility for future growth.

Vendor evaluation criteria

When assessing digital customer experience software vendors, scrutinize their track records for reliability and customer support. Look for customer testimonials and success stories that demonstrate the vendor’s ability to deliver results. Additionally, ensure that the provider offers data security and privacy protection, as these are paramount in today’s digital landscape.

  • Reliability: Uptime guarantees and performance track records.
  • Customer Support: Availability of support and quality of service.
  • Data Security: Compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Client Success Stories: Real-world use cases and outcomes.

Scalability and flexibility

Your chosen customer experience software should grow with your business and adapt to changing market conditions. Check if the tool can handle an increasing number of data volume without compromising on performance.

  • User Limits: Does the pricing plan impose a limit on the number of user accounts or contacts?
  • Customization: Can the interface and workflows be tailored to specific business needs?
  • Integration: Is there support for integration with other systems and data sources?
  • Upgrade Path: Options available for expanding capabilities as your business grows.

Top 7 customer experience management tools


Survicate is a powerful yet effortless survey software for engaging with customers and gathering essential insights. It stands out as a versatile survey solution and feedback collection system designed to enhance customer experiences across various touchpoints.

With Survicate, you can create brand-aligned customer surveys quickly and easily share them through multiple channels such as email, website, in-product, and mobile in-app. It helps you to have a detailed view of the experience your customers have along the entire customer journey.

A screenshot of Survicate panel

Survicate is a potent customer experience solution fit for various use cases, including gauging customer loyalty with NPS, satisfaction with CSAT survey, customer effort score (CES), product feedback, market research—you name it. 

You can connect Survicate with 70 other tools. 24 of them—through native integrations that facilitate seamless one-click data synchronization. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that prioritize actionable customer feedback to inform their expansion strategies without the burden of complex software setups or cumbersome data analysis.

You can embed surveys in emails, launch them as in-product or website pop-ups, or even insert them in-app for mobile devices.

Survicate also provides powerful yet easy-to-use AI features. You can look for the best surveys with our AI-enhanced template library or create them with AI in under one minute. As soon as you collect 50 answers, you can categorize your feedback with AI Topics, a feature that automatically detects and segments your text responses into handy thematic groups.

Survicate is an intuitive tool tailored to collect customer feedback efficiently across various channels. Specializing in surveys, Survicate allows you to gain detailed insights with its user-friendly interface and robust data collection capabilities.

Highlighted features include:

  • A user-friendly, customizable survey creation tool
  • AI survey creation
  • NPS, CSAT, CES, product-market fit, product feedback surveys, and more
  • Smart surveys: skip logic, custom actions and redirects, previous answer attribution
  • Advanced targeting options
  • An analytical dashboard that presents real-time data and text analysis through word clouds
  • AI text answers analysis
  • Native integrations with popular platforms like HubSpot, Slack, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, or Mailchimp
  • The ability to schedule recurring surveys at set intervals on your website
  • Multiple distribution options for surveys, including email, direct links, embedded website content, in-product prompts, and mobile applications via an SDK
  • The feature to record partial survey responses, ensuring data is not lost even if respondents do not complete the survey

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for a versatile tool to gather customer feedback across multiple channels
  • Organizations that value seamless integration with other tools for efficient data synchronization
  • Teams that prefer an easy-to-use interface for creating and distributing customer surveys
  • Enterprises aiming to collect and analyze customer feedback through AI-enhanced features

Pricing: Survicate offers a 10-day free trial with all Business plan features. Paid plans start at $53 and vary depending on the features available and response numbers.

A banner tht promotes collecting customer feedback with Survicate

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub offers a comprehensive customer service software solution that centralizes customer experiences and data to help businesses build better customer relationships. As part of HubSpot's CRM platform, Service Hub is designed to streamline customer service processes, enabling teams to deliver exceptional service that turns customers into promoters.

A screenshot of Hubspot's website, popular customer relationship management tool, here a module which is a customer experience platform


  • A unified customer view that consolidates all customer interactions and data
  • Automated customer service workflows to increase team efficiency
  • Knowledge base creation tools to empower customer self-service
  • Reporting and analytics dashboards to track customer service performance

Best for:

  • Businesses of all sizes looking for a scalable customer service solution
  • Teams seeking to automate their customer service processes for improved efficiency
  • Companies aiming to implement self-service options alongside traditional support channels


HubSpot Service Hub provides various pricing tiers to accommodate the needs of different businesses. The pricing starts at $18 per month for the Starter plan, with more advanced features available in the Professional and Enterprise plans.


Zendesk is a customer service tool that streamlines client interactions into a unified interface. It facilitates efficient communication between businesses and their customers, fostering a seamless support experience. The platform's robust set of tools is designed to enhance customer relations and support teams' performance, making it an asset for any customer-focused organization.

Zendesk website, customer experience platform


  • Multichannel support, including email, chat, phone, and social media
  • Automated workflow capabilities to increase efficiency
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools
  • Customizable front-end interfaces for a personalized customer experience
  • Integration with numerous third-party applications

Best for:

  • Businesses seeking a customer service solution that grows with their needs
  • Organizations requiring a comprehensive set of features for multichannel support
  • Teams that value customization and integration with other business tools


Zendesk offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business sizes and needs. It depends on the number of features available and the size of your Customer Support team. Plans start at $69/month for up to 5 agents.


Qualtrics CustomerXM is a comprehensive customer experience management platform designed for businesses that require a deep dive into customer feedback and behavior. Its complexity and ability to capture a wide array of data across various customer touchpoints stands out. This platform is ideal for organizations that need to track, analyze, and respond to customer interactions with high precision and customization.

Website screenshot of one of the customer experience tools, Qualtrics


  • Detailed monitoring of customer interactions
  • Real-time insights for quick decision-making
  • Tools to improve customer experiences across the board
  • Adaptable dashboards for different user roles within an organization
  • Full integration capabilities with other CRM systems

Best for:

  • Corporations seeking in-depth customer experience insights
  • Teams that need a customizable interface for diverse analytical needs
  • Enterprises that prioritize real-time feedback to improve customer relations

Pricing: Qualtrics does not list specific pricing. You can request a quote directly from Qualtrics to get pricing details.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) helps manage content and assets to deliver digital experiences that are consistent and compelling across all customer touchpoints. It is designed to help organizations manage their marketing content and assets effectively. AEM's ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale makes it a powerful tool for enhancing customer engagement and driving brand loyalty.

Adobe Experience Management website, one of the customer experience tools


  • Robust digital asset management (DAM)
  • Dynamic content management system (CMS)
  • AI-powered content insights and personalization
  • Omnichannel content delivery for consistency across touchpoints
  • Scalable and secure cloud infrastructure


Adobe does not publicly list specific pricing for AEM. Interested parties need to contact Adobe directly.

Best for:

  • Large enterprises that require a scalable solution for managing extensive digital assets
  • Organizations looking for a complex CMS with advanced personalization capabilities
  • Businesses that aim to deliver a consistent omnichannel customer experience
  • Companies seeking a secure and customizable platform for their content management needs


Qualaroo is a solid choice for businesses seeking to gather customer insights without the bells and whistles of more complex platforms. It offers a streamlined approach to survey creation, allowing for quick deployment and the collection of valuable user feedback. Qualaroo provides the necessary tools to help companies understand and enhance their customer experience.

Qualaroo screenshot


  • User targeting options for survey deployment
  • Customizable survey designs for popular surveys, for example, customer satisfaction score (CSAT)
  • Integration with popular analytics and data management platforms
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis
  • Real-time feedback collection and reporting


Qualaroo offers several pricing plans starting at $80 per month when billed annually.

Best for:

  • Small to medium enterprises seeking an easy-to-use feedback tool
  • Organizations looking for a no-fuss approach to customer feedback surveys
  • Teams that prefer a feedback system with a balance of functionality and simplicity

Oracle Service

Oracle Service, part of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, is a robust suite designed to empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service. This platform provides comprehensive tools that streamline customer interactions and support by consolidating data across digital channels. Oracle Service enables businesses to offer personalized and efficient service, leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to anticipate customer needs and offer timely solutions.

Oracle screenshot


  • Unified Customer Data: Offers a complete, 360-degree view of the customer across all touchpoints.
  • Intelligent Automation: AI and machine learning help automate responses and guide agent actions.
  • Cross-Channel Contact Center: Supports customer interactions across a variety of channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media.
  • Advanced Analytics: Delivers insights into customer satisfaction and service effectiveness.

Best for:

  • Medium to large-sized enterprises
  • Businesses seeking a scalable customer service solution
  • Organizations that prioritize a unified view of customer interactions

Pricing: For pricing, contact Oracle directly.

Level up your customer experience game with Survicate

Choosing the right customer experience management software can be a game-changer for your business. Like finding the perfect puzzle piece, it should fit seamlessly into your company's strategy, enhancing every interaction with your clients. Survicate emerges as a top contender in this space, offering a suite of features that can transform the way you engage with customers.

With Survicate, you can easily collect feedback across multiple channels, analyze it for actionable insights, and personalize your communication to resonate with your audience. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures that you won't get tangled up in technicalities while trying to connect with your customers. It's designed to help you pinpoint what delights your customers and what could use a tweak or two.

Survicate isn't just about gathering data; it's about making sense of it and acting on it to foster stronger relationships with your customers. This tool is best suited for businesses that are serious about taking their customer experience to the next level.

So why not see for yourself? Get hands-on with Survicate by taking advantage of the free 10-day trial that offers all the features of the Business Plan. Dive in and start enhancing your client relations today!