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Business owners should keep track of online sentiment, which is how people perceive their brands. It can be difficult (or impossible) to do so manually, but don't worry—there are many sentiment analysis tools available to help you do the job. We will present 7 of them today to help you pick the best one for your needs and stay on top of your online reputation.

Table of contents

Why should you use sentiment analysis tools?

Even though you might have heard of other companies using sentiment analysis, you might be wondering whether you should start using it in your business. 

Sentiment analysis tools can provide detailed insights into how people talk about your brand or product online

The data is usually so detailed that you can accurately predict what your customers think and how they’re likely to react to certain changes. The insights may also be so granular that you would have never figured them out without the help of these tools.

And, last but not least, sentiment analysis tools give you almost everything you need to measure your brand’s performance in real time. Since they analyze customer feedback continuously, you’ll be able to spot and react to shifts in your online sentiment instantly. 

Why using Survicate can complement sentiment analysis tools 

Survicate can be used alongside any of the sentiment analysis tools on this list to get even more out of your insights. Collecting feedback from customers is the cornerstone of success when it comes to discovering their needs, and Survicate helps you do just that.

With 300+ pre-made templates and a variety of survey types, Survicate offers the fastest way to gather customer feedback. You only need to set it up once to get continuous customer insights that allow you to adequately measure customer sentiment

The tool also allows you to collect feedback at various touchpoints across the entire user journey. And, you can send survey data to tools such as Slack, HubSpot, and Klaviyo with native integrations

Send survey data to your tools with the most flexible native integrations
Connect Survicate to your favorite tools

With precise customer feedback, you can get the best of both worlds: qualitative and quantitative data combined together to provide a more detailed picture than ever before.

#1 Brand24 – capture brand mentions on the spot

Brand24 is a social listening tool that allows you to monitor your brand. You can track online mentions and see where people talk about you or related topics.

Sentiment analysis tools - Brand24
Brand24 is an intuitive tool for media monitoring

Brand24 offers coverage of all major social media networks and beyond, including blogs, forums, web, podcasts, news sites, and newsletters. You can instantly identify how customers are feeling about your brand thanks to the tool’s robust media monitoring analytics and real-time collection of mentions.

With Brand24, you can get an in-depth idea of the tone of conversations around your company thanks to machine learning algorithms and natural language processing that analyze text.

As a result, you can make more informed business decisions and more effective strategic plans, all driven by data.

With plans starting at $39 per month, Brand24 is one of the most affordable sentiment analysis platforms on the market.

#2 Brandwatch – take your sentiment analysis to a brand new level

Brandwatch is what we’d like to call a super-sentiment analysis tool. It does everything you need, including sentiment analysis, advanced analytics, competitive intelligence, and market research.

Sentiment analysis tools - Brandwatch
Get detailed analytics with each mention in Brandwatch

Brandwatch offers detailed insights into your customer sentiments and provides reliable reports on the state of conversations in any market. It is an ideal tool if you want to gauge your customers' feelings toward your brand. Its incredible customizable dashboard makes it easy to view information that's most relevant to your business in an instant.

Brandwatch measures and tracks brand visibility and change in customer sentiment in real time. It also comes with its own Image Insights tool that assists in monitoring any images related to your brand. 

The images can be tracked across different platforms with options for tracking different customer experience metrics including aggregate followers, volume, and the latest activity.

Brandwatch offers quite a few sentiment analysis services, so it's not surprising it costs a pretty penny. Basic plans are $108 per month; more advanced, custom packages are also available upon request.  

#3 Mediatoolkit - design marketing activities with precision

Monitoring and tracking the online discussions centered around your brand is easy with Mediatoolkit. The tool collects and analyzes mentions of your company or product across nearly all available online channels, so you can instantly find out what people think about it.

Sentiment analysis tools - Mediatoolkit
Take your social media presence to new heights with Mediatoolkit

Mediatoolkit is an invaluable social monitoring tool that moves beyond the standard metrics and mentions. It offers the added ability to filter mentions specific to location or language, making it even easier to monitor your brand on a global level.

Plus, you can predict future trends with valuable data, get timely notifications on posts that are likely to be engaging, analyze your brand’s sentiment, and generally gain a better insight into marketing campaigns—Mediatoolkit certainly has it all.

However, it comes at a cost. Currently, the cheapest plan is $139 per month, and the highest plan is a whopping $2,799 per month for multibrands. 

#4 Awario – create a powerful buzz around your brand

Awario is a tool that combines social media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and web search all in one. Using this tool, you can track your business’s online presence and optimize your data-driven marketing campaigns.

Sentiment analysis tools - Awario
Besides tracking mentions, Awario lets you track influencers from its dashboard

With Awario, you can monitor mentions from all over the web—social media platforms, news sites, blogs, and forums—so you don’t miss any opportunity to gain insight into what customers are saying. You can ensure that your brand reputation grows by checking the sentiment of mentions and their share.

Awario also includes comprehensive influencer tracking tools so you can keep up with who's talking about your company, monitor client mentions, check their sentiment and reach, and create custom reports to further explore sentiment analysis. 

Awario’s pricing starts from $39 a month, but if you need data export (essential for comprehensive sentiment analysis), you might have to increase your plan to $119 per month. 

#5 Talkwalker – assign sentiment scores with ease

With Talkwalker Quick Search, you can analyze social media data at a whole new level. Thanks to its use of AI, the tool can determine the tone of customer brand mentions across numerous forums, blogs, and major social media platforms. As a part of its suite, Talkwalker offers social media analytics to measure engagement, volume, sentiment, and demographics. 

Sentiment analysis tools - Talkwakler
Easily determine what most people are saying about you online with the help of AI and Talkwalker

Its content ideation features are great for identifying trending themes and topics your customers are discussing. You can also measure how successful your campaigns were, and evaluate sentiment analysis even further, with brand image and video recognition.

Thanks to the sentiment analysis feature, you'll have the ability to separate mentions between positive and negative feedback and learn more about your customers. Talkwalker also offers sentiment scores so you can assign numerical values to each mention. This makes it easier to gauge the overall sentiment of your brand.

There is no pricing information available on the website, and you need to leave your contact information to request a free demo.

#6 Lexalytics – turn sentiment into actionable decisions

Lexalytics helps you uncover and analyze what people are saying about your brand or product on social media and other online sources. Using its sentiment analysis feature, you can gain a deep understanding of your customers' opinions and experiences with your brand.

Sentiment analysis tools - Lexalytics
Get a detailed overview of the emotions behind any text with Lexalytics

Lexalytics is a revolutionary text analytics software that will unlock incredible value from your documents. It uses natural language processing to parse the text, then runs sentiment analysis to determine the intent behind the customer's message. 

With the ability to plug into Excel for data storage, sorting, and management, as well as comprehensive information visuals—from word clouds to graphs—you can be sure of robust insights and an improved customer experience. On top of this, the multifunctionality of features such as intention detection through custom-trained machines makes it second to none when it comes to capturing insight. 

Lexalytics does not disclose its pricing, so you need to contact the company for a quote.

#7 Qualtrics Connect [Clarabridge] – for examining sentiment in text, and more

Qualtrics Connect (formerly Clarabridge) is a popular text analysis software that can offer invaluable insights into customer feedback. From emails and social media to chats and surveys, it monitors various sources of analytics, helping brands gauge customer sentiment in audio feedback data. 

It has been trusted by mid-size to large businesses the world over to apply speech analytics and effectively handle their sales, billing, and customer support processes more smoothly. Plus, its built-in multi-language sentiment analyzer is adaptable enough to suit any business’ preferred tone, whether it's formal and professional or humorous.

Sentiment analysis tools - Clarabridge
The sentiment analysis tool of choice for enterprises and large companies

Qualtrics Connect features CX Social and CX Analytics to index different sentiments in the data using an 11-point scale. Its capabilities also include transcription and vendor-agnostic, intelligent scoring. This speech analysis feature allows you to analyze call recordings in 22 languages and act accordingly to boost customer experience.

With Qualtrics Connect, you can swiftly uncover topics and the sentiment in the open text, identify key drivers of client decisions, and solve bad customer experiences in seconds.

Qualtrics + Clarabridge pricing is not available on the website, so you'll need to contact the Sales team for details.

How Survicate can work with regular sentiment analysis tools

At first, the link between survey software and regular sentiment analysis tools may not be obvious, but there’s actually a lot of overlap. 

While sentiment analysis tools give you a lot of data on how people feel about your product or service, Survicate helps you fill in the gaps to identify what customer pain points are and which areas need more attention, as well as why your audience feels one way. 

In short: with sentiment analysis tools, you can go deep. With customer feedback gathered through Survicate, you can go deeper. And with this additional layer of understanding, your team can gain invaluable insights into the needs and motivations behind customer feedback.

Using Survicate surveys alongside sentiment analysis tools will give you a much richer perspective of customer experience. You’ll get an insight into their overall sentiment towards your product or service, but also what key trends and issues customers are facing. 

With this data, you can focus on ways to improve customer satisfaction and make sure that the changes that you make have a positive impact on customer experience.

Who wouldn't want to get a comprehensive understanding of their customer's sentiments? To get started, all you need to do is sign up and create your first survey.

Once you've done it, you can add either question-level or overall sentiment question types that will capture the sentiment of your users. These questions can be used as part of customer satisfaction surveys, customer feedback surveys, or even product reviews and ratings.

And when you have the data from your survey, the party is just getting started. Use various integrations—both native and via Zapier—to get the most out of it. 

For example, you can send Survicate responses to Chattermill in order to gain deeper insight into user sentiment.


Sentiment analysis tools offer valuable insights into what your customers think of your products or services. By combining Survicate surveys with them, you can take your customer insights to a whole new level. Making use of this powerful mix can put your business way ahead of the competition, so sign up for a 10-day free trial today and start reaping the benefits!