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Table of contents

What is Customer Service Experience, and why is it important? Get to know what makes an excellent customer service experience now.

In a world where most of us are glued to our smartphones, news of bad customer experiences quickly spread online. It's vital that you design your customer service experience so your customers know you care.

What Is Customer Service Experience?

The customer service experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with a company, both in direct communication and through other customer experiences (for example, your checkout process on your website).

Why is Customer Service Experience Important?

Customer experience affects the customer's loyalty to your brand and how they talk about you to other people both online and offline.

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Retaining customers is the only natural way to grow businesses, and if you don't put effort into maintaining them, they'll likely feel used.

The Difference between Good and Great Customer Service Experience

The difference between good and great customer service is often just taking a few extra steps to make your customer feel valued.

Let's suppose your customers are experiencing a problem and are speaking directly with your team. In that case, they need to feel that you listen. They need to know customer service rep. will take care of the problem and fix it.

To offer great customer service experience, you need to have a solid customer experience strategy in place and clear processes for your team to follow. So every customer gets the same service quality.

Every step of the customer experience with you, from discovery to post-purchase support, should be designed with thought.

Providing the best customer service experience possible doesn't mean your customers need to speak to a human. Think about Amazon.

The powerhouse they are today is because of a fantastic customer experience. They are a shopping search engine where you can buy anything at a low price and check it all out with a single click.

Great Customer Service Experience - Example

Here's an example of a small business giving the best customer experience:

I bought my car used from a dealership, and after seeing the advert online, I called to check it was still available. It was. So the next day I went to have a look at it.

The moment I arrived I looked at the car and then went inside to talk to the salesman, who was also the owner. He immediately got up, got the car out of the bay, handed me the keys, and let me have my time with the vehicle.

He didn't hover or try and tell me what to do. He just let me take the car out.

When I got back, I said I liked it. I asked if there was any movement on the price, and we quickly made a deal. I put down my deposit, and the next day I returned to pay in full and collected the car.

Doing the paperwork at his desk was stress-free: We were sitting in an open space with big windows. His wife was working at another desk, and their cocker spaniel was weaving around my feet. When everything was signed and paid for, we shook hands. I took my car home, enjoying the awareness of having a year-long warranty included in the deal.

What Makes this Customer Service Experience Great?

Buying a car is stressful. If the seller had hovered around bombarding me with questions while I was trying to figure things out, it would have turned me off. At no point did I feel pressured or being a nuisance.

While I was waiting for the paperwork to be done, a customer came in. The woman wanted to have her car worked on in the shop. She seemed to be deliberately difficult. I sat there admiring how he and his wife dealt with that awkward customer with considerable aplomb.

How You Can Ensure a Great Customer Service Process

So how can you ensure you provide your customers with the best customer service experience?

Use customer feedback management software. It is a great way to ensure you provide the best customer experience on every touchpoint of a customer journey. 

Such software lets you easily send surveys and gain insights into how customers experience using your product or service. It also lets you have an overview of all the feedback you receive in one platform. This way, you can quickly detect the most pressing problems your customers have that may lead to churn.

Any company should understand the importance of customer service. Still, if you want to excel at providing top customer experiences, track customer experience metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS): 

and Customer Satisfaction Score (SCAT). 

The first one checks your customers' readiness to promote you, while the latter verifies if your product or service met their expectations.


It's worth mentioning that good customer feedback management software, like Survicate, integrates with major customer relationships platforms, like Intercom or Hubspot, to name a few. By using the software, you can analyze the feedback you proactively gain with surveys and juxtapose it with the one your customers voluntarily give in your communication channels.  As a result, you gain a comprehensive view of the customer experience you offer.

How to Put an End to Bad Customer Service

Do you remember the last time you had to call customer service to get a question answered about a product or service? Can you recall the experience?

Let me guess: 

You went to the website, found a contact number, and you embarked on a long wait that lasted way too long, making you anxious about the bill you'd pay. Finally, when you managed to get through, you didn't get help.

Maybe the person was rude, perhaps just incompetent and, since the call was recorded, they passed you on.

Or, maybe they transferred your call and then the connection broke. Or you hit a communication barrier, unable to break through the jargon they used. 

There are countless that can go wrong with customer service today. How to provide customer service that excels?

Here's what you should know:

Common Mistakes of Bad Customer Service 

1. Providing only one specific channel for customer service

Companies that provide only a phone number or only an online contact form do it wrong. Not every customer loves to sit hours on the phone with a customer service representative, and not everyone will take the time to write through the form. 

Livechat apps and chatbots are a growing market for a very good reason: Customers feel less intimidated by using the chat than filling. in a contact form. Chat bots are also proactive, which takes the weight of starting the conversation off customers' shoulders. 

2. Customer service representatives with poor listing skills and little empathy

Nothing is worse than being frustrated with a bad customer service representative. Either someone rude doesn't listen to your issue or can't relate to the problem you are experiencing.

Empathy is a trait that not everyone has developed. Until they don't acquire it, keep them far away from your customer service desk.

3. Fear of ownership

Everyone makes mistakes. When you do, you need to own it up. Also in business. Be sure that your customer service staff knows when to admit they, or the company, put a foot wrong. Train them to be polite when apologizing. 

Sources say that 33% of customers are ready to leave a company after one incident. But, most of them are willing to stay if the company shows remorse in a relatable way. 

4. Not educating customers

Customer service fails when customers don't understand the company's process. Whether they're returning a product or looking to get assistance with some other issue, educating them step-by-step is crucial.

How to improve the customer service experience

1. Offer multiple customer service avenues

Providing avenues like a website, phone number, text, email, and social media channels allow you to reach the customer however works best for them.

Today, many millennials hate spending time on the phone. Creating opportunities to connect with reps avoids lousy customer service experiences that ruin your reputation.

2. Be proactive in your customer service

Bad customer service is reactive. 

Be proactive. If you're only talking to your customers when there's a problem, then you're doing something wrong.

Reach out to your customers and provide them an opportunity to give feedback about their experience. This allows you to mitigate any issues before they reach out to you.

An example of a survey to send, a customer effort score

3. Providing consistency in your customer service

Regardless of what avenue you're using, customer service should be customer-centric and consistent. Adjust the communication channel to the preferences of your target group. And make all the communication - be it on the phone, via email, or text - consistent. Plan the communication flows.   

4. Managing customer expectations

A lot of customer dissatisfaction results from misinformation or "misexpectations." That is why it is essential to go the extra mile to make sure your messaging is logically designed against customer/user journey maps.  

To manage customer expectations, you must commit to educating customers and educate your business about what the customer needs and how they perceive your services. 

Send regularly surveys: 

  1. NPS. The score will reveal how loyal and attached to your brand your customers are. 
  2. SCAT. The survey will put a number on the customer satisfaction. Make sure you check the satisfaction on touchpoints that are crucial to your business. 
  3. CES. The customer effort score survey will help you stay on top of the processes. It'll help you make sure customers can do their jobs in an optimal way. 

To learn more about the options, check out the list of the survey templates most popular with Survicate's customers.

Survicate's customer experience survey templates library
Survicate's customer experience survey templates library

All in All

With the prevalent digitalization, customer expectations are changing rapidly. Customers expect things to be tailored to their needs, be seamless, and happen now. With all those expectations, they value the human touch. (Quite contradictory expectations.) 

To meet and exceed their expectations, you need to know those are. And you need to engage in a conversation with your target group. 

We recommend you Survicate. As a customer feedback tool provider, we're proud to say we've helped many customer success teams now. 

To test the tool, sign up for free. 

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