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Customer feedback is crucial for business longevity

Nowadays, more than ever before, ignoring customer service feedback or failing to collect it in the first place can be a fatal mistake. Long gone are the days when a disgruntled or upset customer could only tell their friends, family, and coworkers to avoid your services.

Now, customers are spoilt for choice in the ways they can champion or bad mouth your business.

If a customer wants to share their negative experience, they can do so on comparison sites, review sites, their own blog, Google maps, and social media. If you leave a customer with a sour taste in their mouth they may permanently label you as an unreliable business partner, or a business to be avoided at all costs.

While most potential customers will overlook one bad review if the rest is good, more than one will seriously impact your business.

In most cases, you aren’t failing your clients intentionally – after all, you may not be aware of (or have implemented) effective strategies to consistently collect customer service feedback, so you have to react when a problem arises, rather than actively working to avoid the situation in the first place.

Failing to survey your customers, or even actively ignoring their opinions, can have grave consequences such as a drop in sales or even being pushed out of the market by customer-centric businesses who do it better.

Prevent negative reviews and beat the competition

Our customer feedback survey template will help you prevent a catastrophe or remedy negative situations. This customer feedback survey template gives you the power to discover the why and how behind your customers’ feelings and will help you identify the weakest links in your business so you can address them. 

For instance, the customer feedback survey template may help you discover a problem with poor customer service, little assortment choice, confusing copy, unclear pricing, poor usability of your site or service, or even off the mark marketing which attracts the wrong customers to you. 

All these aspects of your business comprise your brand – and who wouldn’t want the first word that came into a customer’s mind upon hearing the name of your business to be “amazing!”

Ask follow-up questions for in-depth insight

Our customer feedback survey template allows you to ask additional questions if a customer provides an unflattering opinion about your product or service so you can learn the reasons behind their feelings. 

This provides you with a direct channel where you can gain insight into your business’s weakest areas and discover what you can do to change and produce a higher volume of positive customer experiences. 

While one disgruntled opinion may not be indicative of a larger problem, a number of them are a signal that you need to take action to rectify the problem quickly. 

Visualize your data for at-a-glance results you can work with

Our survey analysis dashboard generates a visual report of your customer feedback survey questions in just seconds and makes your results easily shareable with the decision-makers and teams who need to see it. 

The feedback you receive from your customers is invaluable, and it is critical in providing you with the data you need to pinpoint the underperforming areas of your business and rectify the problem or prevent it in the future. 

When you effectively and consistently implement customer feedback surveys you’ll be able to create a customer-focused business that is championed and adored by all its clients. 

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