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Do you often struggle with sending customer satisfaction surveys that hit the mark and get responses?

Perhaps the solution could be phrasing the questions in a way that will help your respondents share their thoughts and get you the insights you need.

In this blog post, we will present seven different customer satisfaction survey email types that really do the job. We will also provide you with some handy templates that you can use today to collect customer feedback from your user base.

netflix customer satisfaction email
Netflix is widely praised for their amazing customer experience. Source

Why use customer satisfaction emails in the first place?

Sending customer satisfaction surveys via email is one of the simplest and most direct ways to find out about your customers’ experience. You can also use this channel to collect valuable feedback about your products, services, and events, to name a few. 

measure csat with survicate banner

Using a customer feedback survey to gather opinions can be beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Identifying areas of your business that need improvement 
    Understanding what your clients think about your company helps you to implement changes. Measuring the customer experience will then reveal if the changes you make lead to improvements in your service.
  • Spotting customer pain points
    Learning what clients don't like about your business or website helps you to improve user experience and move visitors down the sales funnel more easily.
  • Gathering marketing intelligence
    Customer satisfaction surveys can provide valuable insights into what your target audience wants and needs, which you can use to create more targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Building customer loyalty
    Happy clients are more likely to keep using your products or services and recommend them to others, increasing your average customer lifetime value and working as a form of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Improving customer retention rates
    By promptly addressing your clients' concerns and making the necessary changes, you can encourage them to stay with you. 
  • Spotting trends in customer behavior
    Satisfaction surveys can help you notice patterns in how your clients or users act and purchase, which you can use to inform your business decisions.
  • Gauging customer satisfaction levels over time
    By regularly conducting customer surveys, you can track how client perceptions of the company change and identify any potential problems early on.
  • Recognizing customer advocates
    Clients who are particularly satisfied with your products or services might be willing to act as brand ambassadors, referencing or promoting your business to others.
tradegecko customer satisfaction email
A TradeGecko email asking for a review. Source

Now that we've discussed the benefits of using customer satisfaction surveys, below are seven different email templates you can customize according to your needs.

Customer satisfaction email template: NPS

Survicate’s Net Promoter Score email template

Dear [Recipient's Name]

We would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to answer the following question:

How likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

You can answer simply by clicking one of the numbers, with 0 being 'not likely at all”, 5 meaning “neutral”, and 10 for “extremely likely.” 

[Rating from 0 to 10]

Thank you for your time.


[Employee's Name]

Real-world Net Promoter Score email template

squarespace customer satisfaction email
Squarespace asking their customers to fill out an NPS survey. Source

Sending Net Promoter Score emails

This key performance indicator (KPI) is widely used to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty by measuring how likely your clients are to recommend your business to others, typically on a 1-10 rating scale.

Your most keen promoters (those giving the highest ratings) can become customer advocates or potential brand ambassadors. This can be an invaluable asset for your business, as customer referrals are often the most powerful form of marketing.

An NPS survey is short and sweet, so keep your email template succinct, too. You’ll get a lot of helpful replies through surveys so you can make more data-driven decisions.

There are many appropriate places for storytelling, but NPS email templates are not one of them. A one-sentence intro to add some context (e.g., a recent purchase or onboarding), your question, an interactive scale to click through, and a genuine “thank you” will be enough.

Customer satisfaction email template: CSAT

Survicate’s product/service satisfaction email template

Hello [Recipient's Name],

Thank you for your recent purchase from [Company Name]. We hope you're enjoying your new [product/service].

We would be grateful if you could take a moment to tell us how satisfied you are with your purchase now that you've been using it for [X days/weeks/months].

You can give us your feedback by clicking on the statement that most accurately reflects how you feel.

[Extremely Dissatisfied | Somewhat Dissatisfied |Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied | Somewhat Satisfied | Extremely Satisfied]

Thank you for your time. 

Kind regards,

[Employee's Name], [Position] at [Company Name]

Real-world product/service satisfaction email template

vuori customer satisfaction email
Vuori asking their customers for a review. Source

Sending Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) emails

This KPI can be used to quickly check how a client is getting on with a recent purchase through a one-click feedback button. Their CSAT score will either let you know they are happy or allow you to identify any potential issues early on.

You should aim to send a customer satisfaction product survey as soon as possible after a customer has made a purchase and received their item or used your service. This way, their impression will still be fresh in their mind.

This kind of customer feedback can be very useful when creating buyer personas, as it helps you get to know your clients better and tailor your future messaging and recommendations to their preferences.

Customer service email template

Survicate’s customer service email template

[Recipient's Name],

Thank you for recently contacting the customer support team at [Company Name]. We hope we have been able to assist you with your [issue/customer complaint].

We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to let us know how satisfied you are with the customer service you have received so far.

Please rate your customer service experience using the following scale. Simply click on the button that best reflects the level of support you received.

[1 – Poor customer service]

[2 – Below average customer service]

[3 – Average customer service]

[4 – Good customer service]

[5 – Excellent customer service]

We are truly grateful for you taking the time to answer this survey and provide your feedback. It helps us to provide consistent service and ensure that all our new and existing customers receive the best support possible.

Best wishes,

The [Company Name] Customer Service Team

Real-world customer service email templates

dropbox customer satisfaction email
The email you get when you contact Dropbox's customer service. Source

squarespace customer service email 2
Squarespace asking customers to fill out a survey. Source

Sending Customer Service Satisfaction (CSS) emails

You can use customer service survey emails to determine a CSS score, which assesses your customer's opinion of the experience when contacting your company's support team.

This metric is similar to the CSAT score. The difference is that it measures satisfaction with a customer service experience instead of a product or service. 

Remember that you should send customer service emails as quickly as possible after a user has contacted support so that their opinion is still fresh in their memory. You can use a quick one-click rating button to encourage responses. 

However, it can be more insightful to include a link to a survey where users can leave more detailed observations. This is particularly important in the case of a poor customer service experience you want to learn from.

Customer Effort Score email template

Survicate’s Customer Effort score email template

Hi [Recipient's Name],

Thank you for your recent [purchase of/subscription to].

As you have now been using [product/service name] for [X days/weeks/months], we thought it would be a good time to find out how you are getting on with it.

If you have a moment, we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete our survey about whether or not you are getting the results you were expecting from our [product/service] and how easy it was for you to do so.

[Survey link]

  1. How easy was it to find the information you were looking for?
  2. How clear were the instructions and documentation?
  3. How easy was it to follow through with your [purchase/subscription]?
  4. How helpful was the customer service team in assisting you with the use of [product/service name] you contacted them?

Thanks for taking the time to help us improve our [product/service] for all our customers.


Customer Satisfaction Team at [Company Name]

Real-world Customer Effort Score email template

bird customer service email
Bird asking their customers to fill out a survey. Source

Sending Customer Effort Score (CES) emails

CES evaluates how much work was required for users to complete an action or find information. For example, completing an order, asking for a refund, getting in touch with customer support or something else.

It's best to send a CES survey email some time after the customer has made a purchase or subscribed to a service. Doing so will give them the opportunity to fully test it out before giving feedback.

Customer Health Score email template

Survicate’s Customer Health Score email template

Dear [Recipient's Name],

Thank you for [purchasing/subscribing to] our [product name/service name]. We hope that it has been a positive experience for you.

To make improvements that will benefit you and other customers, we’d like to ask you to participate in a survey.

The survey, which you can take by clicking here [link], will ask about your usage of [Product Name/Service Name]. It takes about [number] minutes to complete. 

  1. How often do you use [Product Name/Service Name] per [day/week/month]?
  2. How long, on average, do you spend using it each time?
  3. Does any other member of your [team/family] also make use of your [product/subscription]?
  4. If so, how many people use it? 
  5. What features of [product name/service name] have you used?
  6. Are there any features of [product name/service name] that you don't expect to use?

Your feedback is valuable to us. We truly appreciate your helping us improve our [products/services].


The [Company Name] customer success team

Real-world Customer Health Score email template

customer health score email by NordVPN
NordVPN asking for a customer health score survey. Source

Sending Customer Health Score emails

Customer Health Score is a measure of customer engagement and retention. The goal for this type of customer satisfaction email is to gain insights into your customers’ behavior over time and determine whether they are going to stay with your business or churn.

There are various factors that contribute to determining a customer’s health score, and the measurement system will vary from company to company. That being said, one important aspect is their willingness to take part in surveys. 

It’s best to send a customer health score email after a particular customer hasn’t shopped with you lately or if their subscription period is soon coming to an end. This will give you the opportunity to analyze their likelihood of churning before they do so.

What if you categorize customer’s health as ‘at risk’ because they appear to be on the verge of churning? The next step would be to send them a win-back email to get feedback, possibly including discounts or offers.. Speaking of which…

Customer churn rate/win-back email template

Survicate’s win-back email template

Hi [Recipient's Name],

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being our customer and to let you know how much we appreciate your business.

I can see that you haven’t used [Product/Service Name] for a while, so I was wondering if there is anything we can do to help make your experience with us better.

If so, please take a moment to fill out the simple form linked below to ask any questions you may have or to provide your feedback. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[Survey link]

We would love to get your feedback so that you can offer the best possible experience to our customers. 

Best wishes,

[Employee's Name]

Account manager at [Company Name]

Real-world win-back email template

seeso win back email
Seeso trying to win customers back with an email template. Source

Sending customer churn rate emails

Customer churn rate calculates how many users cancel their subscriptions or don’t renew it in a given period. To minimize customer churn, you should look to identify pain points through a customer satisfaction email, such as the win-back message above.

This has the dual purpose of gathering valuable feedback from a presumably dissatisfied customer, whilst also giving you the opportunity to repair the relationship.

If a customer has experienced an issue with your product, they may appreciate being given the opportunity to reply to an email or fill out a survey and provide feedback.

You can also prompt existing clients to make a repeat purchase with a renewal reminder email template.

Customer review email template

Survicate’s customer review email template

Hi [Recipient's Name],

We value feedback from our customers and would love to hear your thoughts about our [product/service].

Would you be willing to spend a few minutes sharing your experience with us?

Your honest opinion will help us better understand customer satisfaction levels and improve our user experience for both new and existing customers like yourself.

You can share your review by clicking below:

[Link to survey]

You can also decide if you’d like to grant us the permission to publish your review on our website. 

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the customer review, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our customer success team is always eager to help.

We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Everyone at [Company Name]

Real-world customer review email template

grain customer satisfaction email asking for a review
Grain asking for a review. Source

Sending customer review emails

While not a metric per se, reviews are still a reliable measure of customer satisfaction and one that consumers actually pay a great amount of attention to. 

They can showcase good customer experiences and build trust with consumers.

In fact, according to a recent survey, 79% of people trust customer reviews as much as either personal recommendations from friends and family, social media personalities, or professionally written articles by topic experts.

You can collect reviews through emails that request specific feedback about, for example, a recent purchase. Or, you could also ask the recipient to leave their rating and opinion on an external website, such as the App Store.


Customer satisfaction email templates are a key tool customer success teams have at their disposal to measure the happiness and loyalty of their clients.

Leveraging feedback surveys and customer satisfaction metrics helps you to develop actionable insights that inform decisions about product improvements, customer support strategies, marketing tactics and more.

Adding customer satisfaction email templates to your strategy is a great way to keep your clients happy with your services. In turn, this can lead to greater customer retention rates and long-term customer loyalty.

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