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A good customer feedback tool needs to strike a balance between specialized expertise and flexibility.

And this is a hard golden means to achieve. On the one hand, jacks of all trades are often masters of none. On the other, tools with a narrow feature list may not be the best for dynamically growing online businesses.

To pick customer feedback software that’s right for you, you need to go through the feature list of every candidate and look for your priorities. But this is a time-consuming and daunting task.

We wanted to make the selection a little bit easier for you. So we hand-picked a few customer feedback tools for all business types and highlighted their key features.

The goal is to help you find a customer feedback tool that will let you automate the process of launching, distributing, and analyzing customer surveys as much as possible.

Sounds good? Let’s dive right in.

Customer feedback survey tools


Survicate panel

Survicate is a customer feedback automation tool for online businesses.

With Survicate, it’s super easy to launch multi-channel survey campaigns. And we’re not just saying that—according to G2, we have one of the fastest “singing up to launching a survey” lanes in our category.

Our intuitive survey creator lets you design a fully customized survey from scratch or start with one of 125+ templates, including NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), CES (Customer Effort Score), and more.

You can distribute your surveys via link, email, website, web app, mobile app (as pop-ups and feedback buttons), or inside chatbots.

Advanced audience- and event-based targeting options will let you push your web and mobile surveys to the right people at the right time.

Survicate targeting filters

Integrations with email software (such as Mailchimp or GetResponse) will let you fit your link surveys into your email workflow.

Your customer success team can close feedback loops with the help of real-time notifications sent on email or Slack or by connecting to dedicated tools such as Intercom or Zendesk

Marketing teams can power their personalized campaigns by integrating Survicate with CRMs (e.g., Hubspot or ActiveCampaign). 

Product teams will benefit from sending contextual product feedback directly to data analysis or product management tools (e.g., Mixpanel, Amplitude, Productboard).

Survicate offers a built-in analytics dashboard with response breakdowns, word clouds, and over-time score analysis. Native integrations and exporting options will let you deepen your research.

The unlimited surveys, projects, and seats plus various integrations make the tool perfect for scaling online businesses.

Key features

  • Intuitive, no-code survey creator
  • Multiple distribution channels: email, link, website, in-product surveys, and mobile apps
  • Real-time report dashboard
  • Native integrations with various tools for all teams
  • Partial submissions (even if the respondent doesn’t finish the survey, we still save their answers)


Survicate offers a 10-day free trial that will let you test all of the Business Plan features.

Subscriptions start at $53 a month when billed annually. Each of the three plans accommodates different needs and offers different set of features, team seats, and integrations.

Best for

Scaling online companies looking for a flexible customer feedback automation tool that allows for easy collaboration and won’t break the bank.


Typeform is one of the market leaders among the customer feedback tools known for its stellar survey design options.

The tool lets you create visually attractive, on-brand surveys, forms, polls, and quizzes. You can send them via link, email, or website and analyze them in a simple reporting dashboard.

You can use one of the many integrations for deeper data analysis and more distribution options.

Besides surveys, Typeform’s other products include a chatbot and a video app for asynchronous face-to-face conversations.

Typeform is known for its conversational surveys that showcase one question at a time and can be fully customized on-brand. However, with most survey tools (including Surivcate) offering the same survey design options, Typeform’s limited analytics features might be insufficient for business clients.

Key features 

  • Multiple question types, including popular forms (e.g., email or payment collection)
  • Very advanced design and customization options
  • A wide range of ready-to-go survey templates
  • A large selection of various integrations

Best for

Professionals in need of a highly customizable customer survey tool that also lets you create advanced forms for lead generation, contact, or payment. Consider Typeform alternatives if you are looking for something more affordable.

ProProfs Survey

ProProfs Survey is a simple and quick-to-launch online survey maker.

If you’re only starting out on your customer feedback journey, ProProfs might be the right tool for you. The software lets you create customized surveys out of 100+ survey templates and distribute them as email, link, website pop-ups, embed or feedback buttons, and in-app microsurveys. It also works well for quizzes, polls, and forms. 

ProProf’s report panel displayed simple reports and result analysis. Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t integrate with any data analysis software. 

Key features

  • Multiple survey templates
  • Fully customizable
  • Survey scoring


ProProfs Survey offers an unlimited free plan with very limited options.

Paid plans are priced based on the number of responses. The cheapest subscription you can get is an Essentials plan with 100 responses per month, which costs $60 for a year.

Apart from the number of responses, the plans vary in terms of users and some features.

Best for

Customer feedback beginners who want to test the waters without straining the budget or professionals running one-off, simple surveys.


SmartSurvey is a survey platform for everyone that needs to capture feedback at scale.

SmartSurvey lets you create surveys out of multiple question types and survey templates (be careful: SmartSurvey doesn’t offer the NPS question for its free and cheapest subscriptions). 

On higher plans, you can also embed images and videos and fully customize your theme.

You can distribute your surveys via email and links or website, as well as mobile, SMS, and offline for higher plans. A real-time reporting dashboard lets you monitor your answers and analyze data with filtering options, text analysis, and cross-tabulation.

The enterprise plan offers some additional features, such as multilingual surveys, collaboration tools, and survey automation (although it mostly relies on integrations).

SmartSurvey also has other specialized products, including consumer panel services or a 360 Feedback platform for employee surveys.

SmartSurvey isn’t strictly customer-feedback-oriented. As such, its self-service subscriptions might be too limited for some businesses when it comes to the number of integrations or customer feedback automation options. 

Key features

  • 20+ question types, including a searchable dropdown
  • Stellar data safety
  • Native email tool for the business plan and up 
  • Option to get a consumer panel


SmartSurvey offers a freemium plan with limited options. Paid subscriptions start at £30 a month when billed annually. However, all the self-service plans have very limited features compared to the enterprise plan.

For the enterprise plan pricing, you need to contact the sales team.

Best for

Businesses in need of a cost-effective tool for simple customer feedback collection with perspectives and budget to scale up.


Survio is a quick and easy online survey tool.

Survio lets you create customized, on-brand surveys from +100 survey templates or from scratch. You can distribute them via email, link, website embeds, or QR codes. 

The real-time analytics dashboard shows presentation-ready reports and provides multiple export options. Notably, you can change the visualization of the reports by choosing between different graphs and charts. You can also filter your responses, create custom dashboards, and export your reports for deeper data analysis in other tools.

Unfortunately, the tool supports few native integrations.

Key features

  • Customizable survey design and structure
  • Flexible analytics panel
  • GET parameter feature that lets you push data from your survey link to your results
  • Google Analytics script that you can add inside the creator


You can use Survio for free.

Paid plans grant you access to unlimited questions, 100 templates, mobile surveys, real-time reports, and other useful options. They start at $16.58 a month for an individual mini plan, billed yearly. If you need more seats, you have to purchase one of the team plans.

Best for

Professionals looking for a simple survey tool with advanced reporting options in a lower price range


SurveyPlanet is a simple survey tool with an exceptionally powerful freemium.

SurveyPlanet lets you create surveys out of multiple templates and themes, with limited customization options. You can share your surveys via a link or embedded on a website. All customers have access to a reporting dashboard, with filtering and additional chart options available to users on paid plans.

SurveyPlanet offers a generous free plan with unlimited responses, surveys, and survey questions.

However, features such as exporting, customization, non-branded surveys, and, most importantly, branching are only available to paying customers. Since we believe branching to be an indisposable feature of any survey tool, we highly suggest you don’t rely on SurveyPlanet’s free plan for your long-term customer feedback campaigns.


SurveyPlanet offers a free plan with an unlimited number of surveys and responses.

A lot of the tool’s more powerful features are only available for the paid plans, which start at $20 a month or $180 a year.

Best for

Users looking to get the biggest number of responses for the lowest price and are fine with limited survey creation and distribution options.

Customer experience platforms


Qualtrics is a comprehensive customer experience management platform that lets you capture customer feedback at every stage of the product lifecycle.

With their wide array of experience management tools, Qualtircs can satisfy almost every business need. Their customer feedback software lets you send your surveys and questionnaires across multiple channels. You can analyze your survey results with an intelligent, role-specific analytics dashboard.

It’s worth noting that Qualtrics offers a selection of ready-made feedback campaigns that lets you automate the whole workflow. The downside is the lack of flexibility in designing your surveys.

Qualtrics is an enterprise-level customer feedback tool. It takes some time to set up, and the learning curve is quite steep. In turn, you’re getting a customer experience solution that can run on autopilot.

Key features

  • Powerful analytics engine (Qualtrics iQ)
  • Variety of distribution channels: email and link, website, SMS, native apps, social media, QR codes, and more.
  • Automated ticketing and resolution tracking to close feedback loops
  • Other comprehensive experience management solutions: DesignXM, ProductXM, EmployeeXM, Brand XM


Aimed at enterprises, Qualtrics is not the most cost-effective solution. To get the prices, you need a demo from the sales team.

Best for

Enterprise clients looking for a comprehensive customer experience platform that will let them automate survey campaigns.


Source: Alchemer

Alchemer is an enterprise customer experience platform, self-advertised as a cheaper and easier-to-implement alternative to Qualtrics.

Alchemer is a survey software and feedback management platform for customer experience professionals and market researchers. 

The tool lets you create surveys out of multiple question types and advanced branching options and distribute them via channels such as email, website, web app, SMS, or offline kiosks. You can analyze your data with their analytics dashboard that lets you integrate with other tools to break information silos.

On higher plans, Alchemy also helps you set up workflows to distribute customer feedback across the whole company, close feedback loops, and identify, access, and manage audiences (including panel building).

Alchemer is a flexible solution: you can sign up for self-serve survey software or choose a plan that will allow for a full customer experience automation—with everything in between.

Key features

  • Multiple survey distribution and communication channels, including offline surveys or videos
  • A wide range of question types
  • Advanced reporting options
  • Apart from survey software, Alchemer offers an Enterprise Feedback Platform and Voice of the Customer, and CX Automation solutions
  • Professional services on request


Prices for the survey software start at $49 a month per user. 

All plans offer an unlimited number of surveys and survey questions and vary in terms of annual responses and some features.

For other Alchemer solutions, you need to get a demo from their sales team.

Best for

Enterprise-level CX professionals and market researchers looking for a self-serve survey solution, with plans to upgrade to a comprehensive customer service platform.


QuestionPro is a comprehensive customer research platform ready to serve companies ranging from SMBs to enterprises.

Their flagship survey software lets you design customized surveys out of 30+ question types. You can distribute your surveys via multiple channels, including email, website, or mobile app. The tool also offers an advanced analytics dashboard where you can access both quick real-time reports and comprehensive data analysis.

QuestionPro also offers other products for customer experience, employee engagement, and market research campaigns.

QuestionPro self-advertises as “built for enterprise.” As such, it offers a wide variety of customer experience management solutions. However, it also has limited customization and a lack of flexibility for non-enterprise clients (e.g., only one user per account, very limited integrations.)

Key features

  • Multiple question types
  • Advanced survey logic
  • Comprehensive, flexible analytics dashboard
  • Other enterprise-level products that let you set up customer and employee experience programs
  • 24/7 global support


QuestionPro’s survey software has a freemium plan with very limited options. Their paid plans start with $129 a month, billed annually.

You need to request a demo for the rest of QuestionPro’s products. QuestionPro claims to be a more cost-effective alternative to Qualtrics.

Best for

Enterprise-level companies looking for scalable survey software, not ready for a big commitment yet (QuestionPro can be tried out with a 10-day free trial and freemium survey software).


SoGoSurvey is an experience management and survey platform for enterprise businesses.

The tool’s survey platform offers everything that’s expected from online customer feedback software.

You can design your surveys in a code-free creator out of pre-made templates or from scratch. Then, you can send your surveys via multiple channels, such as website, email, mobile app, or even offline. The live analytics dashboard lets you access multiple report types. SoGoSurvey also offers multiple integrations for easier distribution and data management.

SoGoSurvey other products include customer experience and employee experience solutions and a panelist assessment tool.

Notably, SoGoSurvey provides professional services, such as managed survey projects or survey design and panel services.

Key features

  • Easy survey creator
  • Advanced reporting options
  • Other experience management products to automate customer feedback programs
  • Stellar data security
  • Professional survey services


SoGoSurvey offers individual and business survey plans.

The individual plan has a freemium version with limited options. Paid subscriptions start at $25 a month when billed annually. As the name suggests, these plans can only accommodate one user.

The business plan pricings for the survey software and other solutions are available on request.

Best for

Professionals looking for an enterprise-level customer feedback solution that they can try out cost-free, with an option to purchase professional services to set up an experience management program.

In-product customer feedback tools


Informizely is a comprehensive customer feedback tool focused on targeted website surveys.

Informizely lets you easily create customized surveys—you can change the design to fit your brand and even choose the number of questions displayed at once. 

The tool works best for website pop-ups, in-line surveys, and feedback buttons. Thanks to advanced targeting options, you can display them to the right people at the right time. Informizely also supports link and email surveys (with embedding available).

The tool includes a reporting dashboard with filtering, different charts, and exporting options. You can drill down on the data with the help of analytics tool integrations.

Key features

  • Inline surveys that display automatically when scrolled into view
  • Flexible survey creator
  • Public links for survey reports distribution
  • Advanced targeting options


The prices start at $55 a month. However, the cheapest plan has very limited features (e.g., no targeting or custom CSS). The standard plan costs $129 a month when billed annually. You can try the tool out with a 14-day free trial.

Best for

Professionals that want to send highly customizable website surveys and forms.


PulseInsights is a specialized platform for in-context customer feedback.

The tool claims to treat their surveys as content. You can display your fully on-brand surveys on your website or inside your product as a docked widget, feedback button, and top or bottom bars. For maximum precision, you can segment and target the customers and send surveys across all your key channels at once. 

While in-app surveys are the tool’s specialty, you can also distribute them via link and email.

PulseInsights offers progressive profiling options that let you collect customer preferences and create a “golden CRM record.” Then, you can use the information you gathered to send personalized offers automatically, trigger cross-sell or up-sell opportunities, set up marketing campaigns, and more. 


To get PulseInsights, you need to request a demo from the sales team.

Best for

People looking to capture contextual customer feedback inside the product only and have some budget to spend.

Special mention: Survicate

pop-up survey survicate
An example of a pop-up Survicate survey

Survicate lets you run in-product surveys as well. 

You can build customized surveys and display them on your website or web app in the form of a pop-up or a Feedback Button. Advanced targeting and triggering options will keep your surveys highly contextual. 

Pick the right time and place for your survey, and choose the right audience based on respondent attributes. You can also choose the start and finish time for your survey or set up recurring displays.

To run website surveys with Survicate, you need to add a pre-generated line of code to your website HTML once and enjoy easy-to-launch surveys forever.

Mobile app customer feedback


Apptentive is a specialized customer feedback tool for mobile apps.

The app lets you collect customer feedback through easy-to-launch surveys in the form of a pop-up or button. Precise targeting based on events or customer attributes and easy retargeting based on previous survey answers lets you send your surveys exactly to the audience segment you need.

Apart from surveys, you can also collect feedback through quick microsurveys called Apptentive Rating Flows. The users answer a simple “Yes/No” survey concerning their satisfaction with the app and its features. Then, you can send the satisfied users straight to the app store to leave you a review, or let the dissatisfied users fill in a more detailed questionnaire or get in touch with customer support.

Apptentive also offers a simple built-in messenger to encourage two-way communication and quickly close the feedback loop, as well as actionable pop-up notifications that let you make announcements, offer discounts, and more.

Apptentive’s analytics panel lets you get a visual summary of your survey results and track shifts in customer sentiment over time.

The tool specializes in mobile surveys, but you can also distribute them via a website, or offline as a kiosk or POS.

Key features

  • Actionable notification system
  • Message center
  • Sentiment analysis
  • In-app retargeting based on previous responses


Apptentive offers a free 30-day trial. Other than that, they don’t share their pricing—you need to request a demo.

Best for

Mobile app teams that need a specialized tool enabling different forms of in-app communication.


Qualaroo is a customer and user feedback software focused on in-app feedback.

With Qualaroo, you can send customized microsurveys created from scratch out of 10 question types or based on ready-to-go templates. Distribution channels include web and mobile apps, websites, or most public URLs. Notably, you can also launch your surveys on prototypes inside Figma, InVision, Marvel, AdobeXD, and Axure.

Qualaroo analytics is powered by AI and allows for sentiment analysis, feedback mining, automated response categorization, and more, on top of traditional reporting. The tool also offers email notifications.

Available integrations include analytics, collaboration, marketing, and product management tools, although the selection is not particularly wide.

Key features

  • Customizable in-app microsurveys for iOS and Android
  • Surveys for prototypes
  • AI-based analysis
  • Great as beta tests/research funnels (you can use surveys to recruit research groups, then move them to test your prototype)


Prices for Qualaroo start at $80 for the essential plan and $160 for the premium plan per month, billed annually. These plans include 100k page views.

AI analysis and mobile app surveys require extra pay.

Best for

Product teams who want to capture in-app customer feedback as well as test prototypes.

Special mention: Survicate

Suvicate offers an easy-to-install, flexible mobile SDK

You can create on-brand surveys directly in the Survicate panel, with no app updates required.

And you can enjoy the same array of triggering, targeting, and customization options as with other Survicate surveys.

Tip: use the thank-you screen buttons to direct satisfied users to app store reviews and improve your ratings.

How to choose a customer feedback tool that’s right for you?

Picking a customer feedback tool perfect for your use case is challenging. Hopefully, the list above made the task a bit easier.

But if you’re still undecided, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

#1 There’s no one perfect solution for every business

Just because a tool is a “market leader,” or all of your competitors use it, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.

Spend some time thinking about your current priorities. Is it a particular survey channel? Collaboration options? Survey launch speed? Use case flexibility?

Choose your top three and keep them in mind when browsing the feature list of every tool. Pick a tool that ticks all (or most) of your boxes and is the most budget-friendly.

#2 Go as specialized as possible—within reason

Just as stated above, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to customer feedback software.

If you know from the start you only want your customer feedback tool to collect feedback because you have a trusted and well-working toolkit for data analysis and contact with your audiences, don’t go for an all-encompassing customer experience platform.

Or, if you only want to collect feedback inside your mobile app, go for a tool that focuses on that channel.

However, always keep in mind that business needs change, and you might find yourself in need of expanding. It’s good if your tool of choice leaves at least some room for flexibility and experimenting.

For example, at Survicate, we specialize in feedback collection automation, so surveys are always our main focus. But we offer a wide range of distribution channels to let our customers discover the perfect place to communicate with their audiences.

#3 Don’t go for an enterprise-oriented tool if you’re a small or medium business—and vice versa.

As a small business, you’ll never be a priority for an enterprise-level tool, and you will most likely not use all of the available features to justify the cost. Similarly, a startup-focused tool might not be able to accommodate an enterprise’s needs regarding automation and the amount of data.

Sometimes, finding the perfect customer feedback or customer satisfaction tool is a matter of trial and error. This is why we encourage you to play with free trials of the tools that sound the most promising. Launch a test survey and see if you have a fit!

Survicate’s unlimited free trial lets you test most of our tool’s features, including:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use survey creator
  • All question types, skip logic, and branching
  • All available distribution channels (email, link, website, web, and mobile app)
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Most integrations

Take Survicate for a spin right now and start automating customer feedback collection.