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Client satisfaction is the key to business growth

If you’re closing those initial sales, you may wonder why it’s important to keep up with customer support on an ongoing basis.

In fact, it requires far less effort on your part to not follow-up with your customers. Yet, when it comes to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, it’s crucial to monitor it on an ongoing basis to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to improve and to make your company recommendable to their friends and colleagues.

A satisfaction survey template is a simple way to test how you can update your practices. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a satisfaction survey?

A satisfaction survey allows you to test a number of elements about your customer support quality. Whether it’s general satisfaction with the company, willingness to recommend the company to a friend or colleague or any other comments that a client may have, it extends your ear to them.

It lets them know that you’re interested in knowing what exactly can be done to improve their levels of satisfaction.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

How will a satisfaction survey template help you?

You may know that client satisfaction is important, but you may not know exactly what you can do to change it. A survey is a great place to start! Whether you text it out to your customers or send it to their emails, what matters is that you’re doing everything you can to understand where they’re coming from.

This satisfaction survey template is fully customizable, hence, it’ll do great for collecting insights from customers for your company. You can use closed-ended questions like the ones below:

You can also choose to run open-ended questions. Read on to learn more…

Evaluate your questions and add follow-ups

Shortly after your survey debuts, be sure to evaluate the way that it’s running. It’s okay if you didn’t write all your questions perfectly in the first round.

That’s normal!

What’s most important is that you continue to assess and update them as necessary. One of the best actions that you can also take is adding follow-up questions where you see a need for them.

For example, if you see that everyone who takes your survey is selecting a particular answer about a product or service in one of your survey questions and you need to know more to make a change, this is the perfect opportunity for a follow-up question that asks them to specify.

Don’t hesitate to ask for critical feedback if you know that it’ll make your company better!

How you can use this information

We live in the day and age of information overload. As you begin to collect information about your customers and their preferences, be careful not to get overwhelmed. An analytics dashboard will show you the results of your customer satisfaction survey over time and you can use this information to streamline how you will utilize the insights most effectively.

Once you figure out the information you want to use, you can arm your customer support, product, and marketing teams with the knowledge they need to work towards becoming a more customer-conscious company that values their customers’ experiences.

Get the feedback you need

One final tip that’s essential in this process is actually having clients fill out your survey. If you’re struggling with this final piece of the puzzle, remember that everyone inherently acts in their own self-interest.

Numerous companies out there will take too much ownership over the customer satisfaction surveys that they send out.

They’ll send an email with the subject Last Chance! Fill Out Survey for [Company Name] without considering that customers often don’t care unless they see the benefit for them.

Whenever you introduce a survey to a consumer, be sure to highlight that what they’re doing first and foremost is improving their own experience. This is the best way to get people hooked!



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