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Customer Testimonials Survey Template

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Leveraging surveys for getting more customer testimonials

What makes you trust a company’s website? For most people, it’s not entirely about the overall design or feel of the site. It’s about knowing that the service is used and trusted by likeminded individuals. Yup, there’s nothing like a genuine testimonial from a happy customer to back up your website claim!

Just think of it – a good or bad review can make or break a business.

This NPS survey lets you kill two birds with one stone – you can measure your NPS score AND automatically ask your most avid promoters if they’d be willing to give you a testimonial for your website.

Firstly, the survey asks a simple question on a 0-10 scale. Anyone who answers between 0 and 6 (aka detractors) is considered a source of bad PR. Respondents, who provide a 7 or 8 score aren’t particularly emotionally invested in your brand. However, respondents who provide a score of 9 or 10 (promoters) would likely recommend your brand in a heartbeat. And these are the people you’re best off reaching out to!

Why not take advantage of the positive NPS responses and ask your promoters to share their love out in the open?

How can I use this Customer Testimonials survey template?

We recommend that you distribute this survey to your customers via email, as well as to those who are logged in on your website. You can also use it with your other tools, including HubSpot, Intercom, Drift, or Mailchimp.

Another perk? NPS surveys note high response rates, and they’re quick and easy to complete. Also, as the NPS feedback you collect is numerical, it can be analyzed within seconds.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Logojoy

Calculate your NPS & boost your website’s credibility

What about the users who aren’t all that happy about your offering? This survey template will let you reach out and ask them to provide details. This way, you’ll know how you can do better in the future or make amends with customers with low loyalty scores.

Improve your website messaging with each new testimonial

Once you’ve collected your responses, you can easily analyze your NPS score in our built-in analytics tool. You can also review who, among the promoters who provided you with a high score and agreed to be featured on your website, would be the fest fit.

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