Real Time Customer Feedback: Everything You Need to Know

In the era of fast connectivity and one-click services, consumers have high expectations and low patience. Today, you cannot simply compete based on the price and quality of your product or service. If you truly want to compete with rivals, you ought to offer a great customer experience based on real time customer feedback.

Real time customer feedback

Customer experience means the customer’s perception of your brand. It is a collective outcome of what they think about your brand, how they interact with it, their awareness and impression of it.

So, even if your product works just fine, all the materials used to build it are of great quality, if your customer support is poor and the team doesn’t really care about people or the business, your overall customer experience will fall and in turn affect your sales. In general, customer experience can be the difference between breaking and making a sale.

Today, with various online channels, customers have easy access to the alternatives of your business. Moreover, with social media, they have the ability to voice their opinions, both good and bad. This is where getting real-time customer feedback can help you in knowing what the customers are actually thinking about your brand.

With a ton of things on their mind, customers might forget the experience they had with your product after a period. Sending a customer experience survey weeks after the customer can affect their perception of your brand. The feedback that is collected in real-time right after the customer interacts with your product is more accurate than the one collected a few hours or days later.

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Getting real-time feedback is not only conducive to the positive experience of your customers but also for your organization’s productivity.

What is Real Time Customer Feedback?

Real time customer feedback is a technique enabling businesses to ask questions or survey customers immediately after an interaction with a customer. The conversion rate among Internet users visiting online stores/websites who received immediate support during their visit or after it is higher about 28.4%.

Just like in a traditional store, where the seller can count on the help of the seller, real-time e-customer service after customer feedback makes online shopping friendly and increases conversion. To achieve this effortlessly, you need real-time customer software.

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Timing in Real-Time Customer Feedback is Critical

You must be receiving several pieces of feedback on your email on a daily basis. Most of the time, you choose not to respond to such emails because you have actually forgotten the interaction that you had with the brand or you are just too busy. If you want to receive genuine feedback, you ought to engage with your customers while they are interacting with your brand. You need to track their behavior and watch out for events to ask questions.

If a user has been visiting the pricing page a number of times but not signing up, you can throw a question asking what’s bothering them.

Instead of asking them why they are leaving after they disengage, you can ask them why they chose you over others right after signing up. You can also ask them about what options they considered before choosing your brand.

Everyone, including your customers, doesn’t have a lot of time at their disposal. You must respect their time and keep your questions short. Also, you must not waste time asking questions you already know the answer to.

Moreover, once you get feedback, you should act on it right away. You must try to break the feedback loop for all complaints you receive as soon as possible. When you go the extra mile for your customer’s satisfaction, they will definitely spread the word and others will know it without you having to advertise.

Why Real-Time Customer Feedback is the Future of Engagement?

It gives you a chance to improve

When customers get a solution to their issues immediately, they are more likely to forgive you. Research also suggests that 95% of the customers are more likely to purchase from you again if you apologize and resolve the issue quickly.

To provide awesome customer service, you first have to understand the problems your customers are facing and customer surveys can assist you in doing that. To identify the problem immediately, you need to provide real-time customer service. Once that is done, you need to set up customer service agents to close the feedback loop as early as possible. This will help in gaining their trust back in your business.

In the age of social media, negative feedbacks can go viral in no time and stain the reputation of your company. To prevent this, you can take real-time feedback and make provisions to solve the issues of your customers immediately.

Builds customer loyalty and trust

A lot of people refrain from answering customer surveys because they think they are a waste of time. This perception has developed because they rarely see any changes happening based on their responses to the surveys.

If you take efforts to resolve their issues and close the feedback loop immediately, even you can expect them to respond to surveys in the future. No doubt, this will improve customer loyalty. However, an added benefit is that you will get detailed responses in the future since they know that you will definitely act on them.
Immediate responses make customers realize that they are important and their opinion matters. Once they understand that any form of communication with your brand will be reciprocated, they will not disincline from expressing their grievances. They will engage with your brand more on social media which can be highly rewarding as well.

Once customers start giving real-time responses, all you need to do is ask follow-up questions to get to know their issues better and simultaneously equip employees with the appropriate tools required to solve them.

Sets up opportunities and learning

Real-time feedback gives you opportunities to learn and most importantly, improve. If you manage to please customers with your promptness, it can help you a lot in the long run.

Getting constant feedback will help you build a better product and become the best in the business.

Collecting real-time feedback can assist you in finding the best performers in your company. Instead of setting up separate Key Performance Indicators for your employees, you can just assess how well they are handling customers who are giving real-time feedback. Simple things like how they are responding, the pace at which they are solving the issues, etc can act as great Key Performance Indicators.

Real-time feedback is more human

Where there are hundreds of issues that a company executive has to resolve, he/she fails to see the fact they have been raised on the other end by actual people. There is no emotional connection whatsoever. Thus, there are chances that they will not take their job seriously.

The best thing about real-time feedback is that they don’t come in large quantities. Since the employees have to give individual attention to the respondents, the bond between them strengthens.

When customers are seen as real people and not just numbers that get added to the company’s bottom line, there is more seriousness and empathy involved. Real-time feedbacks help customer service executives to respond with more consideration and sensibility.

Improves success rate

Real-time feedback helps you understand the shortcomings that are making the customers unsatisfied with your product. You also get to know the things that your company is doing good. Thus you get an opportunity to know your weaknesses and work on them. On the counterpart, you also get to know about features that people are liking. You can then put extra effort into making them your USPs.


With powerful real-time data, you can create an environment that makes every customer’s experience positive and productive. If you can satisfy your users, they will spread the word among their friends and family. Also, they will stick around with you for years to come.

Instead of guessing what your customers might be thinking or making assumptions about them, you should just ask them. Real-time feedback is the best way to engage with your customers in the best possible way.

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