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What is a product survey?

Product survey is a tool that a company can use to learn what their users think or how they are interacting with their products. Running a survey before launching a product or after the customer bought it means that you can get crucial insights about your product. This product survey template will let you understand:

All this feedback, if used to enhance your product offerings, will over time boost brand loyalty. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It will also ultimately make a difference in sales, retention rate, and seeing return customers recommend you to others.

Why you need a product survey?

Think about the products that are truly irreplaceable in your life. When you decided to purchase them, did you know exactly what you were coming for? Or did it come as a great surprise and knock you off your feet unexpectedly?

How about the products that failed to deliver any value? Do you remember the disappointment you felt when you thought it was something that would work perfectly, but turned out to be mediocre at best? 

The truth is, not every product we buy throughout our lives will be something we’ll want to high-five ourselves for choosing. However, it doesn’t mean that the companies that sold their products to us intentionally provided a faulty item. Just think of how many of such products could be improved if you were to give feedback.

While customers might not think strongly about personally reaching out to you and sharing their disappointment with your product or services, they will likely tell you if you ask. This means that if you put enough effort into it and ask your clients – either on the website, via email, or even social media – you will collect a lot of insights on how your product could be improved.

Furthermore, understanding your customers’ needs and listening to their concerns with the product offers you the chance to make things right. In fact, many companies take this opportunity to prove to customers that though their product failed to deliver the promise, they will go to great lengths to make it up to them. This, in turn, directly impacts their levels of satisfaction, as well as contributes to the way your brand perceived.

Hence, as a company, it’s your job to regularly check-in and makes sure your product is meeting your customer’s needs. 

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Ask follow-up questions to learn the “ifs” and “whys”

The best part? You don’t have to resort solely to the questions listed in this product survey template. You can, at any time, modify it, add your own, or add follow-up questions to any of the inquiries already listed. Think – learning more about why your client thinks your product loses to competing solutions, which his/her overall satisfaction levels are low, and what exactly you can do to outpace competitors in terms of the product value.

Analyze your product survey results and build better products

After you’ve collected answers from clients, you’ll be able to easily review their answers. You’ll see the overall satisfaction score among respondents, as well as read into the details. As they say, the devil is in the detail – if you listen to your customers closely enough, you’ll pave your way towards creating products people love and share.

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