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Why You Need Post Purchase Survey?

While converting leads into customers is a critical part of running a business, it’s just one of the factors that contribute to your company’s long-term success.

In fact, as many as 80% of revenue tends to come from your High-Value Customers – repeat buyers who, on average, constitute 20% of the entire client base.

This so-called 80/20 rule means one thing – you must make sure that your customers’ experiences post-purchase are flawless and that they’ll come back to buy from you in a heartbeat. Not to mention their readiness to recommend your business to others!

But how do you make sure that the shopping experience isn’t disappointing once clients finalize their payment? If you’re a retailer, how do you know whether your product or service reaches its destination quickly and in perfect condition, once the shipment is expedited from your store?

Also, if any issues arise, how can you be sure that your customer support team handled it in a perfect manner?

All these areas and others can be addressed by running a post-purchase survey!

Let’s take a look.

Use This Post-Purchase Survey Template to Ace the Shopping Experience Game

Among others, this survey template will let you quickly find out:

All these will help you understand what areas you’re winning at, and where there’s room for improvement. Also, finding out about any problems early only lowers the risk of unhappy customers leaving you a poor review online.

Another perk? Survicate post-purchase surveys tend to note a high-response rate. For instance, a cosmetics company Colorescience noted a 31% response rate to their post-purchase survey. This means a world of insights to help improve your customer experience!

About Post Purchase Survey Questions

While this ready-to-use survey template lets you ask closed-ended questions (so, such that give your respondents a limited list of answers to choose from), you can also learn more about their motives by adding follow-up questions.

If, for instance, a customer states he/she’s not exactly eager to recommend you to others, you can add a follow-up question and ask them about the reason for their answer.

All this will let you in on the “why” behind specific answers and arm you in highly-actionable feedback.

How to Run Post Purchase Survey?

We recommend that you run post-purchase surveys on an ongoing basis – especially among clients who are new to your business. This way, you’ll be able to make sure you’re offering a perfect shopping experience or quickly make amends if it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

By using this survey template, you’ll be able to use Survicate’s built-in analytics tool to quickly track and analyze your results. As a result, you’ll arm your team in digestible, actionable insights and pave your way towards a sound shopping process.

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