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Coronavirus Survey Template

Assess business risk related to coronavirus. Click on the left to test our interactive survey


Discover if your customers are
affected by the coronavirus crisis

Learn about their pain points, predict
if they’re likely to churn or cancel

Offer custom solutions to keep
your customers onboard

How is coronavirus impacting businesses?

Coronavirus is the worst public health crisis for a generation. It has a growing impact on the global economy, disrupting business and consumer behavior on a massive scale. As doctors around the world try to combat the disease, companies across industries are trying to cope with the financial implications of the pandemic. Those challenges include decrease in revenue, lost bookings, events cancellation, layoffs, and more.

Find out if your customers are affected by the coronavirus with survey

The CoronaCrisis survey hopes to establish if the pandemic has impacted the businesses of your customers. They’ll be able to provide first-hand insights into the economic effects of coronavirus. If your customers are already faced with the business impacts of the outbreak, they might want to stop using your services. Our survey will help you retain them.

In the age of uncertainty, the likelihood of losing customers is higher than ever. That’s why businesses, including yours, should shift their focus to retention.

Minimize the impact and keep your customers on board thanks to feedback

Are you likely to lose customers over the coronavirus crisis? Yes, you might lose some of them, in the same way, your customers might lose theirs. But you can also proactively reach out to your clients in an effort to minimize the negative effects. With our survey, you’ll be able to:

• Identify industries (air, travel, events) that are the most affected;
• Discover what are the biggest pain points of your customers;
• Identify policies you can apply to a larger group of your customers to avoid churn;
• Have your customer-facing teams offer custom solutions to your customers to avoid churn;
• Address the concerns and doubts of your customers to keep them on board.

Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies. The time to act is now.

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