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Why you need advertising survey?

Regardless of whether you have an in-house team of creatives or outsource adverting production to an agency, once your ad is out in the world, you must keep track of recipients’ reactions and opinions.

It’s a way too timely and expensive process, and you simply can’t risk that your ad won’t have the maximum impact possible on your target audience.

Now, good advertising converts. But it’s great advertising that not only raises sales numbers but also gives people a reason to want to align themselves with your brand – they identify with it and want to champion it as a brand for them.

Take Christmas ads, for example!

Each year hundreds of brands try to create a Christmas ad that gets people talking and hits all the right chords.

Whether it’s the classic Coca Cola advert or a story told by an energy company about warming homes and hearts, the aim is not to directly sell their product (however mundane it may be). It’s to win heaps of goodwill and positive feelings for when the customer is next presented with the brand.

There is no better way to understand the effectiveness of your advertising efforts (and whether it’s time to pivot in another direction) than using this advertising survey template.

Advertising survey questions – maximize your ROI

How can you find out if your ads are a good return on investment?

This advertising survey template allows you to speak to your target audience directly to find out if your ads are appealing and what emotions they trigger in its recipients. With an advertising survey like this, you can reach your audience wherever they are – be that via email, social media, or already on your website.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

With our ready-to-use advertising survey questions, you can share your advertisement (a link to a video, landing page, or image) with your target audience and ask them how memorable the ad was, what message they believed it was trying to convey, and what action they felt they wanted to take after.

If you’re sending the wrong message, a survey like this will allow you to find out and take action fast.

Ask follow-up questions for greater insight

With our advertising survey template, you can choose to add follow-up questions which will allow you to gain greater insight into the ads’ recipient’s sentiments.

Did they feel the ad was misleading? Was it trying too hard? Did it talk down to them? Did they feel proud to be a customer or embarrassed?

If it didn’t evoke the right emotions in them – why not? Did they like the ad or – in the worst-case scenario – did they find it offensive?

Discover the background behind why they feel the way they do by asking these important follow-up questions so you can implement the right changes (no more guessing!).

Visualize your advertising survey data for instant at-a-glance results

Our survey analysis panel allows you to derive the results of your advertising survey questions within seconds. The panel visualizes your results so you can share them with stakeholders, your marketing and creative teams, reference the results in future campaigns, and discover what you can do to be better (or simply confirm that they’re already awesome!).

The ability to share the results of your advertising survey questions quickly and effectively is essential to moving quickly and getting the most out of your advertising budget. There’s no sense running ads that aren’t working – and you won’t know without speaking to your target audience.

Implementing these quick and easy surveys will allow you to create unbeatable ads that convert at progressively higher rates – you have nothing to lose!

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