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Table of contents

Excellent customer experience (CX) is one that encourages and values feedback. We know crafting the perfect and unforgettable CX journey isn’t always easy. So we’re here to help.

In this month’s product update, we’re introducing Survicate’s redesigned website and in-product surveys. They don’t just look great; they are much quicker to customize and easier to answer.

We’ll also look at how our customer, Vestd, uses the Survicate + FullStory integration to create great user experience (UX).

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Redesigned and improved website and in-product surveys

We gave Survicate’s website and in-product surveys a total makeover. With a few significant design improvements and a new modern look, your surveys will bring in even more valuable customer feedback.

What’s new

  • Redesigned look: All question types have a new, sleek, and elegant look with improved contrast, larger elements, and better readability
  • White-label surveys: You can now easily add your logo to the survey
  • Flexible survey size: Web surveys now automatically adjust their size to fit the content, improving the display
  • Improved validation of respondents' answers: We check your respondents' answers and display an error message if a field is filled incorrectly. For example, "Please enter a valid email address"

Why is it important?

Redesigned surveys make the surveying experience better for your respondents. Here’s how you can benefit from the recent changes:

  • Improved response rate: Better readability, larger elements, and improved contrast make your surveys easier to answer. Your respondents are more likely to submit their feedback, increasing the response rate
  • Quicker customization: With white-label surveys, you can customize your designs even more efficiently. This will help you quickly create surveys that match the look of your brand

How it works

All your newly created surveys have the “New light theme” set by default. Create a new survey, add your logo and let the new design charm your respondents.

You can change the look of your old surveys too. Simply edit them and choose the "New light theme" in the Design section of the Create tab.

Make sure you also try the new Personalization option. Enable it while editing your theme in the Design section. It allows you to upload an avatar and add a short greeting message in the widget's header.

All customers on all plans can enjoy the new survey design. Visit our Help Center to get more tips about survey customization.

What’s next

We’re now redesigning our mobile surveys to give all Survicate surveys a fresh and modern look. Stay tuned for more information about future product updates!

Customer Success Story: Creating Consistent User Experience with Survicate and FullStory

Collecting customer feedback is the first step to building a great user experience. Integrating Survicate into your tool stack is the perfect next move. 

One of the many tools Survicate integrates with is FullStory. It’s a Digital Experience Intelligence platform that helps businesses gather actionable user experience insights.

FullStory: perfecting the digital experience with session replays and analytics

Since the launch of our integration, FullStory has expanded its offerings. Shifting to more advanced experience analytics, the company introduced Conversions and Journeys. FullStory has also demonstrated its commitment to security with new private-by-default functionality. Now available on mobile, FullStory provides its customers with digital experience intelligence.

Session replays, FullStory's signature feature, remain of the tool's most popular functionalities. Curious to see how FullStory's evolution affected our integration, we asked Vestd how they use the two tools together.

FullStory + Survicate integration at work: Vestd success story

Vestd is a UK-based share scheme and equity management platform. It helps businesses reward their employees with various types of shares. The company's rapid growth in recent years has brought new challenges. 

Initially, Vestd's product team developed the software without extensive user research. As the fintech’s team grew, it encountered some inconsistencies in the app. Vestd's UX team knew these disparities could negatively impact the customer experience. So they began using Survicate to gather user feedback. Through recurring customer happiness surveys, Vestd receives a continuous flow of feedback. Customers' insights help the company improve the most problematic features.

"Survicate is a great way to get continuous customer feedback on your product or service by targeting users with a survey at various points in their journey. And it's a really easy and accessible tool to use."
- Tom Alcock, UX researcher at Vestd

Vestd approaches creating engaging user experiences holistically. This is why they integrated Survicate with another tool they use - FullStory. The integration allows them to combine the qualitative customer feedback from Survicate with insights from FullStory session recordings and analytics. As a result, Vestd can link users' opinions to their behavior in the app. 

"FullStory integration is one of my favorite things about Survicate. Because whenever I launch a regular monthly customer happiness survey (...) and whenever somebody comes in with an unhappy session, I go in and I watch it in FullStory. Then I can also link it to their sessions over the past 90 days. So I can actually see why they're unhappy. I share my findings with the Customer Support team so we can actually help that customer out. It's incredibly valuable, that connection." 
- Tom Alcock, UX researcher at Vestd

Vestd's product team now understands what users who've left negative feedback are unhappy about. They can make more informed decisions about the next product updates and bug fixes. The customer insights gathered with Survicate, along with FullStory's session records, have already helped the company make some important improvements. For example, they added more user guides and a carousel.

Read Vestd's full story on our blog to learn more about the benefits of the integration.

What’s next

New features and integrations are coming soon. Here’s what you can expect in Survicate next:

  • Condition-based Slack and email notifications - set custom triggers for Survicate Slack and email notifications and receive alerts only about the feedback that’s most important to you
  • New, improved and even more reliable Salesforce + Survicate integration 

Any thoughts?

Thank you for catching up with the product update again. As always, we want to know your thoughts, so feel free to share your feedback and ideas. You'll see a survey (in all its redesigned glory) pop up at the bottom right of the page - you know what to do!

And when you're ready, log into your account to check out our new survey designs.