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Build it, and they will come - you’ve surely heard this phrase before. The reality is, creating a successful product is a lot more difficult. Just create a product, and the people who need it will flock to you and throw cash while you become the next Steve Jobs.

You often have no idea what to do next to obtain new customers and retain your existing ones, while the answer is right there in front of you - simply ask for user feedback. Easier said than done, you might think, but it’s super easy.

All you have to do is employ these website feedback tools, and you’re halfway to creating a great product your customers love. Here are our top picks for the best user feedback tools in 2022 and beyond.


User feedback doesn’t happen at just one stage of the customer journey. This is why Survicate was built - so you can capture input from free trials to your most faithful product promoters.

Survicate offers a large range of surveys that you can use across your user journey to foster customer satisfaction. Some of the most popular survey types are included in the product, such as CSAT, CES, and NPS. On top of that, there are survey templates for highly specific situations you may not even know you need.

For example, there is a consumer preference survey when you’re unsure what your customers would rather spend money on. There is a customer onboarding survey as they become paying users and a lost customer survey for when they churn. In short, you’re covered in all situations.

The survey builder is intuitive and easy to use, but you probably won’t need it with 300+ survey templates available. Integrations are plenty, with major tools such as HubSpot, Intercom, Mailchimp, Slack, and others. And if there’s something we don’t have, you can just hook it up with Zapier.

A 10-day free trial offers all Business plan features, including 30+ native integrations, advanced attribute targeting, and multilingual surveys, as well as many other features.

Sounds like a good deal? It is - so sign up for your free trial today!


Forms have been a part of websites ever since websites existed, but not until Typeform came around did they become pretty. You’ve probably tried Typeform before without knowing it, and you were most likely taken aback by the smooth user experience.

User Feedback Tools - Typeform
Typeform looks great and has some neat features for capturing user feedback

Their form builder is easy to use, and you can create new forms and surveys within minutes or grab one of the available templates. Speaking of which, Typeform does them all.

Unlike other tools on the list, it was built for many use cases and not just feedback. This means you can collect product orders, new job applicant data, customer feedback, evaluation forms from your employees, and more.


This is a pretty common choice regarding surveying software, and the main reason is probably that it’s been around for so long. Launched in 1999, SurveyMonkey had plenty of time to get established as survey software. Unfortunately, not much of that time was spent creating a good user experience.

User Feedback Tools - Typeform
SurveyMonkey has a lot to go to become competitive in the user feedback tool market

You can use 40 different survey templates; overall, creating and editing surveys in SurveyMonkey is relatively easy. You can host the surveys on your website or send them out in emails, which isn’t a lot of options, but it covers the basics.

The problem with SurveyMonkey is that once you become a paying customer, it’s like picking an outfit for a Friday night out. Figuring out the right plan takes quite a bit, only to realize that the cheapest plan is $32 per month. This gives you access to 15,000 responses per year.

Overall, an option is not very convincing or user-friendly, so looking for SurveyMonkey alternatives would be a good idea.


Right from the moment you land on the website for this tool, they tell you what to do. Email surveys are not efficient - so use them on your website instead.

User Feedback Tools - Qualaroo
A well-rounded package for user feedback, Qualaroo

You can use something called Qualaroo nudges. These are popups used to survey users on your website and ask questions regarding different aspects of their experience. Qualaroo lets you collect various feedback on your website or within your product.

One of the most interesting aspects of Qualaroo is AI sentiment analysis. It’s essentially a tool that looks at all your feedback and determines the kind of feedback that needs your attention. In other words, it spots the negative feedback so you can react to it.

Qualaroo promises a lot, but only if you’re not on the cheapest plan, that’s $80 per month. You must get the Premium plan, which is $160 per month. You get reports and analytics, professional templates, and basic targeting. For advanced targeting, NPS surveys, exit surveys, and the basic features in any other tool on this list...


Want to do more than capture user feedback? This tool lets you do much more, as it also has a help desk feature, knowledge base software, and a live chat option. If you want to run your entire customer service from one tool, this is a good place to start.

User Feedback Tools - Useresponse
Lots of great features but inflexible pricing - with Useresponse

In terms of user feedback, Useresponse has a centralized feedback hub. Your customers can leave feedback in various places, not just on your website or product. Some integrations include Salesforce, Jira, and Slack - so the feedback you get is immediately added to your customer profiles, and you get alerted about it in Slack.

The knowledge base is extremely helpful if you have a complex product and need a place where you can explain it to your customers. Moreover, the help desk is a great addition if you want everything under one roof - without spending a fortune on Zendesk.

Speaking of a fortune, you can only get Useresponse with an annual plan that costs $1,490 per year, which is the cheapest option you can get. Sure, you get a lot more than a way to capture feedback, but there are better options for the price.


Collecting feedback is fun to you as a business owner, but it’s rarely that fun for the people providing it. No worries, though. Usersnap gives you a few options that you can use to make the process versatile and even fun for your customers.

User Feedback Tools - Usersnap
User feedback tool that offers great value for the price - Useresponse

A feedback menu is essentially a popup that gives your users suggestions on different ways they can leave feedback. For example, reporting a bug, rating their experience through a survey, or getting through to live chat.

Usersnap also allows users to use screen capture to show what’s happening on their screens on your product or website. Think of it like Loom for customer feedback - an easy way for you to quickly understand what’s happening. Last, you can use this tool to run in-app surveys.

Having said all of this, Usersnap is a good option for companies looking for a good all-rounder for feedback collection and management with the extra roadmap feature. At $69 per month for the cheapest plan, it’s pretty good value too.


So far, all the tools we discussed have had a wide range of use cases. Well, not Refiner - they do micro surveys for SaaS tools. There are lots to like if you’re into personalizing your surveys and ensuring they hit the right audience at the right time.

User Feedback Tools - Refiner
An excellent solution for user feedback for SaaS companies - Refiner

Besides the usual stuff like branching logic and dynamic instructions, you also get to set rules and triggers for when those surveys show up. When someone reaches your pricing page, when they use a certain feature in the app, when they are almost ready to upgrade from a free to a paid plan - you name it.

There are many survey templates to get started with, including NPS, CSAT, CES, product-market fit, and others. The designs in Refiner are pretty decent, and you can get them to fit into your existing website and product pretty well. The only caveat, though - are they’re catered towards SaaS only.

The price you pay is pretty good, too - $79 per month for 5,000 active users, granting you unlimited surveys and participants. However, if you want all the good stuff mentioned above, such as advanced segmentation and targeting, you will have to pay $199 per month. If you run a SaaS business, it may be worth it for your use case. Otherwise, there are cheaper and more available options out there. 


You must be bold or good to coin an entirely new term for your actions. We’ll let you determine which of the two InMoment is, as they dub themselves the leading XI (experience intelligence) platform. It’s a fancy way of saying that the tool is used to collect customer feedback - among other things.

User Feedback Tools - InMoment
An enterprise tool with odd pricing policies - InMoment

Once you go through the wide array of features they offer and get to the actual methods for collecting user feedback, it’s not exactly impressive. They offer three types of surveys - NPS, CSAT, and CES. And while you can use them in different languages, the fact is that there are just three types to choose from - not ideal.

There is, however, an excellent range of platforms where you can run those surveys, such as email, in-app, within Intercom, in SMS messages, and through links and a QR code.

Are you wondering how much InMoment costs? We’re in the same boat. After extensive research regarding InMoment pricing, we only concluded that you have to book a demo and talk to a sales rep to get a custom pricing quote. The very limited reviews don’t say much either, but because of this veil of secrecy, we’re going to assume that the price is pretty high.

Wrapping up

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Every time you feel stuck wondering how to achieve more growth, retain more customers or move the needle, it’s simple - just ask your customers for feedback. It’s 2022, and collecting user feedback is no longer resolved with lengthy emails and customer interviews.

You can collect your user feedback in seconds, thanks to Survicate. Our modern surveys make it easy to find out what your users think. Sign up for your 10-day free trial today!

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