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Get ready, we’ve got some big news for you. 

You can now integrate Survicate with Productboard, Mixpanel and Amplitude

Go to Survicate to connect, or keep reading to get more tips and learn the full story.

Why we built these integrations

If you’re a seasoned Product Manager or User Researcher, you know how much work goes into product development. Let’s be honest: it’s difficult to build features that your customers will actually use. 

The secret is to understand the why behind the product metrics and build features that meet your customers’ real needs. But, how do you do that?

The answer is simple: 

  1. Collect user feedback with Survicate - directly in your mobile and web app
  2. Combine the qualitative data from customer feedback with quantitative data in your favorite product tools
  3. Dive deep into analysis in Productboard, Mixpanel and Amplitude

We appreciate how important this is to our users. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with the leading product management tools. To help you keep the guesswork out and make better product decisions based on contextual customer feedback.

"We believe Product Managers need customer feedback software that integrates well with the tools they use every day. Building these integrations is a part of our broader strategy to address the needs of product teams. And our ultimate goal is to help our users build world-class online products powered by customer insights." - Daniel Korczyński, Head of Product, Survicate

Psst, if you’re new here, Survicate is a survey software for online businesses that lets you collect user feedback across every stage of the funnel. Sign up here to give it a go for free.

How these integrations differ

Here’s how the Productboard, Mixpanel and Amplitude Integrations are unique:

  • The data will always land safely in your product management tools. Even if the flow is stopped, no survey response will ever be missed
  • They’re native - which means faster connection, more control over your data, and better security
  • You need less than 1 minute to connect. Check the testimonial below to see how hassle-free it really is

In case you missed it, as a Survicate user you can integrate with other tools loved by product teams - like HubSpot, Slack and Segment. Or go beyond and explore our integrations library to see all marketing, customer service, and sales tools that Survicate connects with.

"The Mixpanel integration was really easy to set up. It took us 30 seconds. We can now cross-reference user behavior data with customer feedback from Survicate. It helps us see the real meaning behind our users’ actions." - Noé Clément, Account Manager, Tous mes aides

What’s in it for you

With Productboard Integration, you will:

  • Get a stream of qualitative and contextual customer insights about your product
  • Transform customer insights to product ideas in Productboard
  • Guide your product roadmap and prioritize your features based on real customer data   

With Mixpanel Integration or Amplitude Integration, you can:

"Our partnership with Survicate brings together quantitative and qualitative aspects of measuring customer behavior. This allows for a deeper understanding that leads to better product decisions and, ultimately, better customer experiences." - Scott Singerman, VP of Global Partnerships, Mixpanel

Need help? Head to our Integration guide to learn how to connect and get more tips.

Use survey templates to get started

Launching your first product feedback survey can seem like a struggle. Guess what: it’s not. Pick from 125+ expertly-designed templates to create your first product survey.

As a product leader, you may especially like these:  

If you need more inspiration, check our Templates Gallery.

What’s next

You can expect more features and integrations for product teams to come. But first, let’s see what’s already on the roadmap:

  • Filtering survey results by your user data from HubSpot and Intercom
  • Even more ways of customizing surveys to look exactly like your product
  • Segment Integration will get an upgrade - stay tuned!

Is there any other integration you’d like us to build next? Make sure you share your ideas in the 1-question survey in the bottom right corner of your screen (and see Survicate in action).