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In a world where digital experiences matter more than ever, understanding your mobile app users' needs and preferences directly translates into success. 

The best way to uncover these insights? Reach out to your users right there, in your mobile app, through well-designed, intuitive surveys. Collecting feedback from your users while they are most engaged not only helps you understand their experiences but also enables them to feel heard and valued. User feedback allows you to optimize your app's features, design, and overall experience to create a seamless and satisfying user journey.

That's why we've focused on improving the way you connect with your mobile app users—with our redesigned Survicate mobile app surveys.

So, what's new, and how can it help you gather more valuable insights? Let's dive in and find out.

A Whole New Look: Mobile App Surveys Redesigned

Designed to impress and built to perform, our revamped mobile app surveys set a new standard. With a fresh, modern design and 21 customizable color themes, we've created a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate user experience.

Our expanded customization options let you enhance the brand consistency of your surveys.  Now, you can add your company logo, avatar, or even a short text message.

Moreover, we've tackled common concerns about mobile app surveys being intrusive or visually clashing with your app's aesthetic, making those worries a thing of the past with Survicate.

The result? Surveys that are not only user-friendly and minimally disruptive but also perfectly harmonized with your brand design. It's all about engaging participants, securing more responses, and gaining insightful feedback, seamlessly.

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Speak Your Respondent's Language: Multi-Lingual Mobile App Surveys

Nothing should stand in the way of you understanding your users, least of all language. Our new translation feature makes surveying your global audience easier than ever.

Now you can create surveys in as many languages as you need. Choose to translate your mobile app survey manually or take advantage of the convenience of Google Translate. The best part? The app language of your respondents is automatically detected, ensuring that surveys appear in their preferred language. If a translation isn't available, they will see the original version.

This personalized and comfortable survey experience encourages richer, more detailed feedback from respondents. What's more, having all your responses in one place simplifies the survey analysis process. It also helps you understand how the results vary across different markets and languages. It's a game-changer that opens up new possibilities for global engagement.

Uncover Nuanced Insights: Rating Scale Questions

To help you delve deeper into the minds of your mobile app users, we've added a new question type—the rating scale

This question type measures customer sentiment on a numerical, shape, or classic CSAT scale, allowing you to understand what your users love and what they think could be improved. More granular feedback ultimately translates into more informed business decisions.

Add More Personal Touch: Recall Information From Previous Questions

Surveys that feel more like a conversation and less like a questionnaire tend to receive higher response rates. With the newly added option, you can make your mobile app surveys more interactive by referencing information from previous questions or user attributes.

For instance, let's say the first question asks respondents for their names. In the following question, you can recall the information they provided and address them by their name. This level of personalization adds a special touch to your surveys, making respondents feel valued and engaged.

Here's how it works: when creating a question, simply type '@'. You'll see a dropdown menu appear. From there, you can select a previous question or user attribute to recall in your new question. 

Launch effortless mobile apps with Survicate

Our new mobile app surveys are not only stunning and easy to navigate. They are also a boon when it comes to gathering valuable user feedback. By creating a user-centric feedback loop, you will drive better insights to continuously optimize your app.

Dive into our refreshed mobile app surveys and start collecting user feedback today.