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Customer satisfaction is one of the most important customer experience metrics. However, it’s rarely measured only once or in isolation. To successfully stay on top of your customer satisfaction, you need to choose the best survey tool for your business that will let you measure it at different stages of the customer journey.

One way to capture customer feedback when it matters is through customer service interactions. Countless tools can help in this endeavor, but Zendesk, used by over 170,000 customers globally, is one of the most popular.

If you’re looking to run a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) and have that data flow into Zendesk, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll show you the very best CSAT survey tools for Zendesk.


CSAT is just one survey type that you can run in Survicate. The tool comes with over 300 templates you can grab from the library, including:

Creating a new survey is as easy as choosing a template and making a few edits. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can build a survey from scratch, which is just as easy with Survicate’s survey builder.

The Zendesk integration is effortless to set up, too: no APIs, webhooks, or Zapier are required. 

With Survicate and Zendesk, you can send CSAT surveys to your customer database more easily than ever before. Once you integrate the tools, you can use Survicate to include surveys in your Zendesk automations and triggers.

As survey responses come in, they are automatically added to the right Zendesk contacts. You’ll also be able to see which email the response came from, as well as the name of the agent the customer interacted with. This way, you can easily analyze your customer experience and see which agents deliver stellar work and which need some more training.

When the survey results come in, your Zendesk tickets get updated in real time. You can choose whether the ticket is updated when a survey is complete or when the customer meets certain conditions. You can also immediately update the ticket priority in case the CSAT score is low, so it gets escalated quickly.

Survicate offers a 10-day free trial that comes with all Business plan features, including 30+ native integrations, advanced attribute targeting and multilingual surveys.


If you’ve ever wanted to seamlessly capture customer feedback across different channels, Mopinion is a tool that can help you out. You can use it to run surveys on mobile, websites, your apps, or via email. It also supports a wide range of surveys, including CSAT, NPS, CES, and Goal Completion Rate.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - Mopinion
Mopinion is a great survey tool but its Zendesk integration falls short

However, the Zendesk integration with Mopinion is rather basic. It only goes one way (from Mopinion to Zendesk) and lets you send survey data to Zendesk’s contact information.

For example, if a customer gave you a low CSAT score, you can add the information from the survey to the Zendesk contact. That’s about it.

The integration is available on all plans; however, the cheapest plan is $259 per month. In short, it’s a big price tag for a few basic Zendesk support features. might be the right survey builder for e-commerce store owners as it caters to this audience. More specifically, it integrates well with BigCommerce and Shopify, allowing you to run CSAT, NPS, and other survey types. Distributing is also easy through the website, SMS, and email.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - is great for survey creation but the Zendesk integration is not its best feature

However, the Zendesk integration is only available through Zapier. This means that in addition to a and a Zendesk account, you also need a (paid) Zapier account. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but bear in mind the extra cost.

With Zapier, you can automatically send out surveys when a new ticket is created. This is pretty much it when it comes to the Zendesk connectivity. Needless to say, this is not comparable to some other tools on this list.

Paid plans start at $100 per month, and there is also a free plan. The integration is available with all packages. Overall, it wouldn’t be our preferred choice as it doesn’t offer a native integration and requires an extra tool to get running.


Need a full-blown customer experience platform with real-time alerts? GetFeedback can help. Thanks to its selection of surveys (including CSAT and NPS), you can get timely feedback from your customers and react when it matters.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - Getfeedback
The Zendesk integration for Getfeedback goes only one way

When it comes to the Zendesk integration, GetFeedback explains in detail how it works and, more importantly, how to connect the two tools in just a few steps. In truth, it’s actually quite a few steps to get everything set up properly.

The integration doesn’t come with many functionalities, however. It allows you to send surveys automatically once a ticket status changes in Zendesk, and that’s about it. 

Pricing is not available on the website, so you’ll have to get in touch with sales to find out how much GetFeedback will cost you. It’s also not clear which plans support the Zendesk integration.

SoGoSurvey (within SogoLytics)

A comprehensive solution for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys and their results, SoGoSurvey is the choice of many enterprise users looking for reliable survey software. It’s a part of the overall SoGoLytics software suite built for optimizing and measuring customer and employee experience and feedback.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - Sogosurvey
SoGoSurvey is a rather complex tool - the simple Zendesk integration is not its bright spot

However, the tool’s Zendesk integration is a bit underwhelming. Like most enterprise tools on the list, SoGoSurvey only integrates with Zendesk through Zapier, adding extra cost and complexities.

Last but not least, the integration only lets you create new tickets in Zendesk based on SoGoSurvey results, which is a bit of a letdown.

Since the integration comes through Zapier, you can use it in the cheapest SoGoSurvey plan at $25 monthly and gives you the basic survey builder functionalities.


Looking to launch surveys across different devices and in different languages? With SurveyLab, you can create on-brand, multi-device surveys pretty effortlessly, thanks to its built-in survey editor.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - Surveylab
SurveyLab has a pretty good Zendesk integration that flows both ways

The Zendesk integration is pretty solid, too. As it’s native, all you have to do is connect the two tools with a few clicks, and you’re ready to go.

The integration allows you to send surveys automatically to different customer segments in Zendesk. You can also automatically create Zendesk tickets based on survey responses from SurveyLab. When customer responses arrive, you can tag them with the ticket ID, username and other information.

Although SurveyLab doesn’t seem expensive for the basic use. The cheapest plan is $49 per month and it gives you up to 1,000 responses. The integrations and the APIs are available on the enterprise plan only, for which there is no pricing information on the website. 


If you’re already in the massive Zoho CRM ecosystem, using ZohoSurvey to create surveys is a logical choice. This tool provides a variety of different surveys and 25 question types, making it just as capable as some of the more niche competitors on this list.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - ZohoSurvey
ZohoSurvey fits well into the Zoho ecosystem and doesn't cost much

For some more great news, ZohoSurvey has a native integration with Zendesk, so no third-party tools are required.

The bulk of the integration is focused on combining the data from the two tools for better and more integrated mailing campaigns. You can send out surveys to your event attendees, reminders, and email invites. That’s as far as the integration goes.

The cheapest ZohoSurvey plan is $25 per month, and it includes the Zendesk integration. While it may not be the most comprehensive integration, it’s reasonably cheap, and it works really well if you’re already using other Zoho tools. 

Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo)

If you consider yourself an enterprise business that has “outgrown SurveyMonkey”, Alchemer could be a good option to meet your survey needs.

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - Alchemer
A complex tool for surveys, Alchemer only allows a Zendesk integration through Zapier

Even on the cheapest plans, the tool provides a lot, including custom survey branding, unlimited surveys, up to 75,000 survey responses annually, and survey logic. 

As for Zendesk, you’d need to integrate through Zapier. When a new survey response comes in, you can automatically create a new Zendesk ticket, but that’s it.

On the plus side, Alchemer is not expensive. You’ll get all the features above for $49 per user per month.


Versatility is always a good thing, and with Wufoo that’s exactly what you get. Similar to Typeform or Jotform, this is more of a general form builder that happens to have surveys included in its offer. Besides surveys, you can create all types of forms (complaint, referral, and membership cancellation, among others).

CSAT Survey Tools for Zendesk - Wufoo
Unfortunately, Wufoo only works with Zendesk through Zapier

You can only access the Zendesk integration through Zapier, which means an extra cost. 

Also, the integration is pretty basic and it only allows you to create new Zendesk tickets based on Wufoo form entries. On the flip side, Wufoo is not expensive and at just $14 per month you can create 10 forms and collect up to 10,000 form entries. A free plan is also available.

Wrapping up

The Customer Satisfaction Score is a crucial metric for measuring the health of your business. When choosing a CSAT survey tool for Zendesk, you need to make sure it's easy to set up, has a native integration, and works in both directions.

With Survicate, you can run unlimited CSAT surveys via Zendesk Support Suite and include them in Zendesk automations and triggers. You’ll also be able to get responses together with customers’ emails and other attributes and analyze results in Survicate’s built-in analytics center.

With a 10-day trial, you have nothing to lose. Sign up today!

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