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Need help sending out customer surveys for your Zendesk account? Perhaps you already have a survey system but would like something more comprehensive and powerful.

Whatever the case, you're in the right place! 

The ever-growing list of customer feedback solutions can be daunting, with an overwhelming number of options available.

To help you make sense of it all and deliver the most appropriate solution for your business needs, we’ve compiled a lineup of the best survey tools for Customer Effort Score (CES) that can be used alongside Zendesk.

Which one will you add to your toolbox? 🧰

What is Customer Effort Score?

Customer Effort Score is a must-have index for modern businesses. It measures how easy it is for a customer to complete a certain task, such as finding an answer on your website or speaking with customer service over the phone.

A high CES score means better user activation and customer lifetime value for your product.

With CES, you can identify and adjust any area of your operations that might pose challenges for customers to get what they need. With the data, you can streamline the customer journey and deliver a well-thought-out and cohesive experience in return.

Why do you need CES survey tools for Zendesk?

CES survey tools for Zendesk are the best solution if you’re not sure how to unlock the full potential of your customer experience. They will help you to measure, monitor, and manage your customer satisfaction in a snap.

As a result, you can keep track of your customers’ preferences and make informed decisions that result in better engagement and more effective services.

With a survey platform integrated into Zendesk, you can have a seamless data flow to make even more accurate and feedback-driven decisions.

#1 Survicate

Survicate gathers survey responses from customers and gets them back to Zendesk tickets, putting the data you need front and center.

With a sleek interface and easy-to-use features, you'll be able to quickly create custom surveys tailored precisely to your customer base.

Moreover, you'll be able to track response rates in real-time and export results as XLS, CSV, PNG, or PDF files, which is perfect for sharing with colleagues and stakeholders alike.

You can also set up automatic updates of your existing tickets once new feedback arrives and create new tickets when the feedback requires multiple actions. 

Analyzing your results has never been easier: with Survicate’s built-in analytics, you’ll be able to zoom in on the insights and improve the quality of service.

The cherry on top is Survicate’s notifications system which allows you to send survey results to HubSpot, among other tools, and enable Slack alerts so that you never miss important insights. 

🔥Survicate features a library of 125+ templates and question types that can help you create the perfect survey in minutes. 

Check out one of the templates in action below. 

✨ Things that make Survicate a great choice for Zendesk

💸 Pricing

Join Survicate for free and embark on a 10-day journey to discover meaningful customer feedback insights. Access essential features. And don't miss our pricing to choose the right plan for your business. Paid plans start at $53 per month. 

#2 Outgrow

If you need to carry out extensive surveys or use interactive content, you can now do so quickly and reliably with the help of Outgrow.

Create quizzes, surveys, and all types of forms with Outgrow

This comprehensive suite of survey tools can help you create experiences to engage with customers in an intelligent manner, allowing you to get fast, actionable insights.

The Zendesk integration with Outgrow isn’t very extensive, but it's just enough if you want to automatically create survey responses.

Outgrow's surveys are designed for maximum flexibility, allowing users to customize their surveys to meet specific needs and run reports on trends over time.

✨ Things that make it special

  • An Outgrow quiz entry will automatically be created in Zendesk
  • Automated email follow-ups to users
  • Tracking based on device, browser, geography, traffic sources, date, and time
  • Many integrations available

💸 Pricing

Outgrow offers a pricing plan that starts from $22 per month and goes up to $720. A free trial is also available.

#3 QuestionPro

Thinking outside the box is something QuestionPro excels at. With its advanced data-driven survey tools for Zendesk, you can ask customized questions tailored to your needs, and get answers that you wouldn't find in an ordinary survey. 

CES Survey Tools for Zendesk - Questionpro
Advanced data collaboration between Zendesk and QuestionPro

It's a great way to rapidly collect customer data, and it integrates easily with a variety of tools.

QuestionPro's robust yet easy-to-use interface ensures that you can quickly build powerful surveys within minutes.

Plus, with its advanced reporting options, you can get real insights into customer sentiment.

✨ Things that make it special

  • Various customization options
  • Creating Zendesk tickets for new QuestionPro responses
  • Getting real-time notifications
  • Real-time shareable dashboards

💸 Pricing

Integration via an API is available on the Advanced plan at $99 per month. There is also a Team Edition plan that comes with additional features to make teamwork easier. 

#4 SimpleSat

Looking for a simple solution that lets you measure CES with ease? SimpleSat is an effective CES survey tool designed with good UX in mind. 

CES Survey Tools for Zendesk - Simplesat
SimpleSat for Zendesk: an easy way to create online surveys

Combining the power of Zendesk with rigorous data-gathering techniques, SimpleSat helps you get the actionable information you need to keep your customers happy.

You can import and synchronize all existing Zendesk satisfaction ratings, so no data will be lost during the migration process. Using the Zendesk API, you can access ticket information for further insight and context.

✨ Things that make it special

  • Adding CES surveys to handle Zendesk emails with one click 
  • Works with the Zendesk event-based triggers as well as time-based automation
  • Incorporating a survey into existing notifications 
  • Directly displaying ratings and comments in private tickets

💸 Pricing

Direct integrations are available on all SimpleSat plans. The monthly plans start at $79 (unlimited users) and go up to $199. There is also a free 14-day full-access trial. 

#5 ProProfs

The ProProfs survey tool integration with Zendesk is a great way to put the customer experience at the heart of your business. From public surveys to more comprehensive market research and customer feedback, ProProfs makes it easy to gather insights and make informed decisions.

CES Survey Tools for Zendesk - Proprofs
Easily create mass surveys with Proprofs for Zendesk

ProProfs Survey Maker integrates directly with Zendesk, so you can connect your survey results in no time and enhance your customers' experience by swiftly addressing their issues.

This integration offers invaluable insights through polls, research, and CES surveys. You can empower your business decisions by allowing survey results to be fed into Zendesk to easily consolidate feedback and generate tickets. 

✨ Things that make it special

  • Setting time-based triggers for surveys
  • Recording customer responses in categories
  • Customizing with images and themes

💸 Pricing

Prices vary based on the number of responses. The Premium plan is $0.20 per month per response. The Zendesk integration is only available on the highest plan.

#6 SmileBack

If customer service is one of your organization's key priorities (and if you’re here, it most likely is), the SmileBack CES survey tool is the solution that can help you boost your overall customer experience via Zendesk.

CES Survey Tools for Zendesk - Smileback
Improve your overall customer satisfaction with SmileBack

SmileBack is a tool that was designed specifically for helpdesks. It allows you, for instance, to create workflows for instant responses and use comments as client testimonials.

What’s more, with the generated data, you can find areas for improvement and tweak the process accordingly, giving customers a more enjoyable interaction every time. 

Plus, SmileBack's user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up, customize and analyze all data, so you don’t have to fumble around with complex features.

✨ Things that make it special

  • Monitoring customer sentiment with real-time dashboards
  • Easy and quick to get started
  • User-friendly, clean interface 
  • Robust and easy-to-implement integration
  • Data filtering and segmentation

💸 Pricing

SmileBack provides a wide range of pricing options from $99 to $259 per month. The price depends mainly on the number of agents. All plans include a Zendesk integration.

#7 SurveyPal

The SurveyPal integration with Zendesk gives you the power to engage your customer base directly. With features such as a 10-second root cause analysis, you can get actionable insights from your Zendesk data.

CES Survey Tools for Zendesk - Surveypal
Get actionable insights from Zendesk with SurveyPal

This comprehensive solution offers all the essential features you might need to create an intuitive digital experience. However, it can be tricky to master. Its integration with Zendesk is quite powerful but it does come with a learning curve. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that SurveyPal doesn't have a lot of customization options. If you value branding and tailoring a solution to your needs, Surveypal might not meet your requirements in this aspect.

✨ Things that make it special

  • One-click overview of KPIs
  • Controls set up on a technical and organizational level
  • AI-powered support insights
  • Additional features such as tracking individual agent performance and pinpointing training needs

💸 Pricing

The price is unclear since the Zendesk integration requires the SurveyPal team to implement it. All plans, which range from $20 to $30 per month, have a free trial.

#8 Medallia Agent Connect (formerly Stella Connect)

Previously known as Stella Connect, Medallia Agent Connect is an experience platform for managing insights and action. 

CES Survey Tools for Zendesk - Medallia Agent Connect
An advanced customer experience tool that speaks well with Zendesk - Medallia Agent Connect

Medallia can be connected with Zendesk Connector to keep support operations running smoothly and effectively.

It allows you to directly ask customers for their feedback after an interaction with your team, making it easier to collect meaningful responses in real time. 

Medallia surveys help you to create a new level of customer service, connecting your agents with customers in Zendesk for rapid resolution. This feedback loop can be routed to other departments, encouraging collaboration and creating an environment of support throughout the organization.

✨ Things that make it special

  • Medallia surveys customers immediately after Zendesk tickets close
  • Using Medallia alerts to create new tickets in Zendesk
  • Tracking follow-up issues
  • Real-time feedback on your support workflows

💸 Pricing

The price is tailored to the needs of each enterprise. 

CES survey tool + Zendesk = satisfied customers

Finding the right survey tool to work with your Zendesk account is important if you care about customer experience. The integration can not only save time but also significantly boost your customer satisfaction. We hope that this list of tools will guide you in the right direction.

If you're looking for an easy solution that is quick to implement and integrate with Zendesk, Survicate is your best bet. Sign up today and get the CES data rolling! Also, you can foster your decision making by checking our newest ranking of best website satisfaction tools.