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Likert Scale Survey Template

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Likert scale questions allow you to measure how your customers feel, without the difficult-to-analyze nuances of open-ended questions.

You can find out if they agree with a statement, how important they feel a feature is, the likelihood of them recommending or using you again, and how satisfied they have been thus far. This insight is invaluable, and this Likert scale template will help you quickly and easily survey your customers.

With Likert scale questions, you can control whether you provide your respondents with a neutral answer or force them to pick a side.

An odd number of responses gives your respondents room to sit on the fence about a topic, whereas an even number makes them to lean in a direction. This means that if you need your respondents to feel one way or another, you can (gently) push them in their respective directions.

Insights you can take action on

Our Likert scale template allows you to ask your respondents to evaluate how they feel about your company, product or service. You can discover how your business is performing in a range of different aspects. From the ease of use, to website and product design, the cost of products and services, versatility, and overall quality.

Unlike simple “yes”, “no” and “unsure” answer options, which often polarizes the respondents’ answers or even push people to opt-out of answering altogether, Likert questions allow you to get into the gray area and see trends in how people feel. Then, you can take action to provide them with products and services that are aligned to their needs.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Ask follow-up questions for even greater insight

Likert questions are great; they offer you insight into people’s opinions without having to analyze hundreds of individual answers to open-ended questions. Questions where multiple respondents may use different language to express the same feeling or problem. Likert scale questions offer you the ability to ask closed-ended questions with a defined number of answers, but sometimes, you’ll want to go deeper.

Fortunately, this Likert scale template allows you to find out more with automatic follow-up questions.

For example, if you ask a question like “how satisfied have you been with our customer support thus far?” and someone answers “very unsatisfied”, you can ask a follow-up question such as “why do you feel this way?”

When these follow up questions are open-ended text boxes, you’ll get in-depth answers into their feeling so you can ignore, address, or fix the issue immediately.

Visualize your data within seconds

Now you’ve got all this valuable data about how your customers feel about your services and products, it’s time to analyze it. One of the biggest benefits of Likert scale questions is that the data you get can be generated into a visual report with our dashboard.

Our dashboard tells you how your business is performing from the point of view of your customers, at a glance.

Your data is generated into a report in mere seconds, so whenever you’re ready to see your data it is there ready for you. Not only will you be able to see trends you can act on, but you’ll also be able to quickly share the data with the teams who need to see it.

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