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Why You Need Content Preferences Survey Template

Educating your customers is necessary if you want to keep them engaged and to ensure your product meets their goals. Your users have different learning styles as well as different preferred communication channels.

For that reason, it’s worth running a content preference survey among your customers.

Communicate regurarly

While regular communication is very important, different people prefer to be contacted more or less frequently. There are super eager users who want to be informed about every product update, and who like to be checked-upon often, as to them it’s the indicator of being looked after. But they are also those who simply hate to be bothered.

It’s worth asking them how frequently they want to hear from you in your content preference survey – it’s best to do it as soon as they sign up for the product. Not getting this sorted out can result in over-communication or under communication.

What do they want to hear about?

Your customers might not be interested in hearing about everything that’s happening in your company or with your product. While some users will be keen on learning about every little feature you introduce, others simply won’t care.

You can ask your customers what they want to be informed about in your content preference survey. Their options might include:

Not everyone likes email…

People, your customers included prefer different communication channels, and this is something, which should be taken into account while creating your communication strategy.

Some customers reserve email for work communication only, so reaching them via this channel might not be the most effective strategy. They might prefer chatting via Intercom.

Others will be happy with in-app communication, as it’s less distracting. It’s your job to learn how your customers want to hear from you.

What kind of content do my customers want?

There are various types of learners for example:

If you know what kind of learners your customers are, then you can provide them with the right format to consume your content.

You can consider blog articles, video instructions, and infographics. The richer your knowledge-base is the higher the chance, that all your customers will find something that suits their taste and learning style.

Therefore, what type of content would you like to see is another question, which you can include in your content preference survey.

Don’t forget to followup

You can’t overestimate the power of followup questions, they will help you reveal more information about your customers. For example, if you ask your customers what kind of materials they would like to receive from you, and they say product articles then the subsequent question could be: what is the best channel for sending these materials?

You can hit two birds with one stone, not only do you find out what content they want to read, but also discover the most effective channels to reach them.

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