Customer satisfaction metrics

In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent responded that they found a customer satisfaction metrics very useful in managing and monitoring their businesses. Running a customer satisfaction survey on your website using a tool like Survicate lets you precisely check whether your customer satisfaction level is as high as required.

When it comes to writing Customer Satisfaction Survey, well-written customer satisfaction questions are the key to conducting proper measurements. To make your survey more efficient, we have prepared five tips to help you prepare excellent questions.

1. Avoid any assumptions

When it comes to asking about your product it might be difficult to stay neutral. Firstly, because you know a lot more about your product or service than your customer. Secondly, because you care about your business and do your best to make it as good as possible.If you want your customers to tell the truth avoid any superlatives and assumptions.

Sample wrong question: What do you think about our professional shop assistants?

Sample good question: What do you think about our shop assistants?

2. Do not ask about a hypothetical situation

It is always important for your questions to be clear and easy to answer. It might be difficult for people to determine what would they do in a hypothetical situation. Ask only about real situations that actually happened to your customers.

Sample wrong question: What would you do if the product you bought in our shop was incomplete?

Better question: Are you satisfied with the quality of our products?

You may also use think about specifying targeted audience. Using targeting will make you 100% sure that customer actually knows the answer to your question.

3. Clarity is the key of customer satisfaction survey

Make sure that a visitor has no problems with reading and understanding your questions. Use clear and comprehensible language. The more struggle participant has with your customer satisfaction survey, the lower is the chance that he will complete it.

Wrong question: Is our website responsive enough for you?

Better question: Is our website easy to use?

4. Ask only necessary questions

Don’t forget to set a clear goal of your survey and do not demand information you don’t really need. The fewer questions you ask, the higher is the chance, that respondents will answer all of them.

5. Use “how” if you need more detailed information

It is tempting to ask only yes/no questions like “Is our company customer friendly?”. Asking “how” and giving scale to choose for respondents provides more detailed information about overall satisfaction.

Sample question: Is our company customer friendly? (yes/no)

Sample better question: How friendly for customer is our company? (0-10)

If you need some inspiration, here are some of the most common customer satisfaction questions.


It is crucial for any business to track the customer’s satisfaction. According to American Press Survey, about 78% of consumers bailed on a transaction because of poor service experience. What’s more, it is about 7 times more expensive to acquire new customer than to keep a current one. Make sure you keep an eye on your customer’s satisfaction with all available tools, including website surveys.