How to Increase Positive Caller Satisfaction in 2021

Caller satisfaction doesn’t only harm the reputation of your business. It also impacts the wider team and your ability to retain staff. Here’s what a recent survey of over 1,500 UK callers revealed about customer service call satisfaction.

Customer service call satisfaction

If you manage a team of customer service representatives, how customers are genuinely feeling based on your team’s service is always going to be on your mind.

Are they saying please and thank you? Are they upselling without pressurizing customers? Are they being rude to difficult customers? The list of worries is endless.

Businesses thrive when they take great care in customer satisfaction. It keeps customers returning and results in greater revenue in the long run. On most days, however, you’ll have to deal with angry customers who can be very difficult to deal with and throw staff off their game.

Keep in mind that no matter how difficult a situation gets, the staff needs to diffuse the situation and settle down frustrated customers. This is so that they can lessen any damage to the company’s reputation for customer service.

It’s also important to look after your employee’s wellbeing in the workplace, as how they’re treated can have a direct impact on how they handle calls.

What is Caller Satisfaction?

According to the Emerald Library – caller satisfaction is a “positive relationship between the percentage of callers who have a satisfactory resolution on the first call and consumer call satisfaction”.

Keeping customers satisfied with a company’s service is a challenge across the board, as it’s not just about performing well on the phone. It’s also about maintaining existing relationships and following up.

Our recent survey revealed answers from 1,500 UK callers how they felt about customer service satisfaction:

Key survey findings

  • Over 50% of respondents spent over 10 minutes a week waiting to speak to a business.
  • The length of time it takes calls to be answered is the leading cause of low customer service cal satisfaction in the UK.
    • On average, 7/10 callers will hang up after only 3 rings
    • Overall experience, knowledge/professionalism and friendliness rank 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.
  • The telephone is still a preferred method of contact amongst 18-30-year olds, with 43% preferring this method.

How to Increase Positive Caller Satisfaction

The way you manage your phone calls has a direct impact on customer service satisfaction. Here are a few tips you can take away with you and increase your caller satisfaction with:

Invest in a call answering service

Small business owners and freelancers make use of a call answering service due to their quick response times and call handling expertise.

If you’re out on the job or busy with other matters, a phone answering service can answer your calls on your behalf, direct customers to the correct department, or take messages.

Keep your agents happy

According to Contact Centre Pipeline – agents are likely to leave jobs due to toxic working environments. Increasing employee engagement, incentives, and proactive feedback are just some of many ways to keep employees happy and in the loop with their progress.

Provide adequate training

Providing comprehensive training with regular role-play exercises can help agents build confidence and equip them with the ability to handle any call that comes their way.

The more invested you are in your staff, the more likely they’re to stay as they’ll see that you care about their development.

Offer callbacks

Keeping customers on hold can increase levels of impatience and anger. Rather than forcing customers to remain on hold, offer a call-back service to allow customers to carry on with their day.

This can do wonders and decrease levels of frustration (just remember to have a system in place to follow through up callbacks!).

Work-life balance

Divert calls to the correct departments so that you’re not inundated with every single call. Filter out unsolicited calls so that you have time to deal with legitimate queries.

Alternatively, consider creating an extensive online knowledge base to empower customers to find answers and solutions themselves.

Customer service call quality control

Pick up the phone within 3 rings. This simple and reactive trick can help your business stand out from the rest. This might involve making an investment and hiring more staff to be reactive to phone calls.

Alternatively, you can invest in a telephone answering service to pick up calls during busier time periods.


Our findings suggest that employees in a call-based role really need to be on it with answering the phone. Especially, as 7/10 callers hang up after three rings. Introducing other forms of contact such as live chat can help lessen the load of call answering.

It can also lower the number of times customers actually spend on the phone. This will give them more time to get on with their day.

Christina Attrah

Christina is a Copywriter for Face for Business – a telephone answering service focused on offering first-class call answering solutions for businesses and freelancers.

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