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All feedback, even simple customer interactions, is crucial to business development. 

However, gathering product feedback is not the end of the job - it is just the beginning. To improve your offerings, you need to remember the next vital step. 

We are talking, of course, about product feedback management.

By collecting valuable insights, you have already done an excellent job, but what is important now is how you handle the aggregated customer data. If you take the proper steps and use the right tools, you can see the true power of feedback and connect with your customers.

But what tools should you use? Which ones will allow you to manage your feedback effectively across different platforms? And which of them will help you effectively close the feedback loop?

Let’s find out.

What is product feedback management?

Product feedback management involves dealing with all information, opinions, comments, reviews, etc., from existing, past and potential customers regarding products and services, organizing them, and using them to improve the offer.  

Usually, customer input is collected from various channels. Next, it is analyzed, prioritized, and implemented to make a better product. Additionally, customer feedback product management can include a plan for future product updates and releases. As part of the process, tons of information is broken down into meaningful data to help align services with customer expectations.

Product feedback management aims to listen to customers' needs and provide them with the best solution to their pain points.  

A variety of methods can be used to collect online reviews, including:

  • interviews 
  • surveys 
  • polls 
  • emails 

But, you can also use proper systems that help gather customer opinions. This type of software can also manage large amounts of data effectively.

So what would tons of data be without the ability to manage it? You would have a lot of data but no ability how to extract valuable insights from it.

But with the right skills and by using the necessary tools, you will manage to learn from the comments, organize the information and improve your product.

Why is product feedback management important?

First and foremost, it is crucial because it helps make important decisions related to developing products, services, and overall offerings. 

This type of customer input is a reliable source of information that allows product managers to understand in which areas the offer meets market expectations and in which areas it does not. This is especially important when building or having just built a new product. 

Furthermore, you can use this type of customer opinion to develop your product strategy based on critical data. Building great products requires continuous improvement, and only with proper management can your team begin to make improvements.

Moreover, every product management feedback loop facilitates customer retention. If your audience feels listened to, sees that their voice matters, and that you care about their comfort, they are more likely to stay with you.

Therefore, managing and gathering customer feedback helps to increase customer satisfaction! And we know well that a satisfied customer will be eager to promote your brand, spread the good word about it, and recommend it to others. And this, in turn, will positively affect sales.

As you already know, there are many tools for managing user feedback. However, perhaps you have found the valuable tool you would like to use but do not know whether it suits your business. If so, you are in the right place because now, we would like to present you with the list of the best tools for managing product feedback.

Best tools for product feedback management

#1 Survicate

Survicate mainpage image

Survicate is a powerful software that helps you gather, aggregate, analyze, and follow up on customer opinions.

This platform provides valuable features for collecting and managing product feedback. It offers different types of surveys, including:

Suppose you are looking for a comprehensive solution for managing product feedback, want to keep all customer input in just one tool, and do not waste months on software setup. 

In that case, you can take advantage of Survicate. As a result, you can see survey outcomes in real-time, make quick and data-driven actions based on customer opinions, track and improve the customer experience and make the desired offer changes.

Best features for managing product feedback

Who is it for?

This tool is excellent for every online business looking for powerful, user-friendly, and customizable feedback management software and does not want to pay millions of dollars.


You can use Survicate starting with a free trial or use one of three paid plans. The Starter plan costs $53 per month, and the Business plan is $117 when billed annually. For the Enterprise plan, contact the Survicate team to discuss your needs and get the quote.

Product Feedback Management Tool #2 Canny

Product Feedback Management Tool #2

Canny lets you gather product opinions, organize them, and analyze them in one place.

The tool allows collecting and managing comments and collaborating with teammates. Therefore, you will be able to focus on the key things related to your business and not waste time on areas that are not important to you. Furthermore, this platform lets you quickly get valuable insights by gathering all opinions in one location.

Best features for managing product feedback:

  • filtering reviews by segments,
  • roadmaps,
  • tags & categories,
  • the ability to score comments and feature requests based on priority,
  • you can send more data to Canny to better understand where the response comes from.

Who is it for?

Canny is for both small and large companies as it has many basic and advanced features. Every business can use it for free, but the Free plan has very limited features.


You can use this software free or choose one of the paid plans. The Growth plan costs $400 per month, putting it on the pricier end of this list.

Product Feedback Management Tool #3 FeedBear

Product Feedback Management Tool #3

If you have not tried FeedBear yet, now is your chance. 

FeedBear allows you to collect ideas and feature requests to know precisely what to build next and keep customers updated. In addition, as ideas are added to the roadmap, customers receive automatic email updates, which is a neat way to close the feedback loop.

This fully customizable system is quick to set up, intuitive, and works fast. As a result, you can learn what your customers want and give them a chance to make their voices heard. 

Best features for managing product feedback

  • email notifications,
  • sort by popularity, comments, and trending
  • merge ideas,
  • import and export the ideas and responses to a board,
  • team collaboration.

Who is it for?

FeedBear is a tool for every business needing a simple and cost-effective tool for managing customer feedback. However, you will not find here a free pricing plan. 


FeedBear pricing starts at $29 per month. However, if you want more options, you can go for the Business plan, for $99 per month.

Product Feedback Management Tool #4 LiveSession

Product Feedback Management Tool #4

LiveSession is a powerful software that will help you understand your audience's wants and desires. 

This comprehensive tool can help your business as it allows you to discover what drives your customers, find bugs, improve UX and customer loyalty,  and increase conversion rates. In addition, you can draw the correct conclusions based on facts rather than guesses and focus on delivering items that really provide value to your customers.

Best features for managing product feedback

  • combined analytics,
  • sessions replays,
  • isolating unimportant traffic from being tracked,
  • personal data protection,
  • finding engaging sessions without having to watch them all.

Who is it for?

This tool is for professionals who want a simple tool with advanced reporting options at an affordable price. This is a great solution for small customer success teams and large businesses alike.


There are available four plans - one free of charge and three paid. It costs 65EUR for the Basic plan, 99EUR for the Pro plan, and the Enterprise plan has custom pricing.

Product Feedback Management Tool #5 UserVoice

Product Feedback Management Tool #5

Online businesses can handle and collect customer feedback with UserVoice.

With this software, it is possible to get a better understanding of what customers feel, empower internal marketing teams to share feedback, get powerful analytics insights, simplify research about your services, and share a product roadmap. 

Best features for managing product feedback

  • internal status updates,
  • gathering comments from Slack,
  • identification of top ideas,
  • customer segments,
  • real-time updates.

Who is it for?

UserVoice is for enterprise customers looking for a comprehensive customer feedback product management platform.


UserVoice prices start from $799 per month for the Essentials plan. You must pay $999 for the Pro plan and $1,499 for the Premium plan. To find out the prices of the Enterprise plan, you need to ask their sales team.

Product Feedback Management Tool #6 Hotjar

Product Feedback Management Tool #6

Hotjar is an affordable platform trusted by many. Product managers can discover, organize, gather, and analyze user needs. 

This system is perfect for you if you want to understand how people use your product, determine the necessary changes they need most, and make improvements quickly. For example, you can use this program to manage all the critical information about your products, leverage them and close more product management feedback loops.

Best features for managing product feedback

  • frustration and confusion signals,
  • unlimited heatmaps,
  • automatic data capture,
  • dedicated customer success manager.

Who is it for?

Hotjar is for small, medium, and big companies looking for inexpensive and reliable product feedback management software with robust features.


This platform has four pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Business, and the Scale plan. Pricing starts from 80EUR per month if billed annually. In addition, you can book a call to learn more about the Scale program and its pricing.

Product Feedback Management Tool #7 Instabug

Product Feedback Management Tool #7

Instabug can deliver superior insights with its reliable platform. Pay attention to this software if you want to find a solution to help you get more out of seemingly unstructured data.

Instabug allows you to keep everything under control and prioritize the most crucial information to serve your clients better.  Monitor, report, identify and receive bug alerts directly from your users so you can fix them quickly.

Best features for managing product feedback:

  • bug reporting,
  • report categories,
  • crash occurrences,
  • execution traces,
  • session profiler.

Who is it for?

Instabug is a tool suitable for small companies and professionals who do not want to strain their budgets and still need huge help.


Despite only three pricing plans, Instabug has the Free plan, the Standard plan for $100 per month, and the Premium plan with custom pricing. Although the Free program has basic features, it is still worth checking out.

Product Feedback Management Tool #8 Usersnap

Product Feedback Management Tool #8

When looking for feedback management software, we have also found Usersnap. This platform is perfect for collecting customers’ opinions and managing them.

Usersnap provides an advanced dashboard where you can analyze all responses, see trends in the customer journey, assign issues, cooperate with co-workers, and many more. Updates can also be shared with the audience to see how the company meets their needs.

Best features for managing product feedback

  • labels,
  • comment threads,
  • automate evaluation assignment,
  • responses tracking,
  • responses status.

Who is it for?

Usersnap is best for all online companies needing a specialized tool for managing and collecting customer feedback products.


There are four pricing plans; Basic, Startup, Company, and Premium. Prices start from 9 to 249EUR when paid annually. Unfortunately, there is no free plan, but you can try this platform for free for 15 days.

Product Feedback Management Tool #9 Productboard

Product Feedback Management Tool #9

By using Productboard, product teams can better understand what customers need, decide what to build next, and align all parties around one or more roadmaps.

Using this tool, you will not have to guess what your new customers request. Instead, you can find out what they want based on detailed data and many management options. If you’re not already using a project management tool, Productboard can be used for that as well.

Best features for managing product feedback:

  • multiple workspaces,
  • product-specific fields,
  • linking notes to relevant functions,
  • data visualization,
  • multiple prioritization scores.

Who is it for?

Productboard is a perfect choice for single teams and whole organizations. It is a powerful tool for collecting and managing feedback and it is arguably too powerful for the average user who just wants to collect feedback or create roadmaps.


The pricing starts at $20 per maker per month, but you’ll quickly realize that having just one maker is far from enough. So, while Productboard seems cheap, it will actually cost hundreds of dollars per month to have it running for an entire product team.


Collecting and managing feedback seems to get easier with each year as new tools keep coming out. However, there is a new challenge - making the right choice of tools to collect, analyze and manage your customer feedback.

If you want to get started on the right track, try Survicate! Sign up today to get started!