Online Marketing Leadership: How to Outpace Your Competitors

When it comes to selling online, no one can beat the likes of Amazon and eBay. These two are the largest and most influential online marketers today. It would be very difficult to topple these two down from their high totem poles. But that’s no reason why you should be discouraged into thinking that you can’t reach even a small measure of their success.

Online marketing leader

There are proven ways by which you can become an online marketing leader. In fact, you can be ahead of your competitors in your market niche if you know how. Below, we will give you tips on how to accomplish this goal.

So, let’s dive in…

Choose the Right Position

Since we cited the example of Amazon in the introduction, we shall discuss how this company positioned its brand and company to become the leading edge of online marketing around the world. The company has grown to such an extent that by 2015, the worth of the brand was estimated at $176 billion.

Amazon’s brand story was developed through the struggles of its founder, Jeff Bezos. In the beginning, he sold books in his garage. Now, he has created a global marketing online company that sells huge volumes of titles.

In a nutshell, Amazon’s brand is built upon the concept that the customer is always at the center of everything. Furthermore, its focus always positions the brand in a way that it will be regarded as the company that is selling a huge collection of products with low, if not the lowest prices.

On top of this, Amazon has also put an emphasis on customer satisfaction. These are but three concepts that you could put to use in your goal to become an online marketing leader:

Make Your Team Members a Smart Unity

It is a great thing to have your team unified. However, it is another thing for a team to be smartly unified.

Smart unity means all the team members are working wisely towards the goal of the whole group.

In a team that is smartly unified, there will be fewer mistakes, the rate of production will increase, all of which will result in faster attainment of goals.

Don’t dismiss the idea of one member even if it sounds outlandish at first. Explore, experiment and try different ideas. This is an effective way of reaching your goals.

Create High-Level Campaigns: Marketing, Content, Email

There have been a number of technological advances made on online marketing owing to the many companies that use the internet to sell their wares. But still, the ubiquitous email is being used by many as an integral part of their marketing campaigns. An email to the target audience has become one of the cheapest and fastest ways to introduce and sell a new product.

And here lies the problem. Most online businesses use the same marketing strategies. You can distinguish your brand by practicing the customer-first attitude of Amazon and by using customer surveys.

Through these surveys, your customers, clients, and leads will see that you are valuing and respecting their opinions, and that you will use their feedback in improving your service.

You will learn about the real interests of your customers by embedding a newsletter survey in your email marketing campaigns. In the survey, ask them how often do they want to receive emails, what they like to read about, what they are actually reading, what they want to get out of your content.

online marketing leader

Once you have set your goals, you need to design an online marketing campaign. Make sure that the contents that will be used in your campaign are unique, relevant and timely. Then use an email platform that will deliver your message to your target audience. This email platform should ensure that your delivery rate is high and your bounce rate is low.

Be In Touch With Your Audience

In simple terms, marketing can be defined as the bringing and selling of an item to the marketplace to earn a profit. Before he is able to sell his products, a seller needs to know his customers. If not, his sales calls will fall on deaf ears.

Therefore, if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you must understand the three things that make people buy. You should know your customers:

Needs – things that are necessary to them
Wants – things that they desire, and
Demands – their needs and wants that they could afford

To get this information, you need to get in touch with your audience. Conducting customer surveys is a very effective way of connecting with them. You can either send these surveys through email, social media and other channels of communication.

A specific page on your website could be a great place to conduct such surveys. From these surveys, you will be able to learn their insights. This will enable you to provide your customers what they really want from your product or service, based on what they said.

Explore Your Website Traffic and Leads

Your website is the main venue where you are selling your products. Have you explored and examined the features that are giving you the most profits? You should know which pages give you the most traffic. These high traffic pages can be effectively used to insert newsletters, embed a contact form or collect emails for demo calls. 

Pricing pages can also be used to offer demos or discount codes. This will help you with your lead generation and conversion. If you have not done it yet, perform an audit of your webpages to see these important details.

Becoming an online marketing leader

If your competitors have not felt your presence in the market, perhaps you have not taken the necessary steps to become an online marketing leader. Follow the steps discussed above and you will be on your way to establishing not only a personal brand, but also becoming the person your peers will turn to for knowledge and words of advice in the online marketing field.

Lidia Hovhan

Lidia S. Hovhan is a digital marketing and SEO expert. She contributes articles on how to integrate digital marketing strategy with traditional marketing to help business owners meet their online goals.

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